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January 2005


¡Feliz Año Nuevo Amigos! May 2005 bring you good health, much happiness and prosperity. And may we see all of your smiling faces at the resort this year!


Since last month’s newsletter wasn’t the usual format, we will now catch you up on what went on down here in November and December. In early November Axel had the amazing opportunity to go diving near here at Punto Perico with the leading expert on Eastern Pacific fish, Ross Robertson from the Smithsonian Institute of Oceanography. Apparently, in 1997 when we had the last El Niño, many new species of fish were brought with the warm Pacific currents into the Sea of Cortez. It was expected that they would leave when water temperatures returned to normal, but many did not. This enriched the diversity of sea life here, and that’s what Ross came to research for an upcoming book.


Thanksgiving was busy, as usual. Suzanna Colyer brought her entire neighborhood the week before Thanksgiving. There were 12 of them and they had a blast. Togo Hazard brought his extended family (which includes Suzanna now) and a great time was had by all. The wind managed to mostly behave itself, which was appreciated.


In December, it was nice to see Mr. Dennis Steinbach who came down with a group of buddies, he almost went a year without a visit, we missed him. We held our annual Employee Posada de Navidad, or Christmas Party on the 15th. According to Buena Vida Editor, Ann Hazard, who with husband Terry were the only non-Mexicans attending … it was the best. Presents were exchanged, dinner was served, the bar was open and everyone danced till after midnight. “We brought a bottle of scotch for Esaul and Vicente, and Esaul gave Terry a bottle of tequila. Me, I had all the vino blanco I wanted! Oh, and just for the record, Dusty B II captain, Alejandro Castro is the hotel’s best dancer.”


Other groups who visited in December included Marty Folk, his wife and four other couples. A convention of Mary Kay ladies booked the entire hotel for one night! Armando Amin from Monterrey, Mexico and 20 of his buddies came, along with 14 guys from Dollar Renta Car on a corporate retreat. Hilton Los Cabos sent 30 of their managers here also for another corporate retreat. Over Christmas and New Years we had a full house. The Meschkat clan of (12 so far, more promised next year) made their second post-Christmas trip down here. Patriarchs Rudy and Gerda came with their sons, Bodo (the first Meschkat to discover Hotel Buena Vista) and Ralph and eight assorted wives, daughter, son-in-law and grandkids. These folks made all of our holidays a lot more fun. The weather gods fell in love with us that last week of 2004. We had 10 days in a row of picture-perfect-postcard weather. People snorkeled, kayaked, sunned, swam and of course, fished their brains out! We caught lots of dorado and sierra, and more than a few marlin.


Also at the year ended, Angel announced the start-up of his tour company. You can read more about it here. We are very happy for him and we will support him on everything we can. He will still manage our boats, but work on the land tour right after our boats leave.


So that is how 2004 ended here at the Jewel of the East Cape. As always, we thank all of you for your continued patronage over the years, and we hope to see you in 2005!


The Valdez Family

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La Cocina



One of our pastry chef’s (name not provided ... it’s in the contest) most asked-for desserts is her mango mousse. A traditional tropical Mexican treat, it’s easy and quick to make. Serves eight.


4 mangos, peeled, seeded and cubed or 4 cups canned mango

1 cup heavy cream, whipped to stiff peaks

1 – 14 ounce can sweetened condensed milk

2 – 1 ounce packages unflavored gelatin

1 cup sugar or honey (if using canned mango, reduce to ¾ cup)

1 cup hot water

8 mint leaves


Pureé the mango in blender or food processor. Dissolve the gelatin and sugar or honey in hot water. Set aside to cool.


Mix mango, condensed milk and cooled gelatin in large bowl. Fold in whipping cream. Pour into serving bowl(s) and refrigerate until thoroughly set, at least an hour or overnight. Serve garnished with a mint leaf.


This recipe will be featured in Ann Hazard’s new cookbook, Cooking With Baja Magic Dos. Look for it in the fall. It will contain 60 new recipes and all new art! Visit Ann online at


Did You Know?


Little known tidbits of Hotel Buena Vista's History


Did you know…


This information comes to you as an elaboration of the answer to November’s question. The first fishing tournament at the hotel was held in July 1983. It was put together by (contest winner) David Siegle and his (since deceased) brother, Jim. They called it the Siegle-Ewoldt Big Game Fishing Tournament and it started with 20 boats. David and Jim owned the Big Game Fishing Travel Agency in Oakland and as soon as Chuy opened the hotel in 1976, they started organizing groups to come down here. By the time David sold the business in the late ‘80s, their tournament brought in more than 40 boats!


It was people like the Siegle brothers who helped put Hotel Buena Vista on the map. The second set of brothers to organize a fishing tournament here were Red and Mike Rucinski. Their tournament began in 1984 and just celebrated its 20th anniversary last year. Mike’s daughter Natalie is in charge these days and the private tournament, called Western Fishing Follies, is held in May every year and brings in between 30 and 40 participants.


The Valdez Family wishes to thank you and to mention other pioneers who have helped us so much over the years. Togo Hazard has been bringing groups here since the beginning. So has Suzanna Colyer and her husband (since passed away) Juanito. Gordon Turner and the gang from Portland Cement have been coming for 20 years. Gordon retired last month, but his company has no plans to quit coming. A special thanks also to Norm Jacobson of Lance Campers. He’s been coming for 19 years, and started bringing dealers and key employees down several years later. And finally, Mr. and Mrs. Geib for all the great fun memories!



Contest of the Month!


