Last Week Fish Report Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort Fleet

This week's Fish and Condition report brought to you by Arturo in charge of land crew

From: April 23rd - 29th, 04

Total boats out:  64  Fishermen:  201

Weather Temperature:  82 - 87 

Water Temperature:  73 - 76

Type Capture Release Total
 Blue Marlin ~ ~ ~
 Black Marlin ~ ~ ~
  Striped Marlin 4 39 43
  Sailfish ~ 5 5
  Dorado 40 ~ 40
  Tuna 27 ~ 27
  Wahoo 4 ~ 4
  Roosterfish ~ 61 61
  Grouper ~ ~ ~
  Shark  ~ ~ ~
  Snapper 75 10 85
  Jack Crevalle ~ 22 22
  Amberjack ~ 8 8
  Bonita ~ 3 3
  Yellowtail 13 ~ 13
  Ladyfish ~ 2 2
  Pompano 1 ~ 1
  Triggerfish 8 ~ 8
  Squid ~ ~ ~
  Cabrilla 2 ~ 2
  Skip Jack ~ 17 17
Sierra 35 ~ 35
Needle fish ~ ~ ~

Water Temperature:   Even though water raised a little this past week, we consider that is still cold, but if the fishing continues to be as good as it was this week, who minds?  

Air Temperature:  Best weather yet!!, even with two days with wind at the begining of the week, you can not say it isn't perfect with nice breeze and excellent sea conditions. Definitely the best weather yet.

Fishing Spots and Distance:  Oh man, oh man, the first two day of the week, our fleet continue to go up north, about 25- 40 miles, but later in the week, we are cruising 2-10 miles right East from the hotel to Punta Arena South, it just cannot get closer than this. And we had boats searching for tuna about 40 miles out, but no, the fishing concentrated this week in front of the hotel, La Rivera, Punta Colorado and not further than El Rincon. 

Off-shore Fishing: Fishing off-shore can be call in-shore this week, where our fleet have been catching plenty of every off shore specie about 2-5 miles, seeing bait balls with plenty of striped marlin and dorado. Dorado ranging in the 35 to 50 lbs. No tuna, our fleet went out to look for it and didn't find much, only early in the week.

In-shore Fishing: It has been as consistent as you wanted, where our fly caster friends have find as many roosterfish, jackravelle among many other species as they want. Some yellowtail has been hooked as well, together with plenty of snapper. 

Successful Lures:   Petrolero, mean-joe-green and chivato colors are the best. 

Bait Used:  There are a lot of bait out (mackerel and sardineta), and that is where they are seeing the school of marlins and dorados, but big bait has not been of good quality and we have had a few days with little of it. Sardine is no problem with plenty of it.

Highlight of the Week:  In-shore or off-shore?? or is it the same? anyway great fishing this past week.

We would also like to inform you about some of the new flights that are available to our area.  Please see below.  If you would like to visit one of these airlines please click below on the airline you wish to visit.

Aero Mexico will have four flights a week originating in Ontario. 

Continental starting in December will have flights originating from Newark.

Delta starting December 13th will have seven flights a week from Atlanta.

Frontier starting November 22nd will have four flights a week from Denver.        



See you next week!