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Mike Kipper and Ken Gore fishing on the Porque no with Rafael and Julio with his nice dorado on this day. Mr. Suzukamo and friend with a slow day, only one small dorado. Still, they had a great day with Ramon and Chuy.
Austin Rutherford and Benjamin Nease from San Diego, CA showing their day catch. We would like to thank Sra. Patricia per her emial. DEAR AXEL..............WHAT A GREAT PICTURE!!!!!!!!!! IF EVER YOU HAVE NEW CLIENT'S WHO WANT A RECOMMENDATION PLEASE FEEL FREE TO GIVE THEM OUR EMAIL ADDRESS. WE WILL BE HAPPY TO GIVE YOU, YOUR FAMILY, AND YOUR RESORT A HIGH RECOMMENDATION, ESPECIALLY FOR FAMILIES!!!!!!! DIOS LES BENDIGAS!!!!!! PATRICA, AUSTIN, AND BENJAMIN Gary Reise from Bishop, CA fished for 3 days, and was teased several times by marlin not wanting to eat. His patience paid off on the last day as he caught two, this while fishing with Rosario and Miguel on the Canica.
Vicente with his new boat the Dusty B II Mrs. Sheryl Meyer with a nice pargo, while fishing with Capt. Juan Garcia. 
Don't we all wish to be kids one more time, we could have fun any where!!!. Here my nice playing on the beach. Jack McGuire from Carlsbad CA, released two striped marlin. Here arriving at the dock on the 3 Hermanos, with Capt. Ramon and Chuy.
Ed Rabinone, Alan Christen, Bob Pound, Jack Heims and Barry Williams, fly-fishing with great results as inshore fishing continues to be the most constancy.  For some of us, fishing out of a panga can be more satisfying, since you have to interact a lot more with your captain, to the point to become a team. 
Mr. Daniel Fisher a nice day out, 4 marlin, he couldn't release 2 of them.  One of Mr. Fisher Striped marlin, as you can see the bill on this rare specie, we believed is a birth abnormally, you can some time see the difference from a birth mark or a later accident. 
Stephanie Fallon &  the Schneider Family all the way from Garden City NY, during April 14th and16th while fishing on the Dusty B II with Vicente and Oscar, 1 striped marlin and a nice dorado and on the Vamonos with Victor Sr. and Dario 2 striped marlin one released.
Our friends from Okuma reels came down this past week to a "business and sales meeting", they were working hard, testing all their reels. It is something to consider since Mexico is among those countries where IRS would deduct for incentives trips.
Not only is all about fishing, as our friends from Okuma found out, they were ridding on the four wheelers in a tour guided by naturist expert Steve Chism.  This bikes if not taken seriously could get some hurt, as our friends found out.  We hope that Mr. Golden is doing better. 
Jeffrey King & Jeff Thornburgh from Beaverton Oregon, on April 18th while fishing on the Canica with  Chayo and Miguel, 1 striped marlin release and 1 dorado. This could well be the average catch this days a nice striped marlin and a good size dorado. Togo Hazard, Tom Chapman & Esaul Valdez a nice day out on April 18th fishing with Captain Vicente and Deckhand Oscar on the Dusty B II release a nice Striped marlin and caught these beautiful dorados (38 y 28 lbs).  From San Diego CA.