This past week we were happy host to our friends Mark and Jaime, now the Valdez Family.  They got married last week at the resort. Mark is son to Debbie Foster-Colyer, long time friends. We had a very nice ceremony. Here as they come back from the boat cruise (we don't have limos, but we sure have boats) through our bay, as the sun was setting behind the mountains.

Brides and groom's friends as they dine at the patio.

cheers!!! and in the name of the Valdez Family, we wish you many, many years of happiness.

Other guests cheering up the newly weds.

Hal Sparks from  Pasadena MD and Jerry Collier, John Collier from  Severna Park MD with 2 Stripped Marlin (both released) and this nice dorado. David Hummel and  Bob Hommel from  Anaheim, CA while fishing with Rosario and Miguel caught one blue marlin on the Canica.

My ants from Mexico City, Louredes Galaz and Norma Enriqueta Basilio Sotelo took home this nice stripped marlin and released one sail, while fishing with my mother and father, on the Liliana with Marcos.

Ken Mitchell from Pasadena MD,  Shane Cavanaugk. Pasadena MD and Don Starks from Sea Isle City, N.J. with a nice day fishing: 3 Stripped Marlin (all released) while fishing with Toro on the Nueva era. 
Last Week Fish Report Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort Fleet

Last week's Fish and Condition report brought to you by Angel Ortiz, boat manager and Vicente Dusty B II's Captain

From: June 21st - June 27th, 2002 

Total boats out: 70 Fisherman: 210

Weather Temperature: High 70īs - Low  90`s

Water Temperature: 80°- 83°

Type Capture Release Total
 Blue Marlin ~ 2 2
 Black Marlin ~ ~ ~
  Striped Marlin 7 41 48
  Sailfish ~ 2 2
  Dorado 25 ~ 25
  Tuna 33 ~ 33
  Wahoo 2 ~ 2
  Roosterfish ~ 62 62
  Grupper ~ ~ ~
  Shark ~ ~ ~
  Snapper 2 ~ 2
  Jack cravalle  ~ 3 3
  Amberjack 8 ~ 8
  Bonita ~ 5 5
  Yellowtail ~ ~ ~
  Ladyfish ~ ~ ~
  Pampano ~ ~ ~
  Triggerfish 8 ~ 8
  Sierra ~ ~ ~
  Cabrilla 1 0 1
  Skip Jack ~ 11 11

Water Temperature:  As the week is coming to an end, we have seen colder water, Vicente thought that it was going to push the good water out fast, but it didn't the water in front of Punta Pescadero all the way to Punta Perico has been in great conditions. South, you really need to go out, but it was worth their while for Carlos and crew, since they caught a nice 57 lbs wahoo. 

Weather Temperature:  Nice spring weather still, but we are now getting to spoil with the great weather we have been having, we are sure that warmer weather is coming soon. 

Fishing Spots and Distance: 

Off-shore fishing.- According to Vicente fishing continues to be great, and close, but this time and with the cold water that moved in, he is going North to Punta Pescadero, he has been doing fairly well with very good size dorado (his best this week was a 77 lbs), today he caught 2 stripers and 2 bull dorados. Most of the fleet is going North, but those who went South needed to go out about 25 miles east of Cabo Pulmo to find very decent water and with it, great chances for stripers, blues and sails and of course the loners bull dorados. 

In-shore fishing.- He mentioned that best fishing continues to be south by the light house, even though the cold water didn't help much, still, while fishing with friend Mike McGrath from San Diego, CA they caught and released a very nice 47 lbs rooster (approx, and you know what approx. means for these guys) and a 36 lbs roosterfish.   

Successful lures: It has not been much of a change in the lure we are using, still Vicente mentioned that he never pulls out his petrolero. He also caught a nice wahoo (37 lbs.) on a Chiwilly, green on top, blue in the middle and silver on the bottom.

Bait Used: Sardine small, but great for shamming, mullets, small jacks, are what we continue to have.  

Highlight of the Week: Marcos on the Liliana caught and released a 480 lbs blue, Carlos a nice 57 lbs wahoo, Vicente a 47 lbs rooster and a 77 lbs dorado early in the week. I think this fish can qualify for highlights, don't you think?  Still, not much of quantities this week, but the quality was definitely here this past week.  

While off-shore  fishing is concentrating mostly north, and the inshore is mostly south it will take some patience to get to both, I would rather advice to fish one day for one, and another day for the other. 

We'll see what next week brings us, until then, have a great weekend and see you soon.

Axel Valdez