Just one look at this photo and you can see this past week we had an excellent week of fishing.  Take a look below at some of the photos taken this past week of wonderful guests and their catches.

This is Vern Latham with Brandon Rhoads and Dan Nelson.  They spent the day aboard Nueva Era and caught these twenty four Tuna and one Dorado. Take a look at Paul Davis from Lawrence Kansas.  He spent the day on the water catching seven Tuna along with one Dorado and this very nice Wahoo!!
WOW!!   Look at these Wahoo.  This is Tim Cleavers and Brian Jarvis from Escondido California with a day they will not soon forget!!  This Wahoo weighed in at 125 pounds!!

The Wahoo just keep coming!!  This is Steve Houghton from Fraser Lake British Columbia.  On this day of fishing he caught this Wahoo and fifteen Tuna!!  That is a day we all wish for. This is Brendan Ohalloran from San Jose California.  While fishing aboard Vamonos caught this wonderful Marlin.

As you can see these gal's are getting a few hours of rest and relaxation while the boy's are out fishing.  We asked these ladies why they were not out fishing and the answer was "Do they have lounge chairs and margarita's on the boat?"

We invite you to join us for your margarita !!!


This week's Fish and Condition report brought to you by Captain Jesuse Ariza and Eclipse '91!!!!

From: June 6th - June 12th

Total boats out:100 Fisherman:324

Weather Temperature: :high80's to low 90's

Water Temperature:80-83

Type Capture Release Total
 Blue Marlin ~ ~ ~
 Black Marlin ~ ~ ~
  Striped Marlin 10 29 39
  Sailfish ~ ~ ~
  Dorado 34 ~ 34
  Tuna 710 ~ 710
  Wahoo 7 ~ 7
  Roosterfish ~ 12 12
  Grupper ~ ~ ~
  Shark  ~ ~ ~
  Snapper ~ ~ ~
  Jack cravalle  ~ 2 2
  Amberjack ~ ~ ~
  Bonita ~ ~ ~
  Yellowtail ~ ~ ~
  Ladyfish ~ 2 2
  Pampano ~ ~ ~
  Triggerfish ~ ~ ~
  Squid ~ ~ ~
  Cabrilla ~ ~ ~
  Skip Jack ~ ~ ~
Sierra ~ ~ ~
Needle fish ~ ~ ~

Water Temperature: The water temperature is PERFECT!!!!  It has been at the eighty to eighty three mark this week.  This is a great temperature.  These temperatures hold lot's of life in them and with this life comes the fishing.  We are glad to see it has risen very slightly this week.  This slight increase has helped tremendously.  

Weather Temperature:  The Temperature has been very warm for most with the highs during the day reaching the lower 90's.  This is just the beginning of the heat but if the fishing stays like this most won't even notice.  

Fishing Spots and Distance:  The fishing is scattered with boats reporting great fishing both South of the hotel as well as to the North.  We have had lots of activity this week in both directions.    

Off-shore fishing.- The fishing off shore this week has been outstanding for Tuna.  They seem to be just about every where.  They still running with the porpise.  They also have been found by the captains off the Punta Pescadero area in large schools that are not with Porpise.  The Marlin bite has continued to be fairly strong with fish being spotted from about one and a half miles off shore to as far out as thirty miles out.  We have even seen a few Blue Marlin!!  It is getting to be that time.  The Wahoo bite has been fairly strong as well this past week with a few more being seen than caught.  Some of the crews have said more than once they were caught off gauard when a Wahoo would come in on the jigs and they were not ready.  Sounds as if a few jigs will get replaced.  

In-shore fishing.- With the water warming slightly the inshore has picked up with great results.  The big Rooster fish are showing them selves a little more with the Mullet schools that have been in close to shore.  The Jack 's and Lady Fish have been picking up along with the bottom fish such as Pargo and Cabrilla.  For your best bet at a large rooster the area between La Ribera and the light house is our advise.  One of our captains  said they have seen more big roosters in this area this week than any time they can remember in the past.

Successful lures: We have seen a variety of lures being successful this week.  The Tuna have been going crazy for the ceader plugs or hoochies in squid colors such as pink, purple or red.  The Marlin and Dorado and Wahoo have been caught on a number of different colors this week with a few of them being pink and black, green and black, white and blue and yellow and orange. 

Bait Used: Bait has been Mullet.  The bait pangas have had a hard time finding both the Mackral or the Sardina.  

Highlight of the Week:  The Tuna are back !!  The water is warm and the fishing is great. We have even seen a few big Blue Marlin!!   We would like to mention that the new flight from Ontario, CA has begun  to see more  Click here!!!!

See you next week!!!