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Alan Hall and Darren Morgan from Cypress, CA with a nice 180 lbs tuna, while fishing on the Porque No on the 11th of this month.  One of the best tunas so far this year. This week tuna action was also the best so far during this year.  It can only get better.     
Timothy, Mark and Chester O'Mohundro a grand father-father- son team caught this 75 lbs tuna with live sardine while fishing on the 3 Hermanos on the 14th.  We all know the fighting character of the Sea of Cortez tuna.  My hat off to Mark for this great accomplishment. This is one makes a great fishing story to tell to his kids and grand kids in the future. 
Robert and Fred Eason, Bud Treadway fishing with Mr. Frommholz who arranged this trip. With the usual blues for this time of year. Mr. Reagan and friends while fishing with Santiago on the Vamonos caught this Pacific blue marlin.
Dane and Philomena Blackwell from Belmont CA fishing with Jesus Araiza on the Eclipse caught this couple of dorados.