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"The good life in Buena Vista........."


February 2005


            This is the time of year we must haga juegos malabares – or as you say “juggle” our time with all our guests, reservations flooding in, redecorating, the start of the 2006 fishing season and everything else that goes with running a First Class Resort.  Luckily, the we wouldn’t have it any other way.


            This year, you might find more fishermen in bowler hats instead of the usual beisbol caps.  There was a very good story about Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort in the London Times Travel Magazine and we almost immediately began getting inquiry and reservations calls from Great Britain and other European countries.  I imagine we’ll have to do a little converting from room temperature beer to ice cold cerveza, but I think we can handle that. 


            The room decorations – new drapes, bedspreads and other accessories – that we described last month are nearly completed and should be a done deal by the time you read this.  March 1 was our target date and it appears we’re right on schedule.


            The hotel is 100% full this week with a corporate group that has kept everyone hopping.  This reminds us to remind you to keep us in mind for a football team reunion, business meeting or mini-convention. Despite a few blustery days with grumpy waters, fishing has been unseasonably good during what has been described as a mellow winter and we look forward to spring and summer.

A Word to the Wise:  A number of weekends in May, June and July are already 95% to 100% sold out, so if you’re thinking of arranging a summertime appointment with one of our tuna, marlin, sailfish, dorado or other fish, you need to get serious about making reservations.  There are still some openings for the Western Outdoor News Fishing Fiesta in April hosted by the one and only Kit McNear, read more in this month’s in the news section.


        Guests, both old and new have been enjoying fishing, snorkeling, touring or just relaxing under the late winter sun.  Among them was newcomer Patricia Calwell from Buena Vista’s Sister City of Victorville, Calif.  (We bet you didn’t know Buena Vista had a Sister City, did you?)  Other guests included Mike Carpenter from Sacramento and Christopher Brown from Santa Barbara.  Mike Johnson from Santa Cruz was here with a group of five; they fished three days and had a great time touring around and snorkeling.  Nina Robinson from Venezuela hosted a small retreat of 10 guests from the Dzogchen Community and taught a class.

The Valdez Family



In the News


A very nice supplement about our area came out in our Southern California Fishing weekly Bible, Western Outdoor News, regarding the up-coming Fiesta de Pesca, we invite you to read more about it: click here to read it



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Our annual Fiesta de Pesca is coming in April.




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Did You Know?

Little known tidbits of Hotel Buena Vista's History


Did you know?


LAST MONTH’S QUESTION OF THE MONTH:  Of all our captains, who is our oldest in years of service?  An extra Margarita if you can tell us the number of years?


            Nobody got the answer, which is Felipe Ruiz, who captains the Yanet with long time teammate, deckhand Reggie.


            Felipe has been part of Team Buena Vista Beach Resort for 25 years – a quarter century!  He started on our boat the Jindo (pronounced Hindo) and has been a true and loyal friend to our  family ever since.  Today, he is an “independent captain,” the only independent skipper in our fleet.  He married our Chief Cook, Amanda Maklis, who worked with us until she retired about eight years ago. 


            Felipe is a community leader and we are proud to have him with us as a captain.  A highlight of Felipe’s fishing career in the Sea of Cortez was the broadbill swordfish estimated at 800-pounds that he fought for 28 hours and lost at the boat!  And some people think a two hour fight with a blue marlin is tough. 


            We were somewhat surprised that none of Felipe’s loyal clients knew the answer.  We did expect to have anwsers from long time Felipe's friends such as Dick Daily, Charlie Lewis and FrnakRon and Kathy Viodes, Mr.and Mrs. Rayner and the Diaz'.  Many incorrectly answered Jesus Araiza, who is oldest skipper, but not in terms of working with us. 



Contest of the Month!


THIS MONTH’S QUESTION OF THE MONTH:  Name the captain who won the prestigious award for the most striped marlin released in the world. And what year did he won it:


The winner will win a certificate for a day of fishing with him. There will be a free fishing trip for the first correct answer.


Fish Stories & Adventure Stories


Fishing For Those Little Bastards


By Ann Hazard


It is a lovely story, but you just have to read it to understand why.


Click Here to read this story

Guests enjoying a winter day in our Resort,

Well, what can we say, it's still our winter!!

Click Here for January 2006 Fish Total 


Nuestra Cocina


Hotel Buena Vista's Ceviche de Pescado!


This for those who didn't get it last time.


You're home, and you've got plenty of dorado (or whatever) in the freezer. Craving a Buena Vista moment? Want to transport yourself back to the Swim-up-Bar for a late afternoon snack and a cerveza? Then thaw the fish, make some ceviche, grab a beer, open a bag of chips and party on!

2 lb fillet of fish (dorado or other white fish), chopped
3 to 4 tbsp finely diced serrano chile
1/2 cup diced white onion
1/2 cup diced tomato
1 cup lime juice
cilantro, salt and pepper to taste
saltine crackers or tortilla chips

Marinate the chopped fish in lime juice until fish is white-about 2 hours. Mix in bowl with all other ingredients and serve with saltine crackers or tortilla chips.

For more great Baja recipes and stories visit












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