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Letter for July


            Here are some things about July that maybe you knew . . . maybe you didn’t.  First of all, it became the the resort’s busiest month of the year – our first real moth of summer – with kids out of school and fishing at or near its peak.  July is the seventh month of the year in the Gregorian Calendar and one of seven Gregorian months with the length of 31 days.

            July begins (astrologically) with the sun in the sign of Cancer and ends in the sign of Leo. Astronomically speaking, the sun begins in the constellation of Gemini and ends in the constellation of Cancer.  July was renamed for Julius Caesar, who was born in that month. Previously, it was called Quintilis in Latin, since it was the fifth month in the Roman calendar which started in March. Because of its origin, until the 18th century this month's name was pronounced the same way as the name “Julie.”

            How good was the fishing?  Blistering!  We had 376 boats out and caught 775 tuna (lots of sashimi during cocktail hours), many dorado and 149 striped marlin with 121 or 81% released.  For some reason, there were not as many sailfish, but there were a lots of cabrilla, a local favorite because of it taste.   There were also a lots of family reunions and friends traveling together.


Friends & Visitors    


            Among our guests was outdoor sports writer Jim Niemic, TV host Dan Hernandez and Pedro Sor from the Mexican Fishing Channel.


            Early in month we hosted the Figueroa family from Sun Valley, Nev.  There were 14 in group.  Jennifer and Ray organized it.  Thank you all – it was wonderful having you.  About the same time, Tim and Ken Madden with17 friends made their annual trip from Oakhurst, Oxnard and Orange, Calif.  Richard Medel, who was referred by our good friend Glen Holcomb, came down from Moraga, Calif. in a party of 20. Many in the Medel party stayed extra days . . . fishing and fishing and fishing . . .


            Bruce Donoho, from Mission Viejo, made the first of his two trips in July with friends.  He’ll be back later with his wife.  They fished every day.  We hosted a group from Los Mochis, Sin., Mex. with Jorge Yamuni, and his agricultural business associates.  First time guest Bridget Hydreos with a party of 12 came down from Stevenson Ranch, Calif.  David Fender, Huntington Beach, Calif., drove over from La Paz, and towed his boat to hotel.  A dozen guests in the Fender group fished for three days.  Incidentally, that reminds us to remind you that if you stay at the hotel, boat launching is free with our compliments and assistance. 


Fund Raising Fun


            A special thanks and a word of heartfelt appreciation to Rick Falleti, who works for our partners at Big Game Fishing, out of Oakland, Calif.  They brought 24 adults and 2 kids.  Allen Reese, brought a group of 14 friends from all over the U.S.    The had a mini-tournament and raised $4,000 for the orphanage in Santiago.  They could have just sent the money – 40,000 Mexican pesos – but instead they drove over and made a personal trip to deliver the funds. 


            The same weekend, Ruth Marr and husband Michael from Hitchcock, Texas, visited us.  They came to Baja a couple of years ago and loved our little corner of the world.  This time they brought the Texas Lady Anglers Club.  The 28 ladies held a tournament and raised $2,000 which they donated to local children for a new computer room.  (See our Fish Story from Ruth Marr.)


More Guests . . . More Friends


July also saw visits from Larry Hofer, Ed Lowery, Lois Lilly, Rudy Petrovski, Nicholas Thompson, Randy Perilla, Rick Lanham with new girlfriend, Joseph Polance, Ron and Kathy Viodes and Luis and Diane Diaz, Greg and Beth Gong, who we send our best wishes and prayers for a prompt recovery, Joe Spillman, Craig and Diane McRae, Glenn Holcomb, and, of course Mr. Togo, Dave and Lori Dial, Tony Healy, the Onstott Family which we have missed for the past four years, Mr. Wiberg and friends, Neil Jones, Robert Peck, Herbert Frommholz, Troy Stansbury, Steve Sutton, Art Morton, Mr. and Mrs. Jensen who Esaul meet in Panama while fishing with Mr. Togo, Matt Weave, David Fender, Diana Aucoin, Rick Twamley, the Hummel Family, Mike Coody, Earl Votalato, John Bokenko, Joann DeMatteo, Linda Chevalier, Art Kohl,  among many other friends.  If we missed any July visitors, please accept our apologies . . . bt it was a busy month!


And Finally . . .


            Dan Hernandez not only came to film, but did small fishing tournament.  The tournament entry fee was used clothing, which he donated to a local church.


            Like we always say, the nicest people in the world stay and play at the Buena Vista Hotel Beach Resort!    



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Join us for a lot of fun and camaraderie at Chuy’s 10th Annual Catch and Release Tournament. Up to $10,000 dollars in prizes.



