Rick Heikens, Erin Harlbut and Rob Ralston from Santa Cruz, CA with this nice blue, they also released 1 sail and brought a dorado to the kitchen. Jeremian Jenkins from Shingletown, CA while fishing with Marcos and Santiago released 1 stripped and 1 sail, but couldn't release this one.
Bill and Sherry Koening had a good day fishing with Felipe and Reggie caught this nice blue, and released 1 sail and 1 striper  Vernon Jimenez with a nice blue. 
Steve Estabrook from Waldporat, OR, with a regular day, 1 stripped released, this nice wahoo, 12 roosterfish all released, and 3 lady fishes. Jerry Enwald and family from Reno, NV while fishing with Rosorio on the Canica caught 1 striper and released another one. 
Jeffrey Lyles, Robert Lizarraga, David Valenzuela, Jim Madas with a hammer head shark, 2 tunas and 1 dorado. Our friend Mr. Glaza from Hespina, CA with a nice 47 lbs dorado, and not in the picture the nice blue he and friends released while fishing on the Yanet.


Last Week Fish Report Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort Fleet

Last week's Fish and Condition report brought to you by Angel Ortiz, boat manager and Jose on the Nueva Era

From: August 9th-15th, 2002 

Total boats out: 68 Fisherman: 204

Weather Temperature: High 80īs - High  90`s

Water Temperature: 83°- 86°

Type Capture Release Total
 Blue Marlin 4 5 9
 Black Marlin ~ ~ ~
  Striped Marlin 3 13 16
  Sailfish 3 16 19
  Dorado 47 15 62
  Tuna 22 ~ 22
  Wahoo 2 ~ 2
  Roosterfish ~ 18 18
  Grupper ~ ~ ~
  Shark (Hammer head) 1 ~ 1
  Snapper 8 ~ 8
  Jack cravalle  ~ 2 2
  Amberjack 1 5 6
  Bonita ~ ~ ~
  Yellowtail ~ ~ ~
  Ladyfish ~ 3 3
  Pampano ~ 1 1
  Triggerfish 20 ~ 20
  Squid ~ ~ ~
  Cabrilla 2 ~ 2
  Skip Jack ~ 16 16

Water Temperature:  Water temperature has remained the same, good all Baja Summer consistency, yes the conditions are in the right place, and good fishing, not wide open, but good fishing. 

Weather Temperature: Nice Summer weather, very rarely we have gotten past the 100's, actually this week with nice breeze kept the days nice and cool. Some rain during the week, and some cloudy days, which is great for the dorado fishing. 

Fishing Spots and Distance: 

Off-shore fishing.- Early in the week, most of the boats where fishing North, very close to Punta Pescadero's about 6 to 15 miles, with good catches of dorado up to 40 lbs mix with good size billfish. South the action was a little slower, but still good with some stripers, sails and some wahoos. Tuna is the only thing that we can't say that have consistent, since you see them one day and you don't next day. Still there are more footballs than big, still Mr. Mullin while fishing with Capt. Juan Garcia on the 23' Mosca fought a tuna for 3 hours, that they brought up to the boat, before it broke the line. Juan estimated that the tuna was at least 200 lbs, and know our captain, they always aim lower than what they really are.

In-shore fishing.- Summer brings the best out in the inshore fishing, with a lot of combine catches from roosterfish, ladyfish, pampano, cabrilla etc, etc, fishing from La Rivera to El Rincon has been the best areas. YOU HAVE TO BRING YOUR LIGHT LINE EQUIPMENT, you will be surprise how good it really is. Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort is hosting the 1st PENN INTERNATIONAL LIGHT LINE EAST CAPE GRAND SLAM TOURNAMENT where we will be a lot of fun and let me tell you, PENN has really put together great prices. 

Successful lures: When is good fishing, all of them work. No, you are correct, this is the same lane as last week..

Bait Used: Bait guys are having a little more problem to get the bait, still most of the boats are getting plenty.  

Highlight of the Week:  Wahoo start to come in more often, sometimes you really need to target them, with special equipment to catch them, but now according to our number is the best time for them, from here to the early November. Good blue marlins, still some stripped marlins, and the sails seems to still be shy of coming to the Sea of Cortez, still there are some around. Dorado, the rain on Tuesday  helped to bring floating things to the water, therefore it just should be a matter of time to get the schools in.

Mr. Cooper Ken from Washington D.C.  while fishing with Felipe and Reggie on their boat, Yanet: released 1 blue, 1 sail, and 1 stripped . close to the East Cape grand slam. 

Hope to see you next week!!!