We congratulated 4th OF JULY UNITED STATES INDEPENDENCE DAY. It was a nice celebration and of course fire works where present. It was a nice beach cook out night. Great meal, good weather and great company. Congratulations to all our your independence day.
We also like to thank all our friends who accompany us during this celebration. A special thanks to our local friends, and specially to Rod and Barb Albright who not only came to dinner but also helps us round up even more fire works
Nice cook out and great friends, Mr. Rucigno, once visiting us from the States, now he lives mostly in San Jose. 

The Rio Rico Rotary Club enjoyed the celebration, and they are already booked for the same dates for next year.

Some of Los Chinos Catch and Release Tournament's early arrivals. Mr. Becheria, David and Bill, Michael and more.
Catch and Release, great numbers of release fish this week.
Not many dorado, but those caught are definitely Good size dorado,  Some casualties among the many marlin caught this week. 
Last Week Fish Report Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort Fleet

Last week's Fish and Condition report brought to you by Angel Ortiz, boat manager and Mario Lucero, on the Vanessa

From: June 28th - July 4th, 2002 

Total boats out: 25 Fisherman: 75

Weather Temperature: High 70īs - Mid  90`s

Water Temperature: 72°- 81°

Type Capture Release Total
 Blue Marlin ~ 1 1
 Black Marlin ~ ~ ~
  Striped Marlin 2 30 32
  Sailfish ~ 1 1
  Dorado 8 ~ 8
  Tuna 1 ~ 1
  Wahoo ~ ~ ~
  Roosterfish ~ 22 22
  Grupper ~ ~ ~
  Shark ~ ~ ~
  Snapper ~ ~ ~
  Jack cravalle  ~ ~ ~
  Amberjack ~ ~ ~
  Bonita ~ ~ ~
  Yellowtail ~ ~ ~
  Ladyfish ~ ~ ~
  Pampano 1 ~ 1
  Triggerfish ~ ~ ~
  Sierra ~ ~ ~
  Cabrilla ~ 0 ~
  Skip Jack ~ ~ ~

Water Temperature:  The first cold current of the year made it presences this past week, still our captains found good water about 30-45 miles North and South, yes very far..

Weather Temperature:  It has continue to be a nice spring weather, even though we are suppose to be with summer weather.  Great weather. 

Fishing Spots and Distance: 

Off-shore fishing.- LONG RIDE, was the characteristic this week, going North even farther out than the 88 bank.  It was a long ride, but worth it, since everyone where averaging more than 1 bill fish per boat. Mr. Smith from Tucson, AZ  up to 5 in one day.  Not many dorado, but those being caught with average of 40 lbs.  Tuna, what? what is that ?? still a big absent this year, it has been the slowest year for tuna in the past 5 year.  But we are positive that this only means, like the say, good things will come to those who waits.

In-shore fishing.- Even with the cold currents, in-shore fishing continue to offer decent fishing, but not many boats targeting these species. 

Successful lures: Mean joe green and petrolero above all..

Bait Used: Plenty, but continues to be mostly in-shore species, mullet, sardine, small jacks, etc.

Highlight of the Week: The highest average per boat/catch for bill fish in the whole year. The dorados, quality not quantity.