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Mr. Earl Usher from Simi Valley, CA after weighting his 52 lbs dorado taken on a green and white lure, with captain Mario on the Porque No (next right picture).  He told us that this is his biggest dorado ever.  But not the biggest fish, since he has caught a nice 150 lbs tuna.  In one of his sixth trips to fish our waters. 

Mr. Earl with his fishing friends Frank Santos and Richard Untalam, from Orange County and Thousand Oaks.  And as I have been writing about, this is a 40 lbs average dorado catch.  

The Young Warrior the winning team consisted of Dana Halladay , Bob Mim Mack and Bob Talafus.



Our friends Michael Perez and David Quiñones Directors of the first Annual Los Chinos Catch and Release (we missed our friend and co-tournament director Khanh Tran, Our best wishes),  we hope to see you down here soon!!!

We also like to thank our sponsors, who were one of the main reason why this event was possible.

Our beach was the setting for the second night´s cook out dinner.  Where we had the alouha show from the Girls from La Paz

The Bianchini Brothers, for the second year in a row did not let anything come between them and having fun.

Kelty Laham only 13 year old, but his marlin help his father-son team qualify for the third place.


The dorado Jackpot was a close one due to the average dorado, but the Oswald Team  from the Bay Area qualified for first and second place in this category. The raffles at the Tournament Welcome Party gave everyone a chance to use the lures sponsor by Hi-5 and Ballyhood Lures during the Tournament. 

The closing night was at the simulated Pueblo besides the Bar, excellent location to have our Famous Mexican Night

The Mexican Folkloric Ballet high light the Award dinner Celebration where everyone got a lot of prizes.