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Mr. Charlie Kaufman & Mr. Jeff Earl from Toledo, Ohio Caught 1 rooster R, 30 pargo, 1 cabrilla, 2 jackcravelle 2R and 13 sierra while fishing on the Mosca with captain Juan Garcia on March 22nd.  Thank you for your comments.

 First time we fished in the area, the fishing, the area and the captain Juan was  great.

Here is Bill Ellsnier and family heading out, They did a day of fly fishing the beach with guide Jeff Debrown. As you can see weather is wonderful and the water calm, just perfect for fly fishing from the beach, pantoon or cruiser. If you are fly fishing angler and want a trip in fly fishing paradise please contact Baja on the fly or us. The different ways and techniques to fish the East Cape it is only limited by our own imagination. It just a matter of adventuring in different ways.  
Our kids Club going on for the first time during this Spring break, in our convention center. This is the first day. Games, classes, movies and lot of more fun staff. Adult supervision at all time, by my Lety, Esaul's wife, and Mary, Arnulfo's wife. Jeff deBrown Baja on the fly guide, helped with some of the instructional activities. Not many parents around, wonder why.
Lety helping with the several games, every winner got a price, this help get everyone motivated to participate on the many activities they had. Movies was something nice to end the evening.
Sr. Patrick A Reagan from Portland, OR exercising during dawn, it seems that he really liked our meals, since he didn't want to gain any weight. He came down with his family.