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November  2005


October, as always, was a beautiful month. We had some unusual and unexpected wind for a few days mid-month, but it didn’t affect the fishing as much and it calmed back down to normal after that. The weather was warm, the water was warm and the fish were prolific. The squid, which came in September, were here all month in front of the hotel. This enabled Chef Oscar to show off his calamari recipes to the anglers who caught them bottom fishing about a mile and a half offshore. Many of our guests were surprised that it tasted so good! People brought them to the kitchen for cooking and also used them as bait to catch tuna.


We have a big surprise for you … as of October, we now have Corona, Pacifico and Modelo available at the hotel! We still have Tecate, Dos Equis and Sol for those of you who prefer them, but we have double the choices now for everyone!


Chuy’s 9th Annual Catch & Release tournament was held early this month. Read all about it in the Fish Story. Lynn Rose Tours hosted the Lynn Rose East Cape Classic October 12 through 16. We had three boats in this tournament. Dusty B III, captained by Vicente Cosio, won the first day with the biggest tuna and the last day with the biggest dorado. They won the jackpots for those days, but not the tournament. Hotel Buena Vista’s fleet was present in the Bisbee Offshore and Bisbee Black and Blue in Cabo San Lucas last month, Esaul Valdez was also invited to part of the judging committee. We had two boats in each, the Dusty B III and Carleste, captained by Carlos Agundez. We didn’t win anything, but we were pleased to participate because we will again be hosting the East Cape Bisbee 2006 next August. We invite you to join us and participate in this exciting event next summer.


Here is a rundown on this month’s returning guests. It was nice to see Mr. Reeves again. He missed visiting us for a few years and we were glad to have him back! Guests who were here this month and come many times during the included Togo Hazard, Don Woll, Gary Ginter. Sr. Togo was here for the tournament, and he visits us at least 10 weeks a year. Don and Gary both made their fifth trip this year in October. It was great seeing Dave and Lori Dial, who came this year with their friends Art and Shelly Lawrence. They own and run Buck’s Trophy Fishing Lodge in Port Ward, British Columbia. Our good friend Ralph Karr visited with a group of friends. He’s from Arizona and his friends came from the east coast. Andrew Tersteek and Gary and Sally Sollie participated in Chuy’s Catch & Release tournament. Sally has won this tournament twice in the past, but did not win this year. Dan Baucum came down with his fishing buddies and had a great time. Ken Goodsell brought his family down to celebrate his son-in-law Scott’s birthday, as always. Theordore and Sandra Wierzbanowski visited and it was very nice to see them too. Bruce Donoho was here with his family. All the way from Dallas came the David Quiñones and his friends and co-workers. They finally made it back here and we were all glad to see them! Loyal guest Dennis Fromherz visited us this month. Michael Perez had to postpone a trip here earlier this year for medical reasons, but he made it this month, wining this year Chuy's Catch & Release helped him feel better. Sandra Hall, Carol Graham, Julie Miller and friends are known as the Flamingo Girls. They come every year from all over the Northwest and Alaska to celebrate one of the girls’ 60th birthday. This year it was Peggy from Idaho’s turn to hit the big 6-0. The party had a cowgirl theme and mucho fun was had by all. A group from Gina Valdez’ hometown of Monterry,  Mexico, headed up by Greg Lecea visited us mid-month. John De Rosa brought his family down for one day of superb fishing. It was very nice to see Dennis Noble and his wife, who came with Larry Peabody on the 16th. Both men are retired meteorologists and Larry has contributed to this newsletter before with his story of a tagged sailfish.


