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Our friends from Omaha, Nebraska team up with Jesus and Jose on the eclipse.  First day out, and they  landed the first swordfish of the season.


NOTE: This is our 3rd swordfish in three years landed, other has been fought.  But the commercial fisherman are using the excuse of the swordfish to fish with long line technique, specially in the Pacific Ocean,  which incidentally catch a lot of other species.  

We were very excited to hear that gourmet restaurants in New York were boycotting the swordfish platter.  And I was very disappointed to find out that in California it is still one of the top dishes in restaurants.  Therefore lets protect what we would like our children to see, by not making a bigger demand for this unprotected species. 

To see hotel efforts in protecting our fish trap, log in next week and   Press here

Getting married in paradise!!, we were very excited to prepared and help our friends Cole A. Gustafson and Emiley J. Knoell from Freeman, Nebraska, get everything ready in order to get married here in our beautiful beach.  To see more pictures and the whole story  please log in next week  and  Press here

World Wide Travel Group from Sacramento Valley were here this weekend, and it looks as if  they had a great time and great fishing.

The welcome cocktail party was prepared in the barīs terrace with Mexican appetizers and beer. The heads of the departments were introduced to both parties. 

This week we were full of surprises.  This picture was taken to one of the two models that came to shoot our beautiful beach.  The picture was taken for Stone Company from New York.  They stock pictures on the web for agencies to buy them.  They were amazed of the clearness of our beach.  They had already had a picture session in Los Cabos, but they wanted a nice peaceful beach.  I was not able to shoot more pictures because it was not appropriate for the models, but they were nice enough to let us  shoot one after they were done. To see the other picture please   Press here


We receive a nice letter from our friends from Oregon.  Thank you very much for your kinds words.  We'll see you next year.

We had a wonderful time on our recent trip All your people where very pleasant and attentive to our needs. thank you for a nice vist. We caught several tuna and had alot of fun. Also my girlfriend and both our husbands had a good time on the beach and around the pool. My girlfriend and I have birthdays this week and we found out Chuy does as well. Would you wish him a Happy Birthday for me I believ it is tomorrow my friends is today and mine is Saturday. So from Leaburg Oregon.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! AND THANKS FOR THE GOOD VISIT.... WE ARE GOING TO TRY AND MAKE IT BACK NEXT YEAR THIS WAS MY GIRLFRIENDS AND MINE FIRST VISIT OUR HUSBANDS USUALLY COME AND VISIT WITH OUT US. They will probably be sorry they took us this time because now they may not be able to leave us home again... THANKS AGAIN     

The Bedortha's and the Jenkins 
From Oregon

Here we have Mike Carnes and Rich Griger proudly presenting the swordfish.  They had been catching some tuna prior to spotting the swordfish

Our friends Ed Klima and Mr. Woody after a good day of fishing.  As it sometimes happens, out of the 75% of billfish release yearly, 20% are kept, due to bad hook ups.  Still, nothing from the marlin goes to waist nor is sold, and the community is greatly appreciated for marlin that comes in.  We thought this one was a white marlin, but after  carefully checking it, we found out it was a small striped marlin.   

Here they are in company of some of the participants to the beauty pageant.   Mr. Greg Janes sent a very nice letter.  Thank you on behalf of the Staff and Family

Our stay at the Buena Vista went very well. The staff really works hard to make the guests  comfortable and satisfied. The rooms were very clean and the restaurant food was very good. The fishing fleet was organized very well and all boats went out after a very nice sunrise breakfast each day. I highly recommend the boat "Marlin Magic."  It's about a year old and has plenty of room for four large guys and is very comfortable and fast. It's easily one of the best boats in the fleet. The captain, Luis and the first mate, also Luis, worked very hard and were both extremely competent. We did well only one out of three days, but that was of NO fault of the boat or crew. That's why they call if fishing and not "catching." Two hints: If you're the first wave of weekend anglers after the weekday lull, go straight out to the shark bouys early in the morning as the Dorado might be restocked the each weekend haul by then. Once word gets out on the catch there, they're gone for a few days. And bring earplugs out for ANY boat you're in as the drone of the engines can be loud on the long rides out and back. 

All meals were very good. The beach is very nice for swimming and walking and it goes in both directions for ever. I'm sure we'll come back for more in the future.

Greg Janes

June 1st through June 5th, 2000

National Beauty Pageant 

The Semifinal and the most original traditional gown were held at the resort.  We were inform on Monday, and the event was held on Saturday.  But we committed to host them and to coordinate the event, we made sure we would not be left alone with the event, and we received their help in many ways in order to get event going.  Also we committed in order to help our friends the Governor, the Mayor from Los Cabos and the Tourist Director of the state. Since the city of Loreto cancelled few days prior to the event.

The winner for most original and most beautiful custom was won by Dulce Maria Espinoza from Loreto, from our state Baja California Sur.  To see the whole story please  Press here

Mr. Paul Guernsey, Senior Editor for Fly Rod & Reel Magazine, from New York not only did he had a chance to gather information for the Fly Fishing story for his magazine, but was fortunate to organize the girls from the Beauty Pageant  for a photo session on the beach. 

The kitchen staff  really had their hands full this week, not only was the Hotel full,  we had a  welcome receptions for two groups.  We organized a wedding.  We pampered Miss Mexico's state representatives along with their moms and staff.  They cooked the daily catch and had two cooking lessons during the week. The whole kitchen staff really put up a show this past week.