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Letter for June


While this is the “June” newsletter, we have to give you some great news from August.  My wife Gina and I welcomed our first son, Emiliano, born on August 1.  He weighed 6-pounds, 14-ounces.  Gina and Emiliano are doing fine . . . but we are a little exhausted! – Axel.


Last issue we noted with pride that we’d be getting back on schedule and – true to our word – we’re making the attempt.  Please understand that this newsletter is on “Baja Time,” which is always a bit slower and more relaxed than the rest of the world.


June, which is actually our most popular month, lived up to its reputation.  There was great weather and great fishing.  Yes, the weather was “hot,” but not mid-summer hot.  Temperatures were in the low- to mid-90s with late afternoon breezes helping cool the Margaritas.


People and Places


Here are some of the groups that graced us:  Early in the month, Brian Bisk from Salt Lake City brought 30 people who were all in construction industry.  We really appreciate his letter and appreciate it being done in Spanish. Incidentally, the Bisk group has been with us the past three years and just keeps growing and growing . . . Our good fishing amigo Ronnie Kovach hosted a group of 16.  The visit was highlighted by Ronnie’s potential IGFA World Record 98-pound amberjack. (See accompanying story.)  For the second year the Miami Beach Rod & Reel Club deserted the southeast and came our way looking for striped marlin.  These are all boat owners and very knowledgeable about the ways of the water.  They were very pleased, highly complimentary of our captains and crew and quite successful fishing.  They’ve already booked next year.  There were 14 in the Miami group . . . Robert Schroeder from Lathrop, Calif., brought a group of 14     . . . While Dennis Hammer and Co. brought a

group of 24 from Sacramento area.  With a name like “Hammer” you probably already guessed that they’re in the construction business.  We’re pleased to report they were extremely successful on tuna.  Jack Lysfjord from Minneapolis, Minn., put aside their walleye catching gear and came down our way for a small fishing buddy tournament.  (See below.)


We hosted the Patrick Kenny Family Reunion of 12 from Penn Valley, Calif.   Othon Garcia, Huntington Beach, Calif., hosted 16 on his annual company trip . . . While Texan

Dave Bryce, a sales rep, brings down lots of his good customers. This group of six was the first of the year . . . he’ll be back later.  And we can’t forget Carl Freeman, from Oakhurst, Calif., who hosted a family reunion of 10.  Mr. Freeman booked his trip through our good and faithful friends at Mr. Vacation Travel


Visitors Near and Far


June visitors included many guests who we just cannot go without mentined them. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Ecklund, Eddie Speare, Don Holcomb, Bill Lawrance, Bob Johnson, Roger Wiese, Bob and Mary Fadorka, David Cooper, and Stephen O’Neal.


Others were Richard Gerhard, John Burg, Gaar Edwards, the Briggs Family, Alexander Read, Will Sumner, Frank Gould, Mary Williford, John Ryan, Mike Hatfield, Patty Adams, Glenn Davis, Richard Daley, Charlie Lewis, Don Woll, Levi Tam, and Jack Woody.


Jack Pearson, Bernard Simas, William Morgan, Robert Soza, Robert Shutt, Ray Johnson, Scott Dabe, Marion Schmidt, John Cox, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Gilllibert, Todd Crosby, Larry Hofer, Richard Jones, Keith Anderson, and John Faulk


We are happy to have more locals from both Cabo and the Mainland.  Among them were three graduation parties – two from elementary schools and a junior high school from San Jose del Cabo.  Congratulations, best wises and bueno suerte to the young graduates.  The kids had a grand time celebrating . . . and our staff had a grand time watching them!


From Culiacan, we welcomed Alberto Ayala and Adolfo Clouthier who put together a group of 26 from the Sea of Cullican and surrounding areas  Octavio Borboa from Guasave, Sin., made his first trip with 16.  While David Robles from Los Mochis, Sin., came with 24. It was Sr. Robles’ 5th trip.  As one fellow said, “With these groups we don’t have to speak English.”


And, finally . . .


Come and join us for our 30th anniversary.  We’re celebrating on the First Weekend in Nov. with parties every night, lots of fun, fabulous food, games, prizes, old friends, new friends and friends we haven’t met yet.  It would be an honor if you can join the Valdez Family as we celebrate Numero 30. 



The Valdez Family



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Join us to celebrate our 30th Year Anniversary. Once again we will have a big theme party every night and we will have a great time!!  


november and december


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Did You Know?

Little known tidbits of Hotel Buena Vista's History


The last Question of the Month was, “Five boats in our fleet are named for members of the Valdez family or families with close relationships.  Give us the names of those boats plus the relationship or reason for the name.  If you get four out of the five, you’ll receive a free special dinner; get all five and you win a three night stay absolutely free!”


The problem was that we made an error.  Actually, there are six boats – not five – named for members of the family or families with close relationships.  


