Mike Anderson with his dad and two brother were out with Captain Carlos and deckhand Sergio on the Careleste trolling a small skip jack right in front of La Rivera, about 5 miles out. They were only using a 40 lbs test line and a 100 lbs leader and they landed this 475 blue marlin with no bill. This same week we caught our first 3 blues of the season. CONGRATULATION TO MIKE!!!!
Vance Briggs and sons in one more of their adventures at the resort. They were out just to snorkel and fish for small in-shore species. But the day was so nice that they venture out to the bouyies and what was their surprise that when they were coming back to shore they hooked this striper on a 25 lbs test line on a hoochie. Here is Sam's story of this day.

The day was Monday, the 14th of June. The weather at Spa Buena Vista was warm and sunny, as always. My family and I, after getting up early for the fisherman’s breakfast, boarded the pontoon boat, fishing rods in our hands and snacks in our backpacks. Casting off, we departed from the welcome shores, intent on fishing the buoys for Dorado.

We finally arrived at the first buoy, and trolled around it. No luck.

The second buoy provided the same results. On the third, we managed to hook an infant Dorado, but its size forced us to let it go.

About this time, the wind started to pick up. The waves rose, making the boat rock. I realized that I had forgotten to take a pill for motion sickness. I began to feel queasy and nauseous. “Can we go closer to shore?” I asked.

We turned toward the land, trolling some lures in hopes of catching something to take my mind off my uneasiness. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to shore, and ralphed over the side of the boat. This made me feel somewhat better, but not much. Just a moment later, a Striped Marlin that was probably lured by my chum, struck the hoochi we were trolling behind our boat. We hooked it, and the fight was on!

Totally forgetting my nausea, I took a seat and started the 45 minute battle between man and fish that would eventually end in victory for the man. During this time, the rod was passed between me, my brother, and my dad twice, but eventually, the 90 lb. Striped Marlin, hooked on

25 lb. test, was brought up along side the boat, and pictures were taken, and the fish was released.

Though I was feeling better, we continued to the shore, hoping the bite was better. We had fun catching a Jack Crevelle and lots of Needlefish and snorkeling in the warm water before calling it a day and going back to the hotel for a relaxing afternoon of swimming, sunbathing, and cold tropical drinks. A thanks to the Valdez Family for making this experience possible!


-Sam Briggs and the Briggs Family

Last Week Fish Report Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort Fleet

This week's Fish and Condition report brought to you by Arturo in charge of land crew

From: Jun 18th-24th

Total boats out: 124 Fishermen: 382

Weather Temperature:  92 - 97 

Water Temperature:  81 - 84

Type Capture Release Total
 Blue Marlin 1 2 3
 Black  Marlin ~ ~ ~
  Striped Marlin


35 38
  Sailfish ~ 1 1
  Dorado 90 468 558
  Tuna 242 5 247
  Wahoo 1 ~ 1


17 17
  Grouper ~ ~ ~
  Shark  ~ 1 1
  Snapper 10 1 11
  Jack Crevalle ~ 13 13
  Amberjack ~ 1 1
  Bonita ~ 2 2
  Yellowtail ~ ~ ~
  Ladyfish ~ 10 10
  Pompano ~ 2 2
  Triggerfish 5 ~ 5
  Squid ~ ~ ~
  Cabrilla 5 3 8
  Skip Jack 5 62 67
Sierra ~ ~ ~
Needle fish ~ 15 15

Water Temperature:  Water continues to collaborate, very steady through out our beautiful sea. 

Air Temperature:  Continue in the mid to high 90's but we don't have the hot summer months humidity, therefore it is very nice.

Fishing Spots and Distance: Our fleet found the fish a lot closer than last week, South from Cabo Pulmo to North by el Cardonal. Average boat drive was 10 to 35 minutes to the fishing grounds.     

Off-shore Fishing: Three blue marlins this week, they are here now and more and more captains reported encounters with them, one at 475 lbs this one couldn't be release. Striped marlin are all around our bay, not as concentrated as last week, but plenty of them around. Dorado was definitely the fish to go after, Arturo mentioned that you could see the boats from the resort right in front in Elias bouyie, many and more satisfying was that the group of guest were releasing most of them, check the numbers. Tuna was also all over the bay, and since the all around fishing was so good close by, not many boat took the ride to find them, but excellent numbers for a regular week. Only one wahoo this week. 

In-shore Fishing:  It is the first week that I am not going to say that it was as good, but since the fishing is being so close everyone is going for dorado and marlin close by. Still, I will repeat that inshore fishing is the most consistent fishing there is this year. 

Successful Lures:  All colors worked when you have this great fishing. I will only add that that this is the same information from last week.

Bait Used:  Caballito and sardine, but Arturo reported that when our guest are going for marlin the best continues to be ballyhood. No problems here.

Highlight of the Week: This week was dorado, dorado a lots of dorados, close, far, in the middle they were everywhere and it continues. And we want to thank Mr. Mike Croft and group, and everyone at the resort as they were only bringing back a few dorados to take home, but better yet to have it prepare at the resort with my grandma's recipe.

And who about a 475 lbs blue marlin with no bill, caught by Mike Anderson from Biggs, CA fishing with a live skip jack right in front of La Rivera.

See you next week!