THE 2006


Join a tradition, and not only do you have fun and win great prizes, but you will also help toward a great cause.


OCTOBER 27TH - 30TH   



Join Dan Hernandez and his TV crew on this East Cape trip. Sponsors prizes and a chance to be part of his famous TV show.  Sign up early and get great upgrades.





Join us to celebrate our 30th Year Anniversary. Once again we will have a big theme party every night and we will have a great time!!  


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Did You Know?

Little known tidbits of Hotel Buena Vista's History


Last month’s Question of the Month was:  One of our very special Fishing Tournaments has a long and prestigious history of fun.  It is probably our most famous tournament.  What is the name of this tournament; and when and why did it start?  


The answer is the tournament named for my father, Chuy Valdez.  It was started as a way to celebrate our Twentieth Anniversary.  Today, it is called Chuy’s Catch & Release Tournament and it is held on the first weekend of October.  This is just for fun, camaraderie, and for some very nifty prizes.


The Winner was Dave Jauhal from Surry, B.C., Canada.  Dave was only partially correct, but we’ll give him the free three night stay just to show our thanks and appreciation for his participation. 



Contest of the Month!


This Month’s Question:  This is a two part question and to win you must have both answers correct. What was the exact date when my father (Chuy) organized the official opening of our resort? and,  the feast offered was quite unique and now at our time, even prohibited,  what was offered as a feast for that day?


The winner will receive one day of fishing on a 28' Single Engine


Send your answer to:


Click Here for July 2006 Fish Total 


In the News


From Cabo Living,  a beautiful magazine about our peninsula comes this month's story about our whole area, which highlights the old feeling and charm of old Baja, of course now, with the new amenities and conforts.

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Fish Stories & Adventure Stories


2006 Texas Lady Anglers Baja BLAST


On July 20th, twenty-nine ladies from The Texas Lady Anglers arrived at Hotel Buena Vista for their very first International group trip. They enjoyed a Welcome party on Friday, a minimum of 2 days fishing, an awards Banquet, and all of the wonderful amenities that the hotel offers. The girls had been busy prior to arrival raising funds to support raffle projects and a mini tournament on Sunday, 23 July.

They had an AWESOME experience on the East Cape and with their fundraising efforts managed to give $2000.00 to Dr Ramirez, the City of Buena Vista’s Delegate for a computer center at the city offices. This center will give the local children internet access since a library is not available for them after school. It is the sincere hope of The Texas Lady Anglers that the children will utilize their new facility to pursue their educational goals.


This was the first of what promises to be many trips to the East Cape. In fact, TLA will try to be back for the Festival in Buena Vista in Early Summer 2007!


Thank you to the staff of Hotel Buena Vista, Hortencia Fischer, and the entire Valdez family for their Hospitality and Support!


Texas Lady Anglers


On behalf of everyone at the resort and in the town of Buena Vista, we would like to thank our friends in the Texas Lady Anglers for their visit and the contribution to such important cause.



Nuestra Cocina





 My dad has been coming to the Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort since it opened in I976. In the early days the resort was called “Spa Buena Vista” or just plain old “Spa” by the regulars. Locals and old-timers like him still call it that to this day.


We first had these vegetable kabob at the Spa about 20 years and almost as many chefs ago. (Before Oscar, the young chefs lasted two years max. He has been around much longer and we’re quite sure he’s not leaving soon. You all know Eva, the lovely lead waitress. Well, they fell in love and the rest is history!) These are almost identical to grilled vegetables you can get stateside these days, with a couple of small, Baja differences. When you're barbecuing and in the mood for something a bit unconventional, remember these. They take next-to-no-time to make, they’re are festive and serve eight.


4 medium zucchini cut in ½ inch chunks

4 yellow squash cut in ½ inch chunks

8 wooden skewers

16 medium sized fresh mushrooms

½ to 1 cup Marķa’s Salsa de Arbol (See below) 

2 tbsp chopped cilantro

8 cherry tomatoes


Microwave or steam zucchini and yellow squash over boiling water for two minutes (until blanched or slightly softened). Skewer zucchini and squash chunks, alternating with mushrooms on skewers. Mix together salsa and cilantro and brush over vegetables. Broil or grill for four minutes, brushing often with salsa. Add a tomato on each skewer and grill two minutes more.

This recipe (along with all your favorites from the resort) is from Ann Hazard's new book, Cooking With Baja Magic Dos. Available online or at our gift shop, this book offers up the best in Baja cuisine. With 250 recipes, 80 colored illustrations and travel and adventure stories spanning four generations, this is a must-have for everyone who loves Baja!

For more great Baja recipes and stories visit





























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