Fishing and Memory 


Our friends John Ulizzi and Bob Keller, from Cleveland, OH fish for 6 days with Victor and Juan Garcia. 

They certainly came for serious fishing  

This picture show Mr. Ulizzi arriving at the dock with captain Juan Garcia (Mosca I) for what became the a normal fishing day

Mr. cooper,

A long time friend, is showing us how is to be done with a tuna on the fly. He normally comes three or four times always fishing with the fly. He has team up for the past years with captain Juan Garcia (Mosca I), who has became an expert on this technique. 

Our friend from San Diego Mike McGrath getting everything ready for the next day.  Here with captain Vicente.  They normally will go out about 12 fishing days during the year.  This time it was his brother who came down.  We missed Sandy his lovely girlfriend.  


Our friends from L.A. area, caught and release two marlins.  Better to fly the flags don't you think?


This is the prove of the fish they caught.  Captain Arturo on the Vamonos was one the first to find the whale, therefore producing excellent dorado action.

Our friends Dr. Robinson and family (we are missing their daughter in the picture), from Los Angeles, CA.












Mr. Darrel Berry from Beckerfield, CA and party had a tremendous fishing trip. (For details please go to Resort Guest Fish Report)

A special thanks to our friends at Fishing International ( or (707)-542-4242) for putting this group together and for the services that you provided them.  

Captain Jesus Araiza working his way to the dock.  A very nice story about Jesus came out in South sport fishing Magazine to read the article please  Press here


Our friends from Okuma were here this past week, and they went for everything, First about an hour after they arrival, they surf-fish and John got hooked to a nice rooster with light tackle, he fought it for about 15 minutes before the line broke.  And that was just the beginning

Here we see the Okuma team right in the action with a nice tuna.  


This past week we had the annual East Cape Woman Guild's Fashion Show. It was the 2nd year we have hosted this event.  The event is a found raiser for scholarships for the local boys.  We catered about 150 beautiful ladies on this event.  Everyone left quite happy and satisfy with the brunch that Chef Felipe prepared for them.  Arnulfo did a great job accommodating the event in the pool side area.  

We like to thank specially the coordinators of the event which worked quite hard for this event to be a successful one: Mrs. Kepler, Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Albright