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We would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. De Naut from Sebastopol, CA for their letter sent on May 14 

Hello: My wife and I Just spent a wonderful week at your Hotel. Everything was perfect! The woman in the picture works in the office and you could send her these pictures. We look forward to staying there again next year

Susan Gregory visiting from Capistrano Beach CA, here with a nice marlin. Can you tell if this is a lake or actually an ocean? Kim Gary, from Grand Rapids, MI and Lou Gostinger from Port Huron, MI. It was a long trip, but worth it, on this day they release 8 roosterfish and 7 skip jacks on the fly.
Stevie & David Stephens and Dennis & Lisa Schofield from Evergreen CO. With one of two nice dorados caught during this fishing day.  They fished on the Careleste, a boat acquired last year, Carlos and Jose its crew. Edmond Burgan from Anchorage, AK. No problem with the cold down here, and they seem not to have a problem with the nice weather in our paradise.
Bing Carlson, Len Adams and Syd Ross from Port Huron, MI. I feel like some one is listening since they brought down their light tackle gear and it paid off.  James Doll and Friend from New Port Beach, CA. With two nice dorados. You can easily win any tournament with the spicy on the right.
Mark Neill from El Cajon, CA with a striped marlin. As you can see, we are seeing less and less this pictures, but still with the ones that we see, the average release it is higher than 80% according to last year numbers.