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Chris Sitzes of Arnold, MO. 50 lb Dorado caught on June 27th in the Canica

with Alex and Chayo! What a beautiful fish.

Rich York, of Pinole, CA. Sailfish caught on June 27th on the Canica with

Alex and Chayo! What a beautiful fish! 90 lbs.

Dear Axel- Just wanted to tell you that Rich and I had a wonderful 5 days at your resort! It was "so" beautiful, that we are planning on coming back next year again!!! I just got my pictures back and will be sending you several of them. I got many from out in the boat and also many of the resort itself. I think that you will like them. Also wanted to ask you a favor. I will be sending two packages to your address in Chula Vista. These two packages are for both of the men that took us fishing out in the boat. They are for Chayo and Alejhandro (we were on the Caneca June 25th and June 27th). Could you please see to it that they get these packages? If you ever get a chance, please e-mail me sometime, as I would love to keep in touch with you. Also had a suggestion. It would be really nice if you could put together a small cookbook with recipes for the different types of fish that are caught there and sell it in your gift shop! I will be surfing the internet now looking for recipes for the marlin and dorado that we caught. If I happen to find some really good ones, that are tasty, I'll let you know and send them to you! Once again, we had a wonderful time and are looking forward to returning. Hope to hear from you soon! Chris Sitzes

Jesus Araiza coming from the North, where he was fishng 1/4 of a mile off the beach, and he found some  tuna and dorado.   The Ballagner party decided to go a different direction, and it paid off, since they found some tuna and some nice ceviche dorado.  

Our friends Danielle Faulk and his brother and boyfriends joined us this week. They fished several days and they did great. They fished with Mario on the Porque No.  On this day they caught a blue marlin, a striped and a dorado.  And guess who caught the biggest one? you are right, Danielle. 

Dear Axel,

The Faulk Family wishes to tell you, Esaul, and stay at your resort. The fishing was super but more importantly the staff, including our boat crews, were terrific. It is always special to see Ricardo, Angel, and the new staff members and our visits are more like traveling to see friends than a staff. Please give everyone our warmest regards and tell Marcos and Santiago on the Lilianna how much I appreciated their care of my children when they fished together. The videos reflect their enjoyable time....and ours. 

Thanks again for your computer site picture and commentary on your web sight.

Looking forward to hearing from you at your convenience. Be safe and we look forward to seeing you in October if we can arrange our schedules. 

Tight Lines and God Bless,

John Faulk

Many of our guest enjoy our pool in many different ways, and age is not a matter to have fun.

Also very popular is our swim-up bar, which is a favorite after a long day of fishing, and also I been told that it is our resort's biggest fish tales center (which some of those stories happen to be a little over exaggerated). 


Mr. Hoffman from San Diego, with a nice 35 lbs estimated dorado. They went out with Mario on the Porque No, and released also a striped marlin and a sail fish. 



Mr. Stone Stone and Ed Marino fishing with Vicente on the Vagabundo. They get together for their fishing trip, coming from San Diego and San Francisco.  They were only interested in dorado, and for 4 days in a row they caught dorados over 50 lbs.

Mr. Michael Vurke and Skip Garrett from Orange county with a "good day" catch; 2 stripers, 2 sails and this two nice dorados. Just a good day they mentioned. Liliana with Captain Marcos and Santiago flying the releasing flags. This year so far, we have released 85% of all of our bill fish.  10 points higher than last year.  We wish we   could say the same about the dorado, even though the releasing average is up 2 points from last year.