Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort

Host to 

Miss Mexico Beauty Pageant

A great event was held at Hotel Buenavista the past Saturday, June 3rd. We hosted 32 Mexican beauties, each one representing our 32 Mexican states. It’s the famous “Señorita Mexico”, or Miss Mexico, the beauty pageant that sends the winner to compete in Miss World 2000. The first phase of this contest was the one we hosted.

As you can imagine, the Hotel’s staff worked very hard but was very much excited with the idea of hosting 32 beautiful girls, and that made the job less exhausting.

In Mexico this event consists of choosing the girl who will best represent our country in Miss World, but the decision is based not only on their pretty faces, but also on other phases of their personality and image

The first phase, which we witnessed, was the preliminary contest for the best and most original traditional gown. Each girl had to work very hard on designing the image of the typical dress of their state for which it is known for, in which the textures, colors, and other typical features of their state stand out. Just to give you an idea, Miss Jalisco, state known for the Mariachi and Tequila, was wearing the gala Mariachi gown; Miss Yucatán, land where many of the Maya civilization ruins are, wore a gown that barely covered her body, representing the way the Mayas used to dress. The girl representing the state of Mexico, land of the Aztec civilization, wore a colorful gown with lots of feathers over her head, just as the Aztec princesses used to look.

The jury’s job, directed by the Hotel’s manager, Esaul Valdez, was to decide what gown was best representing the state. Among the jury was our long time friend and Hotel customer, Tim Madden, who despite not knowing much about our mexican traditions, being from the U.S., did a great job.
The winner of this first phase in typical gowns was, guess who? Miss Baja California Sur, who wore a gown covered with small crystal balls (representing pearls), whos color and  sound when she walked represented the color and the sound of the ocean.

But that wasn’t it. After she received the winner banner, given by Los Cabos’ Mayor, Narciso Agundez, the girls changed their clothes to model cocktail dresses and afterwards, the swimsuit show!
Now, their next step will be the big final, which will be held in a well known hotel in Cabo San Lucas, next Saturday. This event will be presented on national TV network.  For us it was a privilege to be chosen as one of the settings for it.

I have to admit it was a hard week; we were asked to host the event 6 days prior, as well as having other things going on, such as a wedding! But despite of the short notice, which didn’t even give us time to do some promotion, we accepted the commitment of supporting their request, and that meant working late so that everything went ok. And fortunately it did. The directors and staff were very satisfied and grateful with us.  It was a great experience for us and even more for the customers who casually happened to be on vacation during those days.    

A day prior to the main event, the girls presented themselves at the pool area in a private event for our guest at the resort. We had everyones attention at the pool because the girls were in their swimsuit, so everyone was at the pool.