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Saludos from the Valdez Family!

July 2004 

This has been a picture postcard perfect summer. Our weather down here on the East Cape is in the mid-90s, the water is crystal clear, warm and in the mid-80s, and the fishing continues to be awesome. If you have never being in our resort in September this year could be a great opportunity as major airlines are giving away great deals and you ad that to our 2X1 September Mexico's Patriotic Month
we can almost assure you, that you will have a  great time, with no crowds in the resort nor in the ocean, which combine with what we the locals consider the best fishing as well as diving and snorkeling conditions, you are sure to have a ball.

During July we had a full lineup of special events, tournaments and other fun things happening at the resort. Bookings are way up this year, a sign that all of you are traveling again, and enjoying sharing time with us at our very special Jewel of the East Cape. We welcome you, as always, with open arms.

We hosted our very own 8th Annual Big Game Blowout from the 24th to 26th of July and a great time was had by all. Read about it in the Fish Story section of this newsletter. We are also quite proud of Esaul Valdez. On July 20th he caught a 531 pound blue marlin, a personal record for him. He was on the Dusty B III, fishing with his friends Togo Hazard and Derek Tresize. Captain Vicente Cosio and deckhand Nestor were on hand for the trophy photo.

We felt this past month as it came and go at a blink of an eye. There were so many great friends and so many great memories that just want to share some: It was so nice to see the Grüenig Family visit us for a few weeks all the way from Switzerland, and even nicer was to have met Grandma; Michael, Rick, David and the whole gang, who after going out to dinner in Long Beach, I was not able to see them down at the resort; It was nice to see the Carpenter family and we will work something special for sure for their next trip. We were also honor with the visit from many friends from our community who came to honor a great person Doctor Mondragon, who is among the most respectable persons in our state.  And then we had Mr. Rayner that we were all very happy to see in such a great health, he looked really well, good job and even better job for Nancy. I can still picture the great dorado bite we got into while fishing with our friends Roy, Pam and daughter Yessi, even though we stayed up late playing cards a night before, it was about time to see them down at the resort; Mr. Craig, Mr. Weaver and of course the Robles bunch, just to name a few… It was great to see you all.

We hosted the 4th Annual East Cape Bisbee Tournament! from August 3rd through 7th If you weren’t there, you have to wait until next month to read about it, or check the website for the Weekly Fishing Report the first week of August. We list the winners and there are plenty of photos documenting the event (click here for pictures and story)


First... we will be organizing 3 Fishing and Hunting trips to hunt the prolific fields of Sinaloa (Los Mochis and Culiacan areas) and fish our beautiful ocean. It is a week  excursion where you will fish for 3 days and hunt for 3 days. We are almost ready to go. We will have one trip each month starting in November (dates are still to be determined). Esaul will host the trips and it will be top quality hunts for duck and doves plus a few days of relax and fish at the resort. Groups are going to be limited to 10 guests only per trip. Send us an email if you are interested to find out more at  

Second... for all of our friends-loyal guests that weren't able to make your certificates last and are planning their next year trip, we have a great program for you, our  Buena Vista Vacation & Fishing Club where you'll have great benefits from all of our services. You should be ready as it is going to be limited again. This is very similar to other programs that we have had in the past, but this one is only better. We will send more information later next week via e-mail, be sure not to erase it. The email address is If you are planning for next year, this may help you plan for more than just a year.

See you next month!!

The Valdez Family

Special Deals and Events You Won't Want to Miss!

August's Special

Stay 3 Nights and get the 4th free! Or Stay 5 Nights and get the 6th and 7th nights free.

2 X 1  Special all September long 
In honor of September being the month Mexico celebrates its independence from Spain (September 16th Día de la Independencia … NOT May 5th!) we are offering a 2 x 1 special. Book a room for two on the American Plan (meals included) anytime next month and your companion will stay for free. This does not include boats, however.

If you haven't reserve you room for my father's     8th Annual Chuy's Catch and Release you may want to hurry up as we are filling up and looking like another great and fun tournament.  Dates are from October 8th through the 11th.

You can see this specials and more in our 2004 calendar of events and promotions click here to visit

Or click here to book your reservation on line


Did You Know?

Little known tidbits of Hotel Buena Vista's History

Did you know … 

The 12-foot ribbonfish hanging on the north wall of Navagante Restaurant washed ashore in the fall of 1995. These sea serpent-looking creatures live about 100 feet below the surface and the only time we see them is after an earthquake. Why only then? Because the air pockets created by the quake cause them to depressurize and when that happens, they die. And, yes, this is also the answer to last month’s contest.

