This week's Fish and Condition report brought to you by the crew of LILIANA!!!!!

From: Dec.1st - 5th

Total boats out: 11 Fisherman:33

Weather Temperature: Mid 70's 

Water Temperature:73-74

Type Capture Release Total
 Blue Marlin ~ ~ ~
 Black Marlin ~ ~ ~
  Striped Marlin 1 ~ 1
  Sailfish ~ 1 1
  Dorado 4 ~ 4
  Tuna 2 ~ 2
  Wahoo ~ ~ ~
  Roosterfish ~ ~ ~
  Gruper ~ ~ ~
  Shark  ~ ~ ~
  Snapper ~ ~ ~
  Jack crevalle ~ ~ ~
  Amberjack ~ ~ ~
  Bonita ~ ~ ~
  Yellowtail ~ ~ ~
  Ladyfish ~ ~ ~
  Pompano ~ ~ ~
  Triggerfish ~ ~ ~
  Squid ~ ~ ~
  Cabrilla 1 ~ 1
  Skip Jack 12 12 12
Sierra ~ ~ ~
Needle fish ~ ~ ~

Water Temperature:  Water temperature this past week has remained in the low to mid seventies.  This is a great temperature for this time of year.  The water temperature is slightly above normal for this time of year.  We expect to see a slight decrease in water temperatures over the next few weeks if the north winds continue to be as strong as they shown over the past couple of weeks.

Weather Temperature:  The temperatures remain quite pleasant thru out the day with the daytime highs in the mid seventies.  The evenings have been quite cool with the north winds    dropping during the late evening and night time hours.  The early mornings have been very cool with a gradual warm up during the mid morning hours.  We have seen calm and quiet weather during the early morning hours with the winds increasing from the north starting around the eleven o'clock hour.

Fishing Spots and Distance:   The fishing spots and distance have varied this week depending factors such as type of fish desired and wind from the north.  Most of the captains have reported heading to the north and fishing with the wind making their way back to the hotel.

Off-shore fishing.-  Off shore fishing this week has consisted mainly of the captains concentrating their efforts in the area off Punta Pescadero.  In this area the captains have reported most of the activity taking place off shore slightly and in the area of  some buoys that are currently in the area.  The captains report a fair number of dorado along with the occasional marlin in this area. As every one knows this is fishing and you never know what you might catch.  We suggest starting in this area and see what the day brings. 

In-shore fishing.- The inshore fishing continues to be difficult with the windy conditions we have experienced over the past few days.  We have had reports of some sierra in the areas off of la ribera  and also in the area of punta pescadero.  The fleet has also reports fair action for skipjack fairly close to shore in the area billena de muertos.

Successful lures:  For artificial lures the colors continue to be blue and white for dorado alomg with the colors of  red and black or purple and black.  This time of year you never know so try any and all!!

Bait Used: Bait conditions this week have been moderate with some larger baits being available.  As far as smaller bait such as sardines it is hit and miss.

Highlight of the Week:  We are starting into the winter season.  Do not forget to look below!!

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Allegro will have four flights a week originating in Oakland.

Continental starting in December will have flights originating from Newark.

Delta starting December 13th will have seven flights a week from Atlanta.

Frontier starting November 22nd will have four flights a week from Denver.        



See you next week!


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