To finish up the month, professional fisherman and TV show host, Dan Hernandez, visited us for the second time this year. He had a wonderful trip and caught lots of fish. At the same time, we hosted the first annual ALMA (Animal Lovers of Mexico Association, our local humane society here on the East Cape)   Billfish Tournament. Anglers fished on October 28, 29 and 30, with an awards dinner on the 30th where over 100 locals attended. Two of three winning teams were fishing on hotel boats. First place was won by Team Fortuna on the local boat Oso Negro. Second place was won by Team Peligroso (comprised of our long-time amigos Terry Hauswirth and Buzz and Mary Fedorka), fishing on the Dusty B III with Vicente Cosio. (It should be noted that they only fished one day of the 2-day tournament and still came in second!). Third place was won by Team Los Barriles Teasers (an all-girl local team) fishing on the Hakuna Matata with Chuy Cota. ALMA President Debbie Apple expressed her gratitude to the hotel for making this event such a great success. Because of the funds raised in the tournament, ALMA will be able to continue its work in the areas of pet vaccination, spay and neutering and providing ongoing educational programs in the local schools. We are pleased to have been able to assist these hard-working volunteers in furthering their worthy cause.


We wish all of you the happiest of Thanksgivings this year. And, as always, we greet you with open arms and wide smiles and look forward to your next visit to the Jewel of the East Cape. And of course, we appreciate your continued patronage over the years, and hope to see you very soon!


The Valdez Family



In the News


Our great friend Jim Niemiec visited us this past summer to fish with my brother for a few days, even joined him to fish a local tournament, he published a beautiful story: click here to read it



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Did You Know?


Little known tidbits of Hotel Buena Vista's History


Did you know?


Last month’s question was: Who painted the three murals in the entrance to the restaurant what is the subject matter of each one? This was a super hard question, so we offered the biggest and best prize ever for the winner. It was three nights’ lodging for two with two days of fishing and meals … the whole enchilada! Sadly, no one won.


The answer is that Chuy’s sister, Guadalupe Jesse Valdez, painted the three murals. The largest one is of the hotel grounds. The other two smaller murals are of the nearby waterfall (largest in Baja Sur), La Cola de la Zorra and the town of San Bartolo, just northwest of here up in the mountains where there is lush tropical vegetation, a small river and mangos, guyaba, orange, grapefruit growing on the hillsides. Next time you are here, check them out at the main entrance to the dining room. Remember these facts too. We may spring this question on you again at a later date, since no one won this time.



Contest of the Month!


No one won the contest last month so this month’s question is easier.


This month’s question is: At one of the earliest tournaments held at the hotel, an odd thing occurred during the awards ceremony. As David and Jim Siegle were giving out prizes for the biggest fish, a little boy wandered onstage and did something that had every angler in the place in stitches. Who was that little boy and just exactly what did he do up there on that stage?  (And no one with the last name of Siegle need respond!)


Email your answers to: and win an adventure tour to Spirit Rock and the Santa Rita Hot Springs with Angel Ortiz on your next trip down here!!!!



Fish Stories & Adventure Stories

 This year the 9th Annual Chuy’s Catch and Release Tournament was held from October 7th to 10th.  We had two days of amazing fishing. The billfish were really hot  and the winning team scored 4000 points, breaking all previous records! Many locals joined us. Most anglers were returning guests, but we had several fishermen joining us for the first time. In all, 18 boats fished the tournament and  John Bretza of Okuma Fishing was on hand to give out prizes at the awards dinner. Great camaraderie and friendship abounded throughout the three-day event.


Winning anglers were Michael Perez, Greg McMurtrey and Richard Peterson on the Carleste with Carlos Agundez. The first day they caught and released 6 sailfish and 2 stripers. On day two they caught 2 stripers and 1 blue, for a total of 4000 points. Congratulations amigos!


Togo Hazard and Bob Angello won second place, fishing with Vicente Cosio on the Dusty B III. They scored 3000 points. Third place went to Ken Goodsall and Scott Campbell fishing with Chuy Cota on the Hakuna Matata. They scored 1800 points. Congrats to you too, amigos!


The Tuna Jackpot was won by Eric Getzen, Jeff Morse and Grank Oepkes on the Dusty B II with captain Alejandro Castro. Their tuna weighed in at 58.7 pounds. Finally, the Dorado Jackpot was won by local Team Real Rod with a 42.7-pound dorado. If you didn’t join us this year, mark your calendar for next year and come on down. This tournament is laid back, low key and great fun. The prizes aren’t bad either!