The winner is Mary Fedorka from Telluride, Colo., who got 4 out of 5.  The boat names and relationships are:


Vanessa - Esaul’s  younger daughter

Liliana - Esaul’s oldest daughter

3 Hermanos - because of us three brothers (Esaul, Axel and Felipe)

Marina - My dad’s grandmother.

Yanet - Felipe Ruiz’ first daughter

Dottie B II - Our good friend Togo Hazard’s late wife.  


For her remarkable achievement, Mary will receive First Prize of a free Special Dinner of lobster, shrimp or steak combination plate.  Salud.


Nancy Hummel of San Dimas and Andy Markham, from Oceanside, Calif., each had three correct answers and we thank them for their participation



Contest of the Month!


This Month’s Question is much easier than last month’s and we expect a number of correct answers, so you better get yours in first:  One of our very special Fishing Tournaments has a long and prestigious history of fun.  It is probably our most famous tournament.  What is the name of this tournament; and when and why did it start?  


First person in with the correct answer will receive.  An invitation to this year 30th anniversary party for 2 (no air included)


Send your answer to:


Click Here for June 2006 Fish Total 


In the News


Our great friend Ronnie Kovach was down early in June heading a small groups of fans. And even though he likes to yo-yo for different species, this year was definitely better than any time before as he is summiting a world record . Click here to read it



Fish Stories & Adventure Stories


Friendly Fishing Tournament


Jack Lysfjord of Bosch Packaging in Minneapolis, a true fishing fanatic was joined by his friends who regularly travel to fish to Canada, Alaska and down our way. This year it was time to come back to Baja, last time they visited was back in 2002 and they were ready to do some serious fishing. This year, our staff helped organize the tourney including both individual and boat totals for types of fish for the daily contest prize as well as the grand prize single fisherman and boat winner.


The participants each threw some bucks into a Tournament Kitty and we added a terrific prize of a free future stay at the resort of three nights, and four days for two.  Our skippers and crew kept track of things so that everything was on the up-and-up and had a great time with the group.  Incidentally, fishing was terrific as shown by their scorecard:

Striped Marlin 33 with 31 released
Sailfish 1 released
Yellowfin Tuna 37
Dorado 5
Bonito 5

Total 81

Mitch Cohen won the contest including the Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort prize with four striped marlins and one tuna. Harry Dowling and Jack Lysfjord tied for second place with four striped marlins apiece. Jim Maiser came in fourth with three striped marlins and the sailfish. Approximately eight more fish were caught by Mike Killeen and Tom Kuhlman on a 1/2 day panga tour.


All of us at the resort are thankful and appreciative of the Lysfjord group’s participation and look forward to their return in 2008. A special thank also to Mr. Lysfjord for being among the best group coordinator we have worked with.


So, if you plan to organize a small tournament among friends, employees or business associates do not hesitate to call us we will be happy to assist you in coordination such event. 


Jerry R. Landress of Colorado Springs, Colo., who came with his two sons, wrote one of the best letters about our resort we’ve ever seen.  To read the Jerry Landress letter in full, click here.  While we appreciate every letter, this one is particularly meaningful because he is in the travel industry and visits hotels and resorts all over the world.  Thank you, Jerry. 



Nuestra Cocina




Huevos Rancheros are a traditional Mexican breakfast. You can get them in just about any restaurant in Baja that serves breakfast. They’re terrific with frijoles, buttered tortillas and fresh fruit and a round of Bloody Marys if you're so inclined. This recipe from Oscar is just a bit different than what you’ll usually find in our restaurant, but ask for them next time you’re down here and you won’t be disappointed! The secret ingredient? The addition of the sliced green olives gives it a Caribbean Veracruz twist that really jazzes it up. Serves four.


Salsa Veracruzana

2 green bell peppers, thinly sliced

2 white onions, thinly sliced

2 lb tomatoes, thinly sliced

2 tbsp olive oil

3 ounces sliced green olives

1 tbsp oregano

2 bay leaves

Salt to taste



8 eggs

4 tbsp butter or margarine

Salt and pepper to taste

4 corn tortillas

˝ cup corn or canola oil

2 cups Chihuahua or jack cheese, grated


In large skillet, sauté bell pepper, tomato onion until done. Add olives, oregano, bay leaf and salt. Cover and simmer on low heat for fifteen minutes.


Fry eggs sunny side up in butter in another skillet. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Fry tortillas flat in corn oil in small skillet until only slightly crisp. Drain on paper towels. Place two fried eggs on each tortilla. Top with salsa Veracruzana and grated cheese. Place under broiler for one minute or until cheese is bubbling. Serve immediately.

This recipe (along with all your favorites from the resort) is from Ann Hazard's new book, Cooking With Baja Magic Dos. Available online or at our gift shop, this book offers up the best in Baja cuisine. With 250 recipes, 80 colored illustrations and travel and adventure stories spanning four generations, this is a must-have for everyone who loves Baja!

For more great Baja recipes and stories visit









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