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August 2006


Remember how we apologized last month and said we we’d immediately catch up on publishing our newsletter?


Well . . . we didn’t!


It wasn’t a deliberate.  We fully intended to get right back on schedule; it’s just the run-run-run times in which we live.  We’re sure you have had projects you intended to complete – like painting the porch or planting a garden – but then things got away and times slipped by.  Like the song says, “Ain’t it funny how time slips away?”


And so, we sincerely apologize once again and promise to do better in terms of producing this newsletter in a timely manner.  Will it really happen?  Quien sabe?


May Highlights


Checking our weather ands fish counts over the past several years we noticed that May is definitely one of our better months.  And this year was no exception.  May, 2006 was positively a booming month so far as fish and fishing were concerned.  It was great weather, flat seas, very little wind and plenty of pesca Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Anglesio from Roseville, Calif., summed it up after three days of fishing with Ramon on the Tres Hermanos and Chuy on the Hakuna.  “In 15 years of coming to the resort, we have never had such good fishing!”  They saw a “pile up” of striped marlin and had a terrific time with our pointy-nosed, striped-sided friends.


Let that be fair warning.  Book your reservations now for next May before the heat of the summer sets in.   The water is flat and the fish are rip-roaring to go!


Celebrations & More . . .


Our good amigo and longtime visitor Togo Hazard was joined by family and friends for his



Mr. Hazard captured here fighting a nice sail. This is on one of his 7 days fishing during his week long celebration.


 83rd birthday.  Togo celebrated not with a cake or a cocktail, but by catching a dandy blue marlin.  Togo was joined by his daughters, Anita and Nina, along with his grandchildren Derek and Gayle as well as good friends Susana Colyer and Karol Dance, and Norm Jacobson.  Here’s wishing you many more birthdays and many more blue marlin from the Valdez Family. 


Congratulations on the 26th anniversary of Western Fishing Folly coordinated first by the late Mike and “Red” Rucinski, and it now has been up to Natalie Rucinski to continue this traditional trip.  The relationship between the Resort and the Rucinski Family started long time ago . . . and today we have great memories of the father and uncle.  Special thanks and a word of appreciation to Lynn Rose Tours for coordinating the King Harbor (Redondo Beach) Tournament . . . And don’t forget the Lynn Rose Tours East Cape Classic Tournament in October.  Call Lynn Rose Tours directly to book your reservations at this old time and super event . . . Congratulations Mrs. Judy Karimzad, who came South of the Border and joined Togo’s party, but was really celebrating her son Brian’s Master’s Degree from the prestigious Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. 


We welcomed Alex Salazar from Salt Lake City, who won the trip at an International Sportsman’s Exposition (ISE) Show drawing.  You know that big bucket at the front door of the ISE Shows?  That’s how Alex won his trip.  Incidentally, we’ll be sponsoring other give-away prizes at the 2007 shows.  Don’t forget to sign-up when you visit the ISE Shows next winter.  Who knows . . . you might get as lucky as Alex.


Portland Cement Co., we miss you!  After 25 consecutive years of East Cape fun and frolic, the Los Angeles-area company skipped a year.  We sure hope to see you next year! 


Names . . . Names . . . Names


There were so many returning guests in May including Del Brown from Florida, who is a Vacation Club member; others included Sandi Tipcon, a neighbor friend with a nice group including the Stewart, Covert, Connally, and McIntyre clans from Austin, Texas who. spent a week of sun, sand and sea; Mr. John Thorpe drove up for a night from Cabo . . . Ken Taylor, all the way from San Jose, came to fish with Capt. Rosario; Anita (Togo’s daughter) invited the Edeys, friends from Idaho; there was Tom Nelson from Folsom; Nancy and Clare Rayner from Long Beach and Victor Gonella from Petaluma, Calif., were a few more who cruised under our Welcome sign. 


Other May visitors included Herbert Koelling, from Bonita Springs, Florida and Don Woll, who hails from Indio, Calif.  It was his first trip of six trips to the resort this year for Don, who dearly loves his fishing and he knows where it’s at its best!


Brian and Debbie Marcotte, canceled last year’s trip for a might good reason – they were awaiting the arrival of a brand new baby.  Well, the baby arrived and the Marcottes – now three of them – came down to celebrate.  The Hummel Family from the San Dimas area of Southern California came down to fish with their longtime friend and skipper, Capt. Jesus Araiza,  The Hummels generally visit once or twice a year and they had a bang-up time in May. 


Dave and Leslie Siegle, formerly from Southern California, but now hanging their hats in McCall, Idaho, were here on a family reunion./vacation.  Congrats on new granddaughter Sophia, born to Shawn and Shawn.  Yes, that’s right, both mother and father have same names. 


A great big hearty Buena Vista Beach Resort welcome to Patricia Galasso from Sylmar, Calif., as well as Roy Kelly from Riverside.  Hope to see you all again real soon.  And Michael Nigro, all the way from Fairfield, New Jersey, had a terrific time fishing with his sons.  It was a true joy to see and serve them all.


And, finally, we were surprised and delighted to see Eduardo Bustamente come down from his home in Tijuana.  Eduardo has been extremely busy caring for his dad, who was in an accident, but now appears to be fully recovered. 

See you in a couple of week!


The Valdez Family



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Did You Know?

Little known tidbits of Hotel Buena Vista's History


Did you know?


Last month we asked:  In the early days of the resort, we had a bathroom shower system that was somewhat rustic and definitely unique!  Tell us what was unusual about our bathroom showers and what needed to be done to overcome the “problem?”