Click Here for October 2005 Fish Count




Ann Hazard says, “I first tried grilled rellenos at a beachfront Mexican restaurant in in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, where my husband Terry and I used to live. I passed the recipe on to Arnulfo, and pretty soon they were on the hotel’s dinner menu, under vegetarian entreés. When I made a test batch for some Buena Vista amigos before putting them in Cooking With Baja Magic Dos, every single person preferred these over the fried version!” Serves three to six.


6 large poblano chiles or 6 large Anaheim chiles

½ pound Chihuahua or jack cheese, thinly sliced

2 cups Salsa Ranchera or María’s salsa de arbol (Recipes follow)



If you have a gas stove, lay the chiles over the open flame and char skins well, turning with tongs frequently until they’re uniformly blackened and stop snapping. The more charred they are, the easier it is to remove the skins. If you have an electric stove, place chiles in a large skillet on high heat. Turn frequently as above. Remove chiles to plastic bag, close it and let stand for 10 minutes. Remove from bag, place in ice-cold water and remove the skin. Make a small slit in the side of each chile and gently remove all seeds and membranes. Do not remove the stem! Insert a slice of cheese into the hole. Secure with a toothpick if necessary.


Place chiles rellenos on a heated griddle on stove or over a very hot barbecue. Heat about five minutes on each side, until steaming and slightly charred again. Meanwhile, heat salsa (either type or some of each) and pour over chiles rellenos. Serve immediately.




This light, flavorful and not-too-hot salsa is a standard for chiles rellenos. It is also spooned over tortillas and fried eggs to make Huevos Rancheros. Makes about four cups.


6 whole poblano or Anaheim chiles, thinly sliced

2 large, white onions, thinly sliced

4 cloves garlic, minced  

10 large, ripe tomatoes, thinly sliced

4 tbsp olive oil

1½ cups tomato purée

½ cup water

2 tbsp dried or fresh oregano, or to taste

4 bay leaves

4 - 6 tbsp powdered chicken bouillon powder 

Fresh ground black pepper to taste

Salt to taste


Place chiles, onions, garlic and tomatoes in large skillet with the oil and sauté until cooked. Remove and let cool slightly, then add tomato purée and water. Add the seasonings and bouillon and cook about a half hour. This recipe makes enough for 12 chiles rellenos. I recommend that you use half and store the other half in your freezer for the next time....




“My dad, Togo Hazard, currently owns two fishing boats that operate out of Hotel Buena Vista. He named them both after his female Shih Tzu, Dusty. The new boat is Dusty B III and the first boat is the Dos. The captain of la Tres is Vicente Cosio, a great friend of ours. His mom, María has a restaurant called El Corral in their backyard where she and her sister Vicki serve baked potatoes filled with crema, butter and carne asada. She serves them with an array of salsas. Her red salsa de arbol rocks. This salsa is meant to be fairly hot, and it is, but it’s one of my favorites! I love it over chiles rellenos.” Makes about a quart.


20 – 25 chiles de arbol, lightly toasted

1 cup water

6 large tomatoes

1 tbsp vegetable oil

2 ancho chiles, slightly toasted

1 medium white onion, puréed

6 cloves garlic, puréed

3 tbsp cider vinegar

Salt to taste


In large skillet, lightly toast the chiles over medium high heat, about 5 minutes. Remove and place in one cup water to soak. In same skillet, roast the tomatoes over high heat in oil until blackened, about 20 minutes. Set aside in bowl. Do not clean the skillet! Loosen blackened pieces of tomato and stir in soaked chiles, onions and garlic. Boil over medium high heat about 10 minutes. Place tomatoes in blender or food processor and liquefy. Pour into bowl. Repeat with onion, garlic and chile mixture. Pour into bowl, add cider vinegar and salt and chill at least an hour. Will keep several days in the refrigerator, or part can be frozen for later.


These recipes are featured in Ann Hazard’s just-released new cookbook: COOKING WITH BAJA MAGIC DOS.  It has been completely updated, contains 80 new recipes, eight years’ worth of new Baja adventures, many new sections and all new art! Visit Ann online at Her autographed books are available in the hotel gift shop.   


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