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We were honored this past weekend by our long time friends Tina and Joe, they decided to tied the knot here at the resort. We hold the beautiful ceremony on the beach.  They were accompanied by their relatives and many friends that over the year have made here at the resort.  

In the name of my family and staff we wish you guys a lot of love and happiness.  

Felipe on the Yanet with an excellent fishing day, 2 dorados, a blue marlin and a striper  Mike Bower, Mike Hilgenberg, Tony Aguilar and Chris Parsons from Orange County, They were the lucky friends who went out on the Yanet.  

Our friends Danielle Faulk and his brother and boyfriends joined us this week. They fished several days and they did great. They fished with Mario on the Porque No.  On this day they caught a blue marlin, a striped and a dorado.  And guess who caught the biggest one? you are right Danielle. 

   Mr. Faulk and team had to stay a out little longer since their fishing day was not going well until the end when they finally caught a striper. They have been our friends for several years now and it is always a pleasure to have their family here with us.     


I just like this scene.  

Tina and friends on the wedding day, can you tell that she was nervous? A beautiful day on the beach, with all the boats coming in from the fishing day.