We would like to thank Mr. Andy for his great report that he posted on a very prestigious board. 

Started fishing from Spa Buena Vista (BVR) on Sat 8-17 went south and got a est. 180# blue marlin. We fished on the Yanet 22 miles se of the hotel. Went north on Sun. out by the shark bouys and got nothing to stay on a hook. fished on the Eclipse. Mon. went se again and got 1-stripe marlin est. 100# and a blue marlin at about 280#. Went se again on tues (eclipse) and my son Greg got a 350# Blue marlin. His first
The weather has been as good as it can be till today 8-20 when the wind came up after 1230 today 25knots out of the south.
Also my nephew 16 year old Peter West from Imperial, ca (he is in first picture). went out with Mickey on the Mosca by his self and got his first blue Marlin today est 180# and released it. There were a lot of the blue's caught today in the same area around 12 miles out from the Light House.
We have one more day to fish. and the blue marlin bite is picking up.

Mr. Karl Francis and friend with a nice pair of bull dorados, they also caught a shark and released a sail. They were fishing on the Hakuna with captain Alejandro. Our new friend Mr. Manuel Vazquez, from Big Bear CA exposing this beautiful dorado (check the tail where it finished). He captured it with help of experienced captain Jesus Araiza. 
Vince Smith from Bear Lake CA, with his shark they were all fishing together with Alejandro. 

We would like to thank Mr. Warmington, Mr. Belows and all of our friend from Big Bear Lake and the other cities who where with us during this past week. 

Our friend Mr. Ralston from Santa Cruz CA and Mr. Rick Heikens from Hollister, CA unfortunately he could not released this 1 blue, he and his party also caught 2 tunas. 


Last Week Fish Report Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort Fleet

Last week's Fish and Condition report brought to you by Angel Ortiz, boat manager and Alejandro on the Hakuna Matata

From: August 16th-22nd, 2002 

Total boats out: 70 Fisherman: 210

Weather Temperature: High 80īs - High  90`s

Water Temperature: 82°- 84°

Type Capture Release Total
 Blue Marlin 2 6 8
 Black Marlin ~ 1 1
  Striped Marlin ~ 5 5
  Sailfish 1 21 22
  Dorado 57 5 62
  Tuna 28 ~ 28
  Wahoo ~ ~ ~
  Roosterfish ~ 21 21
  Grupper ~ ~ ~
  Shark (Hammer head and Treasher) 1 1 2
  Snapper 5 ~ 5
  Jack cravalle  ~ 5 5
  Amberjack ~ ~ ~
  Bonita ~ 6 6
  Yellowtail ~ ~ ~
  Ladyfish ~ 1 1
  Pampano ~ ~ ~
  Triggerfish 18 ~ 18
  Squid ~ ~ ~
  Cabrilla 15 ~ 15
  Skip Jack ~ 28 28

Water Temperature:  Water has remained nice and warm, one of the beauties of the summer.  

Weather Temperature: We continue having a nice and mellow summer weather. Even though we felt the heat a little stronger this week, but  still we only got closer to the 100's mark.   

Fishing Spots and Distance: 

Off-shore fishing.- Alejandro fished both North and South, early in the week was more to the North about 15 miles out from Punta Pescadero and El Cardonal, with good dorado and billfish. Later on the week he fished mostly South about 20-30 miles out from the resort. Tuna was found on Thursday and Wednesday, with catches up to 60 lbs,  but same as last week, the tuna continue to be a hit and miss chance. Dorado and the other hand, has continue to produce great quality fish and some school dorados as well, Alex caught one up to 59 lbs. The stripped marlin has finally slow down giving space to the incoming sails and more blues, it is late for their arrival, which it is a little late, but this could mean that our season will extend as well, we'll see what happens, this is fishing, isn't it?

In-shore fishing.- Alejandro fished three days inshore and all of them were south from Piedra Gorda (right after La Rivera) to el Rincon (right before Cabo Pulmo marine park).  With great days for roosters and other jacks, most of them small to middle size. 

Successful lures: Summer, and good fishing, Alex said that he has been using most of the Baja colors, with the petrolero and guacamayo being the most productive.

Bait Used: The bait situation continues to be un-consistent, with some days boat going with less than normal, it is not everyday. Small jacks and caballitos and sardines. 

Highlight of the Week:  More sails and more blues, great size dorado and some tuna, inshore, a lot of fish. Just another week in the summer. And something that we at Buena Vista don't too often, Alejandro said that small earthquakes were felt last week, very small and they weren't felt in La Paz, talking about something estrange.

Mr. Lacqua from Big Bear Lake, who came down. with Mr. Bud Warmington Group, caught and released 1 black marlin (est. 275 lbs aprox.), 1 sail fish, plus he kept three dorados and 3 tunas (est. 30-40 lbs). Not bad.  

Hope to see you next week!!!