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Saludos from the Valdez Family!

It’s been a while since you’ve seen a newsletter from Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort, but we’re here to tell you that we’re back online again, and will be every month! Here is quick update on what’s been going on at the resort while we’ve been out of touch.

October, November and December were busy. Our convention center was booked every weekend in October. We hosted a Buddhist retreat with 140 devotees from around the world attended this event. Chuy’s 7th Annual Catch and Release Tournament was a great success. You can read about it in “Fish Stories.” During the tournament we hosted the wedding of Kathleen and Michael Loftus. On October 30th we had yet another wedding: Lily and Bryan Novak. We hosted two more conventions and a large first-time group from Phoenix also in October.

November brought several family groups to celebrate Thanksgiving. The fishing over the entire holiday week was spectacular, and plenty of tuna, dorado and marlin were caught. The weather was warm and sunny, so there was a lot of tanning going on poolside! On the 29th we hosted another wedding—that of Suky and Javier Treviño of Cabo San Lucas. Our annual employee Christmas Party on the 16th of December was a blast, with the dancing lasting until past 2 a.m. The Christmas holiday season was particularly festive this year—with several large groups visiting us. There were lots of teenagers here over the holidays, and they particularly enjoyed the ATV rides, ping-pong, poker and pool tournaments, and post dinner soaks in the Jacuzzi.

January, February and the first week of March were mellow. We had several inches of rain in January—which was unprecedented. Rumor had it that this was the coldest, windiest winter in 25 years, but the good news is that spring hit with a big bang on March 8th, and the weather has been perfect ever since. Water temperatures are in the low 70s and the air has been in the low to mid 80s. Fishing is improving daily, with plenty of tuna and dorado being caught. Every afternoon you can see boats flying full loads of flags motoring into the bay.

April promises to be even better all around as the water and air continue to warm up. And if you are planning on coming and have not yet made your reservations for May or June, don't wait too long as we already have several weekends almost sold out.

We also like to thank all of our friends who visited us during the past Fishing Shows circuit, it is very nice to see so many friends when we are away from home. See you down here soon, amigos!

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Mother’s Day May Special

Mom stays free with a paying companion (meals included plan) for up to FOUR Nights over Mother’s Day weekend, May 9th. We will host a very special traditional Mexican dinner on the evening of May 9th to honor all the mothers present. Give Mom a gift she’ll never forget! Bring her down! 

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Did You Know?

Little known tidbits of Hotel Buena Vista's History
Did you know … a branch of the Colorado River runs all the way down the Baja peninsula. It passes through the base of a volcano near Buena Vista, then continues ifs winding, underground passage to the sea. Along the way, it bubbles up to the surface places as hot springs. Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort sits directly over this secret river, which accounts for the resort’s lush landscape and its amazingly pure water. Just off shore from the hotel's white sand beach, the river bubbles up into the ocean—creating a perpetual hot spot. Check it out the next time you’re here!

Contest of the Month!
Who wrote this about Baja back in 1941 and what was the name of the book?


"The very air here is miraculous and outlines of reality change with the moment. The sky sucks up the land and disgorges it. A dream hangs over the whole region, a brooding kind of hallucination."

If you know this person's first and last name, email it to us right away at

Fish Stories

Chuy’s Seventh Annual Catch and Release Tournament, October 10 – 13 was a resounding success. Eighteen boats participated—12 from the hotel, four belonging to local American residents and one from Martin Verdugo’s. The focus of this tournament is fun and conservation. All billfish were tagged and released. Each boat was limited to two tuna and two dorado per day (for point purpose). The rest were released, so that our waters do not become over-fished, According to Barb and Rod Albright—two locals who participated in this tournament—one of the reasons they love to fish with us is that we place such a strong emphasis on conservation.

The big winner was Sally Sollie of Camano Island, WA. A little bitty lady who has been our friend for many years. Sally has fished this tournament six times. Her husband, Gary goes with her every time, but he’s not an angler. He’s her personal cheerleader. She caught one blue, two sails and a dorado—totaling out at 1200 points. This is Mrs. Sollie second time winning this event. Go Sally!

San Diegan, Bob Angello, fishing on the Dusty B II, came in at second place with 1000 points. Third place went to Pat Daenzer on Careleste. He also earned 1000 points, but all on the second day. Bob’s 200 points from Day One and 800 from Day Two broke the tie.  Togo Hazard of San Diego caught the biggest dorado and his boat, the Dusty B II, captained by Vicente won overall with the most fish caught. Ramon, captain of Tres Hermanos, came in second place for most fish caught.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this tournament. We all had a blast. Lots of us won cool prizes and we caught some great fish!

Click Here for 2003 Total Fish Fish Counts and Total by Month

In the News

Click here to read Mike Schultz’ article from Field and Stream Magazine's Website

La Cocina


Fish tacos are easy to find stateside these days, but nobody makes them the “real” way outside of Baja. We are renowned for our fish tacos and now you can make them at home for your family and friends. Just thaw out some fish from your trip, grab this recipe and you’re ready to roll!


2 lbs. Filet of white fish

1 beer

1 egg

1 tbsp baking powder

1 tbsp salt

½ cup powdered mustard

1 tsp oregano

1 cup flour

pepper to taste

soy sauce

1 quart corn or other cooking oil

1 dozen corn tortillas


shredded cabbage

pico de gallo (chopped tomato, onion, and cilantro with salt to taste)

sliced limón (key limes can be substituted for Mexican limes)


Cut the fish into finger sized pieces and marinate in soy sauce for one hour. En a medium bowl, mix all dry ingredients. Beat egg. Dip each piece of fish in egg and coat with dry mixture. Heat oil in skillet until water sizzles when dropped into it. Fry fish until crispy. Heat tortillas and fill with fish, shredded cabbage, pico de gallo and mayonnaise. Add a squeeze of lime and salsa to taste!

For more great Baja recipes and stories, visit Ann Hazard’s Baja Magic at:


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