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Letter for August


We are getting there!! Our attempt for a comeback has almost gotten us to our September issue.  In all honesty, we are doing our very best to play “catch-up” on our newsletters.  So, here is August in all its splendor and glory.  And, as a poet once said, “If it’s August, can September be far behind?”  If a poet didn’t say that, one certainly should have.


Anniversary Party


While it is only “August,” it is none too soon to make reservations for our Thirtieth Anniversary Party, November 2-5.  If you have attended one of these in the past, you know of the fun, good times, happy days and long nights.  If you are a first-timer, you have a real treat in store.


Take a look at this “link” to our anniversary events and activities:  click here to read it.


We promise you nightly fiestas, great weather, fabulous fishing, lots of gifts and prizes and enough memories to last a lifetime or two.


In the News


Among the news makers and media visiting in August was Steve Carson representing the Penn Reels University.  We also hosted the amazing ESPN Offshore Adventure Team filming the Satellite Tagging of Sailfish. 

The International Game Fish Association’s Joan Vernon wrote the story about Sailfish Tagging and Satellite Tracking.  We hope that this tagging and tracking program pays big dividends in the years to come.



Also a hearty Baja welcome to our friend Mr. Guillermo Salas from Cabo 1000, the only radio station in Cabo County.


Friends & Visitors    


August saw us enjoying a full house most nights – with friends old and new enjoying some terrific fishing.  Among our returning guests were participants and directors of the East Cape Bisbee Tournament including Eduardo Ortiz, Don Brown, James Grant, John Dominick, Daniel Fisher, Randy Davis, Antonio Tirado, Ronald Pasco.


A especial thanks to the Bisbee Family, Tracy & Bob, Wayne and Señor Bob Bisbee Senior, also to our Governor Narciso Agundez and State Tourist  Director, Alberto Trevino for their support. 


We also welcomed Jim Peterson, who returned after a two year absence, we sure missed him and Wendy  David Cooper and Allen Larsen and friends Mr. Sherwin, Mr. Wendt and Mr. Kent, who made our hotel their summer destination to fly-fish for dorado and other saltwater species.  It was nice to see the Garcia father-son team back after a few years. 


A special word of thanks and appreciation to Carol and Hugo Kramer directors of the Discovery Baja Club for organizing an other wonderful trip with great friends and club members:  Donna Henderson, Thomas Rothemburg and Don Shankle' parties   You are a true joy to work with and spend time with.


Others included Paul Berman, Bryan Dunn, Mike Jagd, Francis Frezzar, Ken Cirks,, John Elder and Parker David, who changed his summer plans from Mazatlan the past few years.  Also our good amigos Glenn Anderson , Larry Wolf, Rod Cook, Allan Hall, Doug Lillard. Steve Barbour, David Fender, Lambert Jong, Jane Gomez, Richard Meehan, Andy Marcum, Richard Wagner, Robert James, Harry Line, Catherine Ruiz and Evelyn Stein.  Did we miss anyone?  Sincere apologies if we did.


Hmmmm . . . We need another 12 rooms


Groups, whether for a family reunion, a friendly fishing tournament, wedding or other event are wonderful hotel guests.  Among our August groups were 18 from the Rotary Club of Big Bear, Calif.; our special amigo Chuck Tatreau with 22 of his friends; Chuck Hammers, with a group of 10 and the very special occasion of the Baptism of Julio C. Alracon and a party of 30.  Welcome and gracias to you all.  


From Overseas . . .


                We were pleased and blessed to have visitors from overseas including   Pete Beaumont, from England; Demetrius Fexy, from France; Naura/Quagl MacAferri and Ziliani Battista from Italy and last but not least our great friends the  Grüenig Family, Sr. Werner, Mom Brigitte and Liliane and Philippe from Switzerland, it is always a pleasure to host them, we missed them last year as they went to visit Liliane in Costa Rica, it was nice to see them back to their home in Baja.


And from Overseas . . .


