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May 2005


April rocked around the resort. The first annual East Cape Fiesta de Pesca was held from April 4 to the 30th. Most local resorts and many local anglers participated. See Fish Story for more info.

Also visiting us this month was Geronimo Castro from San Jose del Cabo who caught a 120-pound striper aboard the Liliana with Marcos. James Roots from Jackson Hole, Wyoming had a great time with Juan on the Mosca. He caught five nice pargo and four cabrilla. Glenn Davis of San Diego, a frequent guest, also scored with Felipe and Reggie on the Yanet. He reeled in nine pargo and a cabrilla. Señor Togo Hazard, also a frequent visitor from San Diego, caught three stripers one day on his Dusty B III. Robert Cartrell caught one striped marlin and a sailfish while out with Victor Sr. on the Vamanos, but it was the next day when he was with Victor Jr. on the Mosca I that he caught several pargo and sierra and won second place for the week in the Fiesta de Pesca. Finally, Millie Meyer of McCall, Idaho caught her first marlin while fishing with local amigo Terry Hauswirth on the Tres Hermanos.


Early this month, a group of Buddhists returned to the resort. Led by famed teacher Chogyal Namkhai Norbu, they are building a temple and camp up in the mountains near Los Naranjos Road. They stayed with us for an average stay of five days, coming from as far away as Venezuela, Peru, Mexico City, New York and other places around the United States and Mexico. As before, they all remarked about how comfortable they felt here and what good energy this area has. Spring Break (or Semana Santa as we call it in Mexico) was a lot of fun, but not too crazy. We had lots of families enjoying the hotel and a lot of action around the pool.


Overall for the month, our guests caught over 120 striped marlin, 66 pargo, 26 tuna, 5 dorado, 12 roosterfish, 40 ladyfish, 25 skipjack, 12 sailfish, 30 cabrilla … and some little dudes too. May is already proving to be a record-setting month with perfect weather and fishing conditions … but we can’t tell you about that yet. You just need to come and see for yourselves!


We want to remind you again that TV host Ronnie Kovach will be at the resort from June 27th to July 1st.  They’ll be shooting footage for the show, Ronnie will be around for a casual talk on fishing tips in the bar, so you can get some insider information and enjoy a Margarita at the same time! He will also have lots of cool stuff to give away, so you might want to mark this on your calendar.


A news flash (to see if you’re really paying attention): We just discovered that Esaul’s wife Lety is pregnant with their third child. Expect the stork in late January! Congratulations Lety and Esaul! Also the youngest of the Valdez family has returned back to join the hotel staff. After majoring as a  Industrial Engineer from Monterrey Technological Institute, Felipe worked as a technical consultant for General Electric Plastics for over a year. He will come back to help Esaul in the day to day operation in the hotel. 


This photo is of Mr. Klinger and Mr. Anglesio, who have been fishing buddies down here for many years. Mr. Klinger and another longtime guest, Mr. Stock have both been unable to visit us this year due to health problems. Our prayers are with them both for a speedy recovery. The fish will be here when you come back, hurry then and get healthy. The fish will be awaiting for you down here!

As always, we greet you with open arms and wide smiles and look forward to your next visit to the Jewel of the East Cape. And of course, we thank all of you for your continued patronage over the years, and we hope to see you very soon!


The Valdez Family



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Ronnie Kovach’s  Fishing Expedition School  from June 27 through July 1st

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Did You Know?

Little known tidbits of Hotel Buena Vista's History

Did you know …


Back in 1976, when Chuy first opened the hotel, Suzanna Colyer flew into Cabo (back then the airport was just a lonely palapa and a bumpy runway) with her husband John and four boys. They had planned to stay at Rancho Buena Vista, figuring it was the only game in town, but when they got there it was full. The desk clerk told them of a new place just down the way that was barely open. It was past midnight, the kids were tired and cranky and Cabo was a very long way away. So, they decided to check out the new place. They turned east at Km 105 and wound down the dark dirt road. They found the “hotel,” but there were no lights on and not a single soul was around. Not to be daunted, Suzanna poked around and found the kitchen. The boys were thirsty, but she was afraid to give them any water, so she rooted around in the refrigerator and found some orange juice. Searching further, she found a couple tiny rooms upstairs and a barracks-style room downstairs with about eight beds. All six of them bedded down for the night. Early the next morning, they got up and watched the sunrise, realizing they had found a very special piece of paradise. Chuy showed up and with a wide smile, greeted them with a “¡Bienvenidos!” … and the rest is history.


