A beautiful morning at the dock, even with the weird fog that we had during the middle of the week, it was still very nice. Aeromexico and Allegro Airlines  with their new weekly flights, the first from Ontario (a new destination) and the second from Oakland are making it easier and more affordable to join us during this summer, hope to see you soon!!!

The two pictures above are of the Flum boy's from Bellmore New York.  This is Zach, Ethan and dad Stew Showing off some of the great Dorado and Sierra they caught during their day's aboard the Mosca and the Eclipse.

This is the Busuttil's from Chino Hills California with a great bull Dorado they caught while fishing aboard the Mosca.  They also caught one Striped marlin during their trip.
Above is Joseph and Jeanette Fasone from Whittier California with one of three dorado they caught while fishing aboard Mosca I . This is Jonathan and John Mogul from Plymouth Mass.  They Caught this very nice Stripe Marlin while fishing on Jindo.

Here are a few of the wonderful color's we have here in the hotel flowers this time of year.  Won't you come and enjoy them in person?
Last Week Fish Report Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort Fleet

This week's Fish and Condition report brought to you by Vecente Cosio and the Dusty B II!!!

From: May 23rd - May 29th

Total boats out: 28 Fisherman: 84

Weather Temperature: :high80's to low 90's

Water Temperature:78-81

Type Capture Release Total
 Blue Marlin ~ ~ ~
 Black Marlin ~ ~ ~
  Striped Marlin 3 1 4
  Sailfish ~ ~ ~
  Dorado 17 ~ 17
  Tuna 10 ~ 10
  Wahoo ~ ~ ~
  Roosterfish ~ 1 1
  Grupper ~ ~ ~
  Shark  1 ~ 1
  Snapper ~ ~ ~
  Jack cravalle  ~ ~ ~
  Amberjack ~ ~ ~
  Bonita 6 6 6
  Yellowtail ~ ~ ~
  Ladyfish ~ ~ ~
  Pampano ~ ~ ~
  Triggerfish ~ ~ ~
  Squid ~ ~ ~
  Cabrilla ~ ~ ~
  Skip Jack 1 1 1
Sierra 2 ~ 2
Needle fish 1 1

Water Temperature: The water temperature dropped for a few days this week making the fishing a little tough.  The temperature of the water cooled off enough and the air stayed warm enough to cause fog here at the hotel a couple of mornings in a row.  This is one of the few times we have seen fog actually engulf the hotel for the short time it was here.

Weather Temperature: We  have seen lots of sun this week with a slight wind from the South that cooled us off slightly.  The winds have kicked up in the afternoon but have been quite a pleasant and have not made the water at all unmanageable.

Fishing Spots and Distance:  Most of the fishing has taken place to the south.  Some of the boats have been off the light house between four and twenty miles out.  The other boats have been going off the Punta Pescadero area and have seen a slight concentration of marlin and a few Wahoo in this area as well.  

Off-shore fishing.- The fishing off shore has been very slow this week for  for the Tuna that are running with the Porpise.  Most of them have been in the smaller class from the six to fifteen pound range.   They are still their and if you have patience and stay with the Porpise you should get a few fish.    The dorado and Marlin have slowed this week as well.  Some of them are staring to look at the baits that have been trolled and the kive bait has been the best when seeing Marlin on the surface.   

In-shore fishing.-The inshore fishing is just plain tough at the moment.  As the water warms up again we should see an increase in bait and inshore activity.  

Successful lures: For the Dorado it has been pink and blue along with white and blue to represent flying fish and squid.  The Wahoo have been on lures that seem to be purple and black or bright yellow and orange.  The Tuna are still taking hoochies in the blue and white colors along with pink and red.  We have had lot's of small Langosta in the water.

Bait Used: Bait has been Caballieo.  The bait pangas have had a hard time finding both the Mackral or the Sardina.  

Highlight of the Week:  Since there weren't many highlights this week for fishing, we would like to mention that the new flight from Ontario, CA will be starting early next month, to see more  Click here!!!!

See you next week!!!