But just across the Sea of Cortez a great numerous of guests from mainland Mexico too, we are very happy to host them as well we are happy to see them enjoying our beautiful area.

And, as always, we greet you with open arms and wide smiles and look forward to your next visit to the Jewel of the East Cape. And of course, we appreciate your continued patronage over the years, and hope to see you very soon!


Special Deals and Events You Won't Want to Miss!






Join us to celebrate our 30th Year Anniversary. Once again we will have a big theme party every night and we will have a great time!!  


november and december


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january, february and  March


Stay 3 Nights and get the 4th free! Or Stay 5 Nights and get the 6th and 7th nights free. Book Now and Save Big!




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Did You Know?

Little known tidbits of Hotel Buena Vista's History


Last month we asked – This is a two part question and to win you must have both answers correct. What was the exact date when my father (Chuy) organized the official opening of our resort? And, the feast offered was unique and is now prohibited.  What was served as a feast for that day?


The exact date was November 1, 1976.


The feast consisted on variety of seafood, but the main course was turtle soup and turtle-based dishes.  These were our state’s signature dishes. This feast was prepared for over 400 guests from La Paz, Cabo and the United States.


Turtle became part of the endanger species and was banned to from being caught only a couple of years after this inauguration party. 


The winner of a free day’s fishing for answering both parts of the above question is


The Winner was our good friend Ken Govan, Son of our long time friend Susana Colyer, he was the first to answer, but he only got part of the answer correct as all of the other answer we got. But no worries, I am sure we'll invite him to fish with us in one of his days at the resort, as he will be part of our celebration.



Contest of the Month!


This Month’s Question Name the first three boats in the  Hotel Buena Beach Resort’s fleet? 


The winner will receive one day of fishing on a 28' Single Engine


Send your answer to:


Click Here for August 2006 Fish Total 


In the News


This month we post a very interesting story written by our good friend Steve Carson. He writes about an unusual catch, a spearfish.  These are extremely rare and he was lucky to catch one at the East Cape. He also talks about the Satelite Tagging for Sailfish that went on during this past month.

Click here to read it



Fish Stories & Adventure Stories


 East Cape Tagging Trip a Success


August 25, 2006:  The Adopt-A-Billfish Program began Phase Two of research with a successful satellite tagging trip to East


 Cape, Baja California de Sur, Mexico, August  8-9-10, 2006.  Our team of scientists included Dr. Eric Prince, NOAA Fisheries Southeast Fisheries Science Center, Dr. Oscar Sosa Nishizaki from the Laboratorio de Ecologia Pesquera, CICESE in Ensenada, Mexico, and Dr. Rogelio Gonzalez Armas from the Centro Interdisciplinario de Ciencias Marinas, IPN, in La Paz, Mexico.


Drs. Prince, Sosa, and Armas were able to deploy all 4 pop up satellite archival tags (PSAT) on sailfish off East Cape.  However, fishing for sailfish was rather slow compared to red hot fishing for striped marlin as well as blue marlin.  In addition, the sailfish were on the small side, averaging 40 pounds or less.  Each PSAT tag was programmed to pop up at 120 days, so the data on these fish will not be available to scientist for about four months, unless some of the tags come off prematurely.  The research team did complete 6 tows with plankton nets to catch sailfish larvae.  The scientists did observe some fish larvae in the samples but positive identification as to species will take some time to complete.  No dead sailfish were observed at the resort,  so plans are being made by Dr. Sosa to have one of his student interns collect some gonad samples off Mazatlan (to document sailfish spawning activity) before the summer spawning season ends.


The crew fished for two days aboard the ‘Go Fisch’ with Chris Fischer, host of the popular ESPN show, Offshore Adventures.  Chris is a board member of The Billfish Foundation and was joined by fellow TBF board member, Joan Vernon, and consultant to TBF, Dr. Russell Nelson and Kim Amendola, NOAA Fisheries, St. Petersburg, FL.  IGFA Representative from Mexico City, Monty Padilla, was on hand to help with the fishing.  The first sailfish to be tagged was caught by Chris using a live bait with a circle hook.  This fish was tagged with a PSAT tag, a conventional NOAA tag and released in good condition.


