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Saludos from the Valdez Family!

As you probably already know our youngest brother joined us this year, and since we haven't be able to get together for a picture, we will have a hotel picture until we do!

October 2005


September was a great month. This was the second year in a row without a hurricane. The normal cycle is a hurricane every five years, but in 2003 we had two, so we are hoping we can go without one for a few more years. Even though late in September, Otis came very close, it only prevented us from fishing one day. The rain we got has made the hillsides incredibly green with yellow, red and lavender flowers growing in abundance.


Our 10th Annual Colaboradores Tournament was held this month. Read all about it in the Fish Story. Even though September is historically one of the slowest months of the year visits wise, the fishing is always awesome and this year was no exception. Long-time friends who visited us in September include Peter Muran and Mike Price, Lance Ballenger, David Weiss, Gary Ginter, Richard Meehan … all holders of our Loyal Guests Certificates. John Bretza of the Okuma brought down a large group of their sales representatives from around the US to test their new reels. John Wesley from the Bay Area visited us with a few of his fishing buddies. David Boe bought a house here and stayed with us while working on the plans. Rodney Phelps brought a group down and enjoyed three great days of fishing. Togo Hazard made his monthly trip down for a week of superb fishing. Dennis Steinbach visited us with a small group of colleagues.


This month we held the largest convention ever … 150 ladies from Jaffra who completely filled up the hotel for two days. They represented the most successful sales representative from all over the state of Baja Sur. They enjoyed the perfect weather, held raffles and an awards dinner. You can imagine how busy we were for those two days!


After a busy October, we are preparing to get things rolling again with our website, stay tune to see the weekly progress, we are open to suggestions and collaborations, just send us an email and we will try to incorporate it. 


As always, we greet you with open arms and wide smiles and look forward to your next visit to the

Jewel of the East Cape. And of course, we appreciate your continued patronage over the years, and hope to see you very soon!



The Valdez Family


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In the News

Steve Carson brought his Penn Fishing University to Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort on August, and as always, it was a learning experience not only for all of his friend who joined him, but also to our crew. It is always always a great pleasure to host him, please read more about it: click here to read it

Did You Know?

Little known tidbits of Hotel Buena Vista's History


Did you know?


Last month’s question was: Angel Ortiz, Dock Master, resigned from Hotel Buena Vista on July 31, 2005. He did so with our full support for his future endeavors. He will work closely with the hotel and provide exciting services to our guests. What is the name of his business and what kind of services does he offer that will be especially exciting to guests visiting in the winter months?


Angel’s new business is called Angel Eco and Adventure Tours. He has been taking clients up into the mountains to visit oases, canyons and ranchos. They also experience waterfalls, hot springs, see prehistoric Indian rock paintings and can picnic and swim in deep, clear pools. Angel can take you to Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, La Paz or Todos Santos where you can soak in the culture of these very diverse destinations. Other excursions are available to visit historic minings towns like San Antonio and El Triunfo. During the winter he will begin taking people to Magdalena Bay, about five hours northwest of here to visit with gray whales up close and personal. What is especially cool about Angel Tours is that he will design a tour to your exact specifications. So next time you are here, pick up one of his brochures and book yourself on a different kind of adventure!


Contest of the Month!


The answer to last month’s question is featured in Did You Know. The winner was Dennis Steinbach, who just happens to be a good of Angel’s.


This month’s question is: Who painted the three murals in the entrance to the restaurant what is the subject matter of each one? This is a super hard question, so if you get it 100% right, you win a free trip to visit us. That includes three nights’ lodging for two with two days of fishing and meals. This is the whole enchilada, amigos!


Email your answers to: and win!!!!




Fish Stories & Adventure Stories

This month was our 10th annual Torneo de Colaboradores (Employees’ Fishing Tournament). The tournament is scattered over 20 days and the teams go out when the boats are available and each fishes one day. Teams are chosen via a lottery, so no one can choose their boat mates and they change every year. The hotel gives the fishing days for free and also provides trophies and an awards dinner. The employees each contribute to the jackpot, which this year amounted to $9400 pesos, or about $900.  Three prizes are given for the three biggest fish. This year’s winners were Chayo Rosario, captain of the Nueva Era, Arturo the dock crew manager, Julio, son of Chayo who carries rods in the mornings and Banana (Alberto) who is the organic garden manager. The winning fish was a 145-pound blue marlin. Second place went for a 92-pound sailfish caught by Oscar the chef, Ricardo, the bartender, Cirilo and Ernesto of the beach ground crew. Third place was a 58.8-pound sailfish caught by Carlos Belmonte, the mechanic, Juan Carlos, the hotel bus driver and Nacho (Ignacio), the gardener. Congratulations, amigos!


Click Here for September 2005 Fish Count

La Cocina



The day before Terry and I got married at Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort in 2002 (in front of family and 28 friends), we were all hanging out at the swim-up bar. My college roommate, Laurie was planning a trip to Cuba and had brought a Cuban history book with her. She called me over. “Hey Ann, Check this out. It looks very interesting,” and pointed out a recipe for the Mojito, the national drink of Cuba. It sounded interesting all right, so we asked Ricardo the bartender if he could make one. He said, “Claro que sí,” and went over to a nearby planter box and plucked some fresh mint off a plant growing there. He proceeded to make us these drinks and we loved them. Here we go! Another swim-up bar favorite! Makes four.


Note: Jim and Robin are good friends of ours from McCall, Idaho. They also who have a house here in Buena Vista. They read this recipe in my new cookbook and visited the hotel for the first time a couple weeks ago. They ordered Nachos and Mojitos, and reported back to me that Ricardo made the drinks exactly as I had described. They also told me that the Nachos were even better than they had anticipated!


4 shots rum

1 shot simple syrup

Soda water to top of glass

Fresh sprigs of mint for garnish


Fill four tall cocktail glasses with ice. Add a shot of rum, a ¼ shot simple syrup and fill to brim with soda water. Stir and add a sprig of fresh mint.




This recipe will be featured in Ann Hazard’s new cookbook: COOKING WITH BAJA MAGIC DOS.   Look for it this month! It will contain 80 new recipes, eight years’ worth f new Baja adventures and all new art! Visit Ann online at Her autographed books are available in the hotel gift shop.   



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