Everything is back to normal and the fishing is getting better by the day!!!! 

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Hurricane Ignacio Had Passed on Through!


Tuesday, August 26, 2003


Just in from the hotel:


Hurricane Ignacio is gone!


The sun is out!


It’s 85 degrees with a light breeze!


The roads are okay … at least passable … and getting better!


People are checking into the hotel!


The boats are in the water again!


So come on down …


We all know the fishing rocks after a chubasco!


And thankfully, there were no serious injuries, no fatalities

and not much structural damage anywhere in the East Cape !

Last Week Fish Report Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort Fleet

This week's Fish and Condition report brought to you by Marco's Yepiz and Santiago Cota the crew of Liliana!!

From: August 22nd - 29th

Total boats out: 41 Fisherman:123

Weather Temperature: upper 80's to low 90's 

Water Temperature:78-80

Type Capture Release Total
 Blue Marlin ~ 4 4
 Black Marlin ~ ~ ~
  Striped Marlin ~ 14 14
  Sailfish ~ 7 7
  Dorado 22 ~ 22
  Tuna 80 ~ 80
  Wahoo 2 ~ 2
  Roosterfish ~ 6 6
  Grupper ~ ~ ~
  Shark  ~ ~ ~
  Snapper 19 ~ 19
  Jack cravalle  ~ ~ ~
  Amberjack ~ ~ ~
  Bonita 39 ~ 39
  Yellowtail ~ ~ ~
  Ladyfish ~ ~ ~
  Pampano 2 ~ 2
  Triggerfish 8 ~ 8
  Squid ~ 9 9
  Cabrilla ~ ~ ~
  Skip Jack ~ 10 10
Sierra ~ ~ ~
Needle fish ~ ~ ~

Water Temperature:  With hurricane Ignacio passing thru last week the water temperature has fallen a few degrees this past week.  The water has been anywhere from the 77 degree mark to the 80 degree mark.  This is a decrease of roughly ten degrees.  This decrease has effected the water in  different ways.  The first thing we notice this week is that the water although for the most part is clear it is slightly "green" from the shore un till about the three to five mile mark.  The area close to shore is also very cluttered with different objects  from the storm.  The water out side this area has been where the fishing has taken place.  The water close to shore is clearing daily and should be back to normal soon.     

Weather Temperature:  The weather during the storm was not damaging to the resort, boats, or any lives here in the area.  The hurricane was a category two with winds between ninety and one hundred and twenty miles per hour with higher gusts.  We also saw rain with the storm.  We had approx. eleven inches at the hotel with much higher totals in the mountains.  The weather after the storm has been very clear with lot's of sunshine and a very slight breeze in the afternoon.  The high temperature for the past few days has been the ninety degree mark with the night time low's in the mid seventies.   

Fishing Spots and Distance:  The spots and distance the boats are traveling has been in the area heading out directly east from the hotel to about the thirty mile mark.  Here the water is blue and the current has changed slightly.  In the past weeks the current has been running from the north to south and this week it has changed direction with a east to west flow.  Some of the boats have been fishing closer than the distance mentioned above with success as well.  

Off-shore fishing.-   The off shore fishing this week has seen most of the action this week with everything being caught from marlin both stripe and blue to tuna and dorado to giant squid.  Yes, we have lot's of squid in the area at the moment making some guests believers that the squid really do sometimes eat the bait.  The water has lot's of structure after the storm for dorado to concentrate around.  We have seen some very nice dorado caught beneath some of this structure and we look for the dorado fishing to only get better as this structure continues to float in the area.  The tuna fishing has been good this week with fish in the thirty pound class being caught with regularity.  The bill fishing has improved this week with more fish being seen than before the storm.  We expect the fishing to increase daily as the water improves.     

In-shore fishing.- The inshore fishing this week was slightly difficult with the rain water we had earlier in the week.  This should improve rapidly as the water clears near the arroyo's.       

Successful lures:  If you are looking for the tuna hoochies (those squid again) should provide some action.  Try the colors of pink, white, and red.  For dorado try hoochies as well along with live bait.  If available.  

Bait Used: The bait this week has been very limited.  The bait boats are just now starting to get back in the water.  We have seen bait the past couple of days but in limited quantities..  This is improving daily as the water near shore improves.  We have had reports of  ballyhoo being caught for bait making this the first choice for the captains if available. 

Highlight of the Week: The fishing is going to get exciting so please remember  we have our special of 2X1 coming up in September.  This is a deal you just have to take advantage of!!  Call us for details. We would also like to mention that the new flight's that frontier air lines is providing to our area.  They are very good deals so please check them out and come down and see us!!!!!  Click here!!!!

See you next week!