The Adopt-A-Billfish Program has always been a cooperative effort between the scientific staff and the local fishermen.  Prior to our arrival Jesus ‘Chuy’ Valdez, owner of Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort and local IGFA Representative, spread the word that we would be in the area tagging sailfish.  The second day of fishing the group was happy to hear that a guest of our host hotel had hooked a sailfish and was close enough to the Go Fisch to hand off the catch.  Our tagging crew successfully implanted the PSAT tag and NOAA tag in the animal prior to a good, healthy release.  The next animal to be tagged was caught by a local resident, Woody Sale, who called on the radio and reported the hook up.  The Go Fisch ran over to his boat and a successful transfer and tag was made. 


The final day the tagging group divided up on two of the Hotel Buena Vista boats to hunt for the last sailfish to be tagged.  In the early afternoon Joan Vernon hooked up with a sailfish using a ballyhoo and a circle hook.  The scientists were nearby and were able get to make the transfer and tag the fourth and final fish which was released in perfect condition. 


An added feature to this trip was the participation of Sammy Baires, mate on the well known Guatemalan charter boat, Captain Hook. Funds contributed from the Presidential Challenge of Central America Conservation series were used to fly him to East Cape to help spread the circle hook message.  Sammy was on hand to instruct the local boat crews to properly rig circle hooks.  Eagle Claw donated 500 circle hooks to this cause.  His instructions in Spanish on rigging were filmed by the crew from Offshore Adventures and will be available for distribution through The Billfish Foundation.


The funding for the Adopt-A-Billfish Program is all from private sources.  We thank the Presidential Challenge of Central America and their partner in conservation, Costa Del Mar, for funding the travel arrangements for the entire tagging crew.  Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort illustrated their commitment to conservation, catch and release fishing and the use of circle hooks by donating hotel rooms and boat time for the crew.


We particularly thank our tag sponsors for making this trip possible.  The generosity of the following organizations is an example of their dedication to the conservation of billfish.  They made possible our research that will help in the management of billfish stocks in the future: The Bill Fish Foundation, President Challenge Central America, Miami Bill Fish Tournament, Sperry Top Sider, Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, Yamaha, IGFA and Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort.



Nuestra Cocina




In the mid ‘90s, on a visit to the newly rechristened Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort, then chef Carlos Leyva gave me the following recipe to include in this book. He has since moved on to become the chef at La Mar y Peña Restaurant in Cabo, but the recipe stayed with me. It’s divine and goes beautifully with any chicken, beef or seafood dish. Serves four.


4 poblano chiles (you can substitute Anaheim chiles)

4 tbsp butter

1 large onion, sliced

½ tsp salt (or to taste)

2 cups crema media ácida or sour cream

1 cup grated Chihuahua or jack cheese


 If you have a gas stove, lay the chiles over the open flame and char skins well, turning with tongs frequently until they’re uniformly blackened and stop snapping. The more charred they are, the easier it is to remove the skins. If you have an electric stove, place chiles in a large skillet on high heat. Turn frequently as above. Remove chiles to plastic bag, close it and let stand for 10 minutes. Remove from bag, place in ice-cold water and remove the stems, skins, veins and seeds. Cut into strips.


Melt butter in skillet. Add onion and cook until translucent. Add chiles, salt and crema or sour cream. Stir until heated clear through. Remove from heat and serve immediately, garnishing with grated cheese.


This recipe (along with all your favorites from the resort) is from Ann Hazard's new book, Cooking With Baja Magic Dos. Available online or at our gift shop, this book offers up the best in Baja cuisine. With 250 recipes, 80 colored illustrations and travel and adventure stories spanning four generations, this is a must-have for everyone who loves Baja!

For more great Baja recipes and stories visit



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