The answer to last month’s question is in the “Did You Know” section. The winner (go figure) was the guy whose name was in the answer, David Siegle. He tells us that he plans to upgrade his prize (a day of fishing on a super panga) to a day on the Dusty B III! We’re hoping he’ll catch TWO blue marlins that day, like he did a couple years ago! Go David!


This month’s question: What is the name of the lady responsible for making the entire hotel’s desserts and pastries, and where is her kitchen located?


Get this one right and you will win a dinner for two off the specialty menu, plus a bottle of wine! Email your answers to:

Fish Stories & Adventure Stories


January is adventure tour month. Angel Ortiz, fishing desk manager has started a new business just this month. It’s called Angel Tours and here is a rundown on what he offers. You will be amazed at the plethora of adventures to be had in these here parts! So come on down and start exploring the Outback East Cape! For more information send us an email and we will make sure to get to him.


Angel Tours: Adventures in Baja California Sur

Shopping, Fun, Culture, Art, Underwater, Fossil, & Eco Tours


These are examples of popular tours we offer. We will package a tour to your specifications any way you like it—from shopping, restaurant and cantina (bar) tours to diving, snorkeling, light hiking to spectacular places and even serious hiking and boulder climbing in the mountains. We can take you to view prehistoric Indian rock art and to150 million year old fossil sites.


Company owner and tour director is Angel Ortiz, a respected expert naturalist and tour guide with over 15 years’ experience. He is bilingual and will personally ensure that your adventures in Baja California Sur are memorable, safe, comfortable and thoroughly enjoyable.


Tour: Spirit Rock Indian Art - Enjoy an incredible scenic drive into the mountains and lush river canyons. Exclusive tour of  the most significant prehistoric East Cape Indian art sites. View primitive Rock art at prehistoric Indian celebration and ceremony sites. Sun yourself alongside a lovely creek. Snacks, drinks and lunch at Restaurant Miramar included. (7 – 8 Hours)   


Tour: Whales, Sea Lions Dolphins and Mangroves Visit the Pacific side of the Baja peninsula. Magdalena Bay is the winter home of some of the largest animals on Earth—the Gray Whales. Observe the fascinating behavior of these magnificent mammals at close range.  .  Look a whale right in the eye and feel its entire body shiver with the pleasure at your touch—an unparalleled wildlife experience! Mag Bay is also home to sea lions and dolphins. You'll see a wide variety of migrating shore and sea birds that gather in the dense mangroves and search for food at the water's edge. Snacks, drinks and lunch included. (8 - 9 Hours)


Tour: Cabo Pulmo Marine Park – Snorkel or dive in an underwater national park. This living coral reef is 11 miles long with eight fingers and a shipwreck.  Swim with needlefish, triggerfish, rainbow colored parrotfish, big-nosed jewfish, yellow and gray-striped tigerfish, spiny brown-spotted blowfish, eels, sea turtles and sometimes even whale sharks. Includes snacks, drinks and lunch at Nancy’s Restaurant. (7 - 8 Hours)  


Tour: San Dionisio Canyon – Pathway to the Islands in the Sky, incredible mountain canyons, plant and bird watching, riverside picnic, oasis, tour mountain ranchos with mango orchards, wild bee honey harvest site and Santiago shopping. Snacks, drinks and lunch at Restaurant Palomar included. (7 – 8 Hours)


Santa Rita Hot Springs Tour - Drive through the scenic town of Santiago, through the ranching oasis of San Jorge and up in the mountains to Santa Rita to a rancho with private hot and cool springs and a crystal clear stream that flows year-round. Hike a half hour upstream to large pools where you can swim and dive. Soak in the hot springs. Includes snacks, drinks and lunch at Restaurant Palomar. (7 to 8 Hours)   


Tour: Cañon La Zorra, “Fox Canyon” – Spectacular waterfall, oasis, and swimming hole, extraordinary elephant tree forest, agricultural and cultural sites. Also includes Santiago shopping. Choose easy to moderate walking or more strenuous hiking. Snacks, drinks and lunch at Restaurant Palomar included. (7 – 8 Hours)


Tour: Fossils of Sierra de la Trinidad – Cross many arroyos with groves of beautiful Elephant trees, huge cardon cactus stands and thick green overgrowth of shrubs, bushes, and palo verde trees to get to the 150 million year old fossil site high in the hills on a private ranch in the Sierra de la Trinidad mountains. Easy to moderate walk. Snacks, drinks and lunch included. (7 – 8 Hours)


Tour: Miraflores, Santiago - Leather factory, furniture factory, Agua Caliente, vivero (nursery), shop historic Santiago Plaza. Includes snack, bottled water and soft drink. (3 – 4 Hours)


Tour: La Paz - San Bartolo, San Antonio, and El Triunfo – Visit eco sites, cardon forest, La Paz shopping or night life, culture, cruise the malecón, visit the museum and enjoy great restaurants (7 – 8 Hours; am or pm)


Tour: Todos Santos Historic Art Gallery, Beach and Shopping – Tour the colonial town, visiting famed local art galleries. Drive to secluded Palmas Beach where you can swim in the sparkling Pacific. Enjoy lunch at the Hotel California. (7 – 8 Hours)


Tour: Cabo San Lucas and/or San Jose del Cabo - Full day (or night) of Cabo beaching, snorkeling, shopping, culture, nightlife, gourmet dining and fun. (7 – 8 Hours; am or pm)


Tour: Corona Mountain – Drive through desert and take easy to moderate walk up trail to the top of “Flat Top” mountain, a fascinating natural wonder with spectacular 360 degree views. Includes snack, bottled water and soft drinks. (3 – 4 Hours)


Click Here for November, December and the Total Fish count of  2004!

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