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John y Michele Hattrich from Vernon NJ, with a nice 40 lbs dorado, while fishing with victor on the Vamonos on Oct. 17
Chris Sette y Bob Sette, here with 4 tunas and 5 dorados, fishing with Felipe on the Yanet on Oct. 18
Clark Knauss from Reno NV
 a 45 lbs dorado on the fly, fishing with Juan on the Mosca
Mr. Bill Campbell de Reno, NV with his 47 lbs dorado fly-fishing.
Mr. Al White de Reno NV two dorados also with the fly. The hurricane left many debree in the water, excellent for fly fishing.
Aaron Labonte from San Pedro CA
 with his 150 lbs blue marlin, while fishing on the Nueva Era with Wenseslao on October 18th.

 On September 2nd fishing on the ECLIPSE. not only did they catch this nice blue marlin, but also 1 sailfish, which was released, and 4 tunas.