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Mr. Togo and the Dusty B II, huge fishing area, two tuna tubes, and two brand new 250 cummings engines, chair are movable to offer bigger stand up fishing space. Great boat.  The boat is 29', but all together is 30.7, therefore the boat will be consider a 31' foot.  Also for those guest who normally fished with Vicente in the past years,  there'll be a special introduction price, same as a 29, the password for this special introduction price will be to ask for Vicente last boat.
Mr. Togo enjoying the good days to go fishing, with a lot of luck for dorados, here with a 40 lbs one.   This is the beginning of what we hope to be a great fishing season. Here in the second picture with friend, Mr. Gary Maxwell.
Anthony Malutta, from San Francisco, CA right after a good day of fishing Marlin Ghon, Timothy Gohn, Nicholas Gohn and David Beck. 1 marlin release and 5 dorados.  They fished on the Eclipse with Jesus Araiza.
We started with the famous Mexican Buffets.  Marlin Ghon, Timothy Gohn, Nicholas Gohn and David Beck, enjoying their catched at night, prepared by our chef.
Ron Seibel and Dave Johns had a decent day of fishing: 4 dorados, 9 pargos and 1 cabrilla, while fishing with famous super panga captain Sr. Juan "Mickey" Garciglia on the Mosca,
On behalf of Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort Family, we would like to thank our friend Mr. Rassmussen for his great letter sent to us.

Thank you for the wonderful time at Hotel Buenavista resort. The food was excellent, and the people were wonderful.  Captains Jesus and Juan did an excellent job of finding fish and wildlife to view.  “Angel” did a fantastic job of organizing the boats, the lunches, and the drinks each day.  I would highly recommend hotel Buenavista to any and all for fishing or just lounging around the pool for the food, the sights, and the people. 

Bart Rassmussen