Contest of the Month!


Last month’s question was: What year was the first row of bungalows built? The answer is 1988 and the winner is  Andy Marcum who will get a night with an hour of open tab at the bar on his next trip down! Congratulations!


This month’s question is: What year did the hotel get its own phone line and how did one make a phone call to or from the hotel before that?


Get this one right and you will win one double quad for two people and an exciting adventure tour in the mountains with Steve Chism. Email your answers to:



 After a few changes and improvements, we are soon to  announce the re-introduction of our Buena Vista Vacation and Fishing Club. This time Felipe Valdez will be in charge of the project. For more information email or call him to find out more about this great special. Contact us today for all the details!


Fish Stories & Adventure Stories



held April 4 to 30, 2005:


This year marked the first annual Fiesta de Pesca in the East Cape. Most of the area’s resorts participated, including Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort, Rancho Leonero, Hotel Palmas de Cortez, Punta Colorada, Playa del Sol, Martin Verdugo’s and Los Barriles Hotel. All the resorts pulled together with help from Western Outdoor News and the Mexican government to make this event an unforgettable one. Each hotel was the official weight station for a week and all the winning fish went to that weight station, enabling the participants to experience la vida at each resort. The weather was perfect and the fish cooperated with us as well.


The winner for the first week was 14-year-old Hilary Eskelson from Pocatello, Idaho with a 25-pound dorado. She fished with Chuy on the Hakuna Matata. Second place that week went to longtime friend Buzz Fedorka of Telluride, Colorado. He caught a 9.5-pound pargo aboard the Vamanos with Victor. He and his wife Mary stayed with us for three weeks and also fished on the Dusty B III. Mary won two out of the last three trivia contests for this newsletter.


There were lots of other winners from other resorts. For complete information, please log onto our April album.  Next year promises to be even better with more prizes, more fun and more anglers!


Click Here for April 2005 Total Fishing Count


In the News


This month's article will continue to talk about the Fiesta de Pesca, this a recap of the first week, but every week was about the same.  To go to the story click here

La Cocina




It’s coming on tuna season now in Buena Vista. There’s nothing more popular this time of year at cocktail time than a plate of sashimi—fresh right off the boat. According to Chef Oscar, the key to perfect sashimi is the proper cleaning and cutting of the fresh yellow fin tuna. If you catch it on a fishing boat down here, your deckhand will do this for you, so if you freeze it and bring it back to the States, it will be ready whenever you are. If you catch your own, it needs to be killed quickly and then bled out and placed in a mixture of ice and saltwater. When it’s cleaned, it should be cut with a very sharp knife, dipped in ice water after each slice is made. First, the bones, bloodlines and skin are removed and the tuna cut into large chunks. If you buy your tuna at a grocery store, make sure it is red or dark pink. Otherwise, it is not “sashimi” grade. This recipe will serve 10 to 12.


3 large blocks of fresh yellow fin tuna, about 2 pounds

1 cup soy sauce

½ to 1 cup Wasabe



Take a large chunk of tuna and cut it into a thin strip, about 1/3 inch thick. Slice at a right angle slightly across the grain using a very sharp knife, so that your slices are no more than 2 inches long. Rinse the knife in ice water after each slice. Arrange sliced fish on a platter with a bowl of Wasabe and another of soy sauce. Serve with toothpicks for easy dunking.


This recipe will be featured in Ann Hazard’s new cookbook: COOKING WITH BAJA MAGIC DOS. Look for it in the fall. It will contain 80 new recipes, eight years’ worth of new Baja adventures and all new art! Visit Ann online at


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