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Some pictures just talk by themselves here our friend Heston from  California caught 3 Dorados while fishing with Alex on the Mosca III Chris & Juilio Faes and  Jani & Russ Summers from Hamilton MT fishing with Ramon and Chuy on the 3 Hermanos on this date the caught 14 Dorados.  As you can see all good quality fish. Our fisherman of the week.
We would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Shores for the wonderful pictures sent to us. We really enjoyed this pictures because this pictures are taking right after the fish was caught and some ready to  be release.

Hello! Attached are a couple of photos taken from our recent trip to the Hotel Buenavista. Fishing with Jesus aboard the Eclipse we were fortunate enough to catch and release 2 marlin, one each on April 4 and 5, and land 3 very nice dorado. Another very quiet and successful trip to the Buenavista! Please add us to the weekly fishing report list. We would like to come back in early July for tuna and blue marlin. Carl & Brenda Shores

Peter Whitehouse from Sausalito CA.  6 Dorados released all while fly-fishing with Juan on his Mosca, here fishing out in front of the resort with exper guide Jeff DeBrown SPRING, SPRING, SPRING!!!!

It is finally here, and it is beautiful and we are really enjoying it.

Glen Kujimoto & Connor Kujimoto from  Santa Rosa CA, fishing with Victor Jr. on his Mosca I, caught some release other, here with one of the 4 Dorados caught. The Moyers from  Jackson WY fishing on the 3 Hermanos caught  2 Striped Marlin, both were released.