Contest of the Month!
Numero Uno:  How many rooms did the hotel have when it opened in 1976 and who did the cooking?

The first person to answer this correctly wins a day of fishing aboard a single engine 28 foot cruiser. Good for up to 4 people. If you know the answer, email right away! (The winner usually emails within moments after we send this newsletter.)

Last month’s contest winner is William H. Heasley.  The correct answer is in the “Did You Know” section of this newsletter.

Numero Dos:  The editor of La Buena Vida, Buena Vista local Ann Hazard needs your help. This contest isn’t about getting the right answer, it’s about being creative and coming up with the “right” recipe. Her newest book is called Agave Sunsets and it needs a drink named after it. Consider this. We already have the Tequila Sunrise. Everyone knows tequila is made from the agave plant. So … the Tequila Sunrise begets the Agave Sunset,or is it the other around? If you create the recipe that Ann chooses, you will receive an autographed set of her three Baja books: Cooking with Baja Magic, Cartwheels in the Sand and  Agave Sunsets. And of course, your recipe with credit will appear in next month’s newsletter. Please email your recipes to 

Fish Stories & Adventure Stories

From July 23rd to 26th, we hosted our very own 8th Annual Big Game Blowout. This one-day event is always one of our favorite tournaments, because most of the anglers have fished it for years and everyone knows each other. It’s relaxing, laid back and lots of fun for everyone involved. This year 22 boats participated—10 from our fleet and 12 owned and captained by Buena Vista/Los Barriles locals.

First place winner for billfish and dorado was a local, Woody Sale who was on his own boat, the Andale. He caught and released two blue marlins. He won the dorado jackpot as well, with a 47.7 pounder. He got plenty of cool prizes, plus $300 for that dorado. They not only proved that they are lucky, but also that he and his wife make a great team, and that they are really good fishermen as they were fishing by themselves. Here in the picture with dorado.

First place for tuna went to Greg Gong who fished with Vicente Cosio on the Dusty B III. He won the tuna jackpot with an 11.2 pound tuna.  Oh wait! The truth of the matter is that the day before the tournament his team mate Mr. Jeff Simms caught a 185 pound tuna. For some reason the fishing the day of the tournament was just not as good as the previous day. Then there’s the story from two years ago where Greg’s partner, Greg Sweeney caused them to lose the Tuna Jackpot because he filleted the winning fish on board the boat. Hey, that’s fishing, found out more about their great trip (click here for pictures and story). Their trip for two weeks brings to mind what my brother always answers when asked about the best time to fish the East Cape, his answer "WHEN YOU ARE HERE".

Second place went to Art Morton, fishing on the Eclipse. He caught and released one blue and one striped marlin.

Third place went to local Rod Albright, captain and owner of the Bill Collector. He bought in a blue.  3rd place was a tied with Mr. Solie, so it came down to see who was the first one to hook the fish. Mrs. Solie is the champion from last year Chuy's Catch and Release. 

Tournament totals were: 4 blues (all released), 8 striped (7 released), 1 wahoo, 4 tuna and 1 dorado. Sponsors included Tecate Beer, Western Outdoor News, Fishing Experience with Ronnie Kovach, Okuma Tackle, Maxima Line, Ballyhood Lures and Pacific Pro Lures. All sponsors donate product, so at the raffle after the Captain’s Meeting and award ceremony, pretty much everyone won something.

We hope to see you all back next year, along with some new faces and some other faces previously not seen at this tournament!

Click Here for July 2004 Fish Count

In the News

This month story is about a great captain that has mentioned retiring for the end of this year. We hope to convince him for another year, but this year he seems to be more certain about it.

Click here to read: Jesus is a Fisherman an article written in South Cost Sportfishing a few years back.

La Cocina


Makes four servings.

Grab that fish from your last trip down here out of your freezer and whip yourself up a fabulous dinner for four. We recommend serving it with white rice and a Caesar salad.  

8 filets of fish 

½ cup olive oil

48 cherry tomatoes, cut in half

4 green chile (Anaheim or Poblano) seeded and chopped

2 medium onions, chopped

½ cup capers

½ cup green olives

1 cup white wine

6 garlic cloves, finely chopped

salt and pepper to taste

In a skillet, sauté the garlic in ¼ cup olive oil over medium-high heat until translucent. Add chile and onion and stir for a minute before adding tomatoes. Reduce heat and cook another five minutes. Add olives, capers and white wine and cook for an additional five minutes.

In another skillet, sauté the fish filets in remaining olive oil about 10 minutes or until done. Remove to plates and spoon sauce over each filet.

For more great Baja recipes and party ideas, and to check out Ann Hazard’s books as mentioned in this month’s contest, visit

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