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Just, if winter was like this the entire winter season!!!

The calm days really help the fishing.  But all days are like this, therefore we recommend a longer stay during the winter, and we back it up with the 6th and 7th night free special, because from a longer stay it is for sure that you will get a few days just like this. And if peace and quite is what you are looking for, there is no better time than the winter to come down to Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort.

Phil Roth, Canica Striped Marlin
San Jose CA with new and just promoted captain, Rosario "Chayo".  He was fishing on the pontoon for the past years. This year he will be come Canicas captain. Nothing but great feed back from fisherman earn Esaul confident for this promotion
G. Birmingham, Brooklyn N.Y. 11201 1 striped marlin, with water temperature at low 70's to mid 70's the school dorado and some even bigger are bitting now at our fishing grounds.
Billy Taylor,Art Tandartino y Jay Sabelman, Lake Almanor Ca. 16 dorados  on the 3 Hermanos.  Fishing statistic from the last 3 years show that the succes rate fishing in the winter can sometime surpass that of the season months, specially when is calm.
Bart J Rasmussen, 4 dorados on the fly. Moscow, Idaho USA. It is no coincidence to see more and more flyfisherman in our photogallery, since Hotel Buenavista's Fleet and conjunction with Baja on the Fly have strongly promoted this way of fishing. A beautiful winter morning at the resort. Once the wind stop blowing our piece of paradise comes back to its normal beauty.
Billy Taylor and Art Tantardino 2 Marlins, 1 Dorado on the 3 Hermanos with Captain Ramon and brother and law Jesus as a deckhand (Ramon became first time father late last year). Winds normally start blowing mid morning, therefore giving enough time to get out and do some fishing.  When this happens is very common that you will be going North to fish by Cerralvo Island, this is done to avoid contrary winds coming from down South.  Most of the time fishing is fairly good, out North.