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Mr. Norm Jackbson our friend and Director of Sales for Lance Campers Inc.  Here in their 3rd day of fishing. They arrive on Tuesday October 3rd. part of the group was able to arrive by boat, because we laughed them from La Rivera.  Mr. Jackbson and the  rest of the group weren't able to,  it was dark and dangerous due to the many things floating on the sea surface. They had to go across Las Cuevas arroyo by foot, since the water running did not let them cross on vehicle. This was not at all a good experience, he felt back to normal once he arrived to the hotel.  Norm said that the first fishing (Oct 4th)  was not good because the water was turn up.  This is the last day of fishing and it did recover. In the name of the Valdez family and whole staff at Hotel Buenavista B.R. we would like to thank Mr. Norm and the Lance Campers crew for being flexible in this circumstances, and most important for their support.

Lisa and Gary Winn and Mr. Mark and Ruth Garcia 6 tunas, one up to 75 lbs. Visiting us from Farmington NM Beau Durkee and Bill Durkee from Quarts Hill, CA 3 tunas and 2 dorados while fishing with Capt. Jesus Araiza
Our friends, the Tammy family with a good day of fishing.  Dad had a good fight with a 70 lbs tuna and Ramon and Chuy on the 3 Hermanos, helped dad look good. 

Martin and Linda Zonneberg visiting us from Flowery Branch, GA showing this 45 lbs dorado.  Some of this one while fishing close to the many things floating on the Sea Of Cortez after the storm.  

Good snapper and amberjack showed up right after the hurricane. Here Mr. Mattas from Grand Jct. CO with some of his catch, total was 8 pargos and 1 amberjack. This on Oct. 7 with Victor on the 31' Hatteras the Vamonos. This nice 225 lbs Blue Marlin caught by Mr. Lee and Earl Luetge from Sandford, MI and Cincinnati, OH respectively. Fishing with Capt. Marcos on the Liliana.