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Keith Miller and Son, from Lafayette, CA fishing with Victor on Mosca I, got a lot of adrenaline flowing when this beautiful blue came on to hit the lures.  Mr. Miller and son decided to visit us on a last minute; I think they are coming back home really happy for that decision.  

David and Natalie Manning with friend Mike Henn, from Santa Rosa CA, .  They found these beautiful bulls while fishing with Marcos on the Liliana.  They were referred by our friend Fishing International.   

Jay Elam and girlfriend from Vallejo, CA got to see how a good size bull will feel like on the end of a line and rod.  Paul and Don Puccio while fishing with Juan Garcia (Mickey) on his new boat, found a good school of dorado, where the average size is bigger than regular shcool of dorado size. 
Jack and Jeff Mornarich here showing their beautiful 35 lbs dorado caught on the 3 Hermanos with captain Ramon and deckhand Jesus Albert and Yoshi Cheng from Irvine CA, fishing again with captain Juan Garcia enjoyed the fight with this beautiful 50 pounder. 

Lance Oishi, Shimo Oishi Lambert Jong and Ryan Jong from Irvine, CA fishing with Ramon and Jesus caught 10 dorados.  If you saw the numbers of dorados being release this year you can see that our fishing conscious is becoming a more focus in the future than before.  And the Oishi and Jong show us why is so important.  

The memory picture from Bert Schorling from Bakersfield, CA. They fished with Santiago and Victor Jr. on the Vamonos.