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Pete King, coming also with the San Diego Rod and Reel Club, one of the good dorados caught during this trip.  Edward Windsor, Barbara Gattuso and father, here after a day with Ramon and Chuy, two striped marlin, one release.
Mr. Duchene, the president of the club, made an excellent trip, three marlin release and 1 good size dorado. Here on the Vagabundo with Jose and Carlos Bill, from the Rod & Reel radio, he was working hard to get everyone organize before the trip, and once down there, it was time to start enjoying his trip.
We were happy to have a great guests, and we also like to thank Bill for working so hard to get everything organize for this trip. It was great to have his son once again with us.
It is not all about fishing, here the ladies, which many didn't join their husbands fishing, enjoyed his privacy at our pool. As you can see a little later as the guys got back, didn't bother them too much, since the guys went straight to the drinks.
May 20, 2002


Marlin were hot, tuna were not
for Rod & Reel Radio listeners
and San Diego Rod and Reel Club members

Buenavista, Baja California Sur, Mexico Forty four Rod and Reel Radio listeners and members of the San Diego Rod and Reel Club traveled to the Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort on the East Cape of Baja on May 16, for a taste of spring fishing in the Sea of Cortez and relaxation in the resort's spa. The trip was organized by Rod and Reel Radio and will be an annual event. The group of forty four anglers weren't disappointed with either the fishing or relaxation. Although yellowfin tuna are normally abundant in the spring, summer and fall months, they haven't shown up at all this spring. Rooster fish, normally found in the fall are being found in numbers off all of the beaches. Dorado, usually found in schools or at least in pairs, are a single catch. The one fish that is consistent with past patterns are the striped marlin. Boats were seeing up to 30 per day jumping and finning but not generally showing an interest in taking any lure or live bait offered.

Marlin fishing was good and eleven members of the group recorded their first marlin ever. 83 year old Ed Windsor fishing with his daughter, Barbara Gatusso and friends Al Evans and Dennis Seymour was one of the lucky anglers scoring a first marlin. Barbara also released her very first marlin. Lou Duchene won the most points division of the mini tournament and released three marlin in one day. The first place prize was a fully paid return trip with the Rod and Reel Club next year. Duchene caught all of his marlin on a petrolero colored marlin lure rigged with chain gang double hooks. Petrolero is a squid imitation, brown, orange and black and its name is derived from the Spanish for petroleum worker or maybe a "grease monkey" in English. However the lure color is named it was the hot color as the area is loaded with squid and the marlin are feeding on the squirters. Rod and Reel Radio hosts, Big Tuna Bill Ghiselin and Stan Vanderburg also fished with the group. According to Ghiselin marlin were plentiful but not biting very well.  "All of the marlin we brought to the boat were spitting up six to eight inch squid. They were a little reluctant to eat the lures or any bait we threw at them on the first two days of fishing. Sunday was a different story and the fish were up chasing the trolled lures in usual marlin fashion." Margaret Vanderburg released her first marlin while fishing with husband Stan, Rod and Reel Radio co-host "Big Tuna Bill" Ghiselin and Bill's son, Steve,

Dorado were all large fish from 25 to 60 pounds and were not traveling in schools. Ghiselin said,   "All of the dorado were single fish. We fished a large piece of floating styrofoam that looked like it would hold a lot of fish but there was only one bull there. It was the same with the fish we caught on the troll. One at a time, but all nice big dodos." Pete Derienzo took big fish honors with a 50 pound dorado. He won a custom wrapped Graphite U.S.A. rod and new reel for his efforts. Larger fish were caught but not during the tournament with the exception of an approximately 60 pound dorado that was filleted before it was weighed on the official scale. Larry Ivie from New Mexico caught a 65 pound wahoo while pre fishing before the tournament. Ivie had never seen a wahoo before his catch and remarked, "At first, I thought some one had cut the bill off a small marlin but the boat captain explained that I had caught a wahoo." Ivie donated his wahoo for dinner that night and the entire group was able to enjoy fresh wahoo that night.

Rooster fish up to 15 pounds were plentiful and eating slow trolled sardinas. Ghiselin fishing from a super panga, targeted rooster fish in the mornings and afternoons, "We fished the beaches from Buenavista to La Ribera in the mornings and afternoons and caught all of the roosters we wanted. Nothing big, but a lot of fun on 15 and 20 pound test."

Barbara Gruber was one of the non fishing wives that came along with the group just for the relaxation. "I soaked in the mineral spa and had a massage every day. It was fantastic. They have a little day spa where you can get a massage, a facial, a pedicure, manicure and get your hair styled. The pool is huge with a shallow water volleyball court and a special very shallow section for smaller children. The grounds are lush and tropical. I highly recommend the Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort even if you're not an angler you can be a resort lady."

Ghiselin said that Rod and Reel Radio is planning another trip to the Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort on September 19 for five days with three days of fishing. "The hotel is reducing the price for this trip to $508 which is about $150 off the regular price. This should be a great time for big fish, marlin, tuna and dorado. I'm really looking forward to our next stay at this resort.

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