Answer:  The correct answer and the winner of a free one hour massage treatment is our good friend and 20-year guest Andy Marcum from Oceanside, Calif.  In his response, Andy wrote:


“I remember no cold water or cool water unless you showered real fast and then used the hot water valve to get the little bit of cool water in the pipe in the wall from the hot water heater to the shower.  And now there is a cooling system to cool the water before it gets to the rooms.”


Andy and his wife Marlene forgot to mention that we tapped the water from our natural hot spring.  Unless you were among the first to grab a shower – while there was still cool water in the pipes – the water became uncomfortably hot.  So we remedied the problem be installing a huge (and costly!) water cooling system.  Instead of a Hot Water Heater, we have a Hot Water Cooler.  And ironically, we now have to have individual water heaters in each bungalow. 



Contest of the Month!




Put your “thinking caps” on, this is a tough question – but the reward is great!  Five boats in our fleet are named for members of the Valdez family or families with close relationships to us.  Give us the names of those boats plus the relationship or reason for the name.  If you get four out of the five, you’ll receive a free special dinner; get all five and you win a three night stay absolutely free!  


Up to three winners for the first section and only one winner for the correct full answer.


Send your answer to:


Click Here for May 2006 Fish Total 


In the News


We are always happy to support the Big Bear Lake Trout Fest and this year was no exception. They did a very nice write up about us and we are thankful for it. Click here to read it



Fish Stories & Adventure Stories





Well, it may be that many of you do not know that we participate each year in a tournament in the mainland, about 110 nautical miles a crossed from the resort. Our fleet has done well in the past, Ramon has won the tournament already, Arturo holds the dorado record with a nice bull weight in 69.5 lbs.  But up to this year, those were won by boat guests. This time it was up to Axel and Chuy to take home a very decent 3rd place.  Read more below as they published the story in some newspapers in California.  But you should have seen the front page of the paper down in Los Mochis, that was a big picture of the Valdez Team (it had to be, it is the local newspaper that organizes this event).


            LOS MOCHIS, Sin., Mex. – The father-son team of Chuy and Axel Valdez, representing Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort, captured Third Place in the 15th annual “Debate,” fishing tournament in late May.  The tournament, the largest in Mexico with more than 500 anglers and 113 boats, was headquartered at the Topolobampo Nautical Club.

            Axel Valdez, representing team Los Valdez, landed a 108.60-pound striped marlin, the largest fish during the event’s second day.  The father-son team won a 2006 Volkswagen and about $3,000.  Overall First Place went to team “Dirty Dog” from Mazatlan with a 118-pounder.  Total prizes amounted to four cars and about $37,000. 

            Participants in the “Debate” landed 13 marlin, 12 sailfish, 13 dorado, and 2 tuna overall.

            Chuy and Axel Valdez fished aboard the hotel boat “Vamanos,” with Buena Vista Beach Resort Capt. Santiago Cota at the helm.  Los Mochis is about 110 nautical miles east of the East Cape on Mexico’s mainland across the Sea of Cortes. 


The Valdez family has long supported and participated in the tournament.  Over the years, hotel boats and captains were used, recording numerous 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishes.  “We began fishing in this tournament as a way for the family to get together for my father’ [Chuy’s] birthday on May 26,” said Axel.   On different years Chuy has been joined by sons Esaul, Axel and Felipe.



Nuestra Cocina




Oscar, the chef at the hotel, gave me this recipe. Even though it’s not on the menu, it’s one of Oscar’s special creations and you can order it regardless as long as he’s in the kitchen! For years, the young chefs at the hotel never stuck around. They sort of apprenticed there and then moved on to Los Cabos or somewhere else more trendy. Oscar, however, fell in love with Eva, the lead server at the hotel restaurant. Since she has two kids, Oscar has no plans of leaving. We are glad, because he’s an excellent chef and a mean ping-pong player. Serves four.


8 corn tortillas

½ cup corn or canola oil

2 cups refried beans (Bean section or use canned)

2½ cups mushrooms, sliced

2 tbsp butter

8 ounces chorizo (Breakfast section)

2 poblano chiles, blistered

1 white onion, thinly sliced

2 chipotle chiles in adobo (from can)

1 cup crema media ácida or sour cream

2 cups grated Chihuahua or jack cheese

1 head iceberg lettuce, shredded

Salt and pepper to taste


In skillet, fry tortillas in oil until crisp on both sides. Drain on paper towels. Heat beans in saucepan. In another skillet, cook mushrooms in butter until done. Set aside in bowl. In same skillet, fry chorizo until done.


To blister chiles: If you have a gas stove, lay the chiles over the open flame and char skins well, turning with tongs frequently until they’re uniformly blackened and stop snapping. The more charred they are, the easier it is to remove the skins. If you have an electric stove, place chiles in a large skillet on high heat. Turn frequently as above. Remove chiles to plastic bag, close it and let stand for 10 minutes. Remove from bag, place in ice-cold water and remove the stems, skin, veins and seeds. Cut into rajas (thin strips).


In blender or food processor, purée chipotles with crema or sour cream. To make tostadas, start with a layer of beans on top of the fried tortillas. Add chorizo, mushrooms, rajas and adobo-crema sauce. Top with shredded lettuce and cheese and serve.


This recipe (along with all your favorites from the resort) is from Ann Hazard's new book, Cooking With Baja Magic Dos. Available online or at our gift shop, this book offers up the best in Baja cuisine. With 250 recipes, 80 colored illustrations and travel and adventure stories spanning four generations, this is a must-have for everyone who loves Baja!

For more great Baja recipes and stories visit




























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