Mr.  & Mrs.  Cooper from Washington DC with his dorado, as you can see his wife caught the biggest, which is in the box. Mrs. Lorie Webb all the way from Memphis, TN was also fishing on the Yanet with Mr. & Mrs. Cooper
Mr. Rahul Bhatt while fishing with Alejandro on the Hakuna released a nice 375 lbs blue marlin and caught 3 dorados. Ed Koch from San Rafel, CA 5 roosterfishs released and 11 dorados. While fishing with Juan Garcia.
Our friend and neighbor Mr. Tom sent us this picture of a nice 375 lbs blue marlin his friend Mr. Jerry Hinkey from Orange Ca caught while fishing on his private boat.
Michael Barry from Forrest City Arkansas with a good day of fishing, 1 blue (show in picture) 2 stripped marlin released, and 1 dorado caught by Mrs. Valentine. Mr. Cooper earlier on the week with a nice tuna.
Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds from Pendleton, OR while fishing with 2 stripped marlin released and this beautiful dorado. Jerry, Joshua and the Thronson while fishing with Rafael and Julio on the Porque No here with their day catch.
Last Week Fish Report Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort Fleet

Last week's Fish and Condition report brought to you by Angel Ortiz, boat manager and Carlos, Careleste's Phoenix Cruiser Captain 

From: August 2nd-8th, 2002 

Total boats out: 91 Fisherman:273

Weather Temperature: High 80īs - High  90`s

Water Temperature: 83°- 86°

Type Capture Release Total
 Blue Marlin 2 7 9
 Black Marlin ~ ~ ~
  Striped Marlin 11 37 48
  Sailfish 3 18 21
  Dorado 69 25 94
  Tuna 40 ~ 40
  Wahoo ~ ~ ~
  Roosterfish ~ 21 21
  Grupper ~ ~ ~
  Shark ~ ~ ~
  Snapper 27 ~ 27
  Jack cravalle  ~ 16 16
  Amberjack 4 1 5
  Bonita ~ ~ ~
  Yellowtail ~ ~ ~
  Ladyfish ~ ~ ~
  Pampano 1 ~ 1
  Triggerfish 4 ~ 4
  Squid 27 ~ 27
  Cabrilla 11 ~ 11
  Skip Jack ~ 36 36

Water Temperature:  Talking to Carlos, he was telling me that the good water is all around, you go North, South or East, you will find good water. This is our summer, and the water conditions are normally very steady. 

Weather Temperature: We still waiting for our thermometers to hit the 105 degrees mark, hoping that it doesn't happen. Still Carlos say is hot, but with the reports from Angel, it seems that we had gotten used to the good weather. 

Fishing Spots and Distance: 

Off-shore fishing.- You can find tuna anywhere, hold on... or nowhere, tuna it is in and for those boats that find the good school of porpoise first, they will normally end up scoring great on tuna, but you can have a hold day looking for them and not find them, WE ALL KNOW IS FISHING, NOT CATCHING!! For this late into the summer is it has became out of the extraordinary to have that many striped marlin still, it normally slow down at the time the blues and the sails come in, but this year the blues came but not that many sails. Dorado, hey we continue to have a great year, but on the quality aspect of them, good bulls come in every day. The school dorados will soon come, as our raining season starts to clear up those arroyos.  

In-shore fishing.- Great reports from Gary Graham from Baja on the fly, as most conventional fishermen are heading out to find the tuna and dorado, his fly-fishing guests have been scoring big in roosterfish, amberjacks, and all sort of in-shore species.  

Successful lures: When is good fishing, all of them work. .

Bait Used: Mullet, sardine and small jacks, we still have some days where bait is a little less than we wanted. But the guys work hard to find. 

Highlight of the Week:  Our glorious summer is here, and with it, many surprises, you never know what you will catch. WHY DO WE LOCAL CONSIDER SUMMER THE BEST TIME TO FISH?, yes is hot, humid, and a little risky because of the storms, but heyy!! better water conditions, beer tastes better, more diverse fishery and of course less boats out, which means more fish per boats, statistically proven. 

Mr. Valentine's Party while fishing with Rafael and Julio on the Porque No, caught and released one blue, two stripped marlin, and kept 1 dorado for dinner. One hell of a day. . 

Hope to see you next week!!!