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Before we begin the July Newsletter, a brief word on Hurricane Henriette:


The eye of the storm went right over us and we received a great deal of rain, but there was absolutely no damage to the hotel, boats or any structure.  We did lose a few small trees and some shrubs, but nothing that can’t be replaced. 


We were well prepared and with satellite imaging, we knew exactly when and where the hurricane would hit.  Due to the Category One storm, we lost three days of fishing with some severely grumpy seas, but that’s a small price to pay.


Thank you for the dozens if not hundreds of calls and e-mails inquiring about our safety and the condition of the resort.  All is well!




Oh, what a month July was.  We had groups large and small, we had marlin by the score, we had friends from around the world, we had some cold water due to tropical depression Carmen and we had a great recovery just in time for the East Cape Bisbee Tournament.  Air temperatures were as perfect as you could hope for with days hot, but not blistering.


Did you know that July is the most common birth month?  When you count back nine months, it must have something to do with all those Fall festivities and Halloween parties. 


In any case, we had a great July . . . and it’s not too soon to get your reservations in for next year.


Singing the Blues


We were worried that the blue marlin would be scattered and not really show up when we normally plan for them.  But lo and behold by the end of the month it was business as usual.  We had a Blue Blitz just in time for the Bisbee and everyone went home with sore hands, sore backs and plenty of smiles. 


The Facts of Life


There is no denying the fact that the cost of fuel, food, staff, power and everything else is going up, Up, UP!  So, we reluctantly must increase our hotel and boat rates for 2008.  We pledge to hold our increases to as little as possible.  Additionally, if you make reservations and place your deposit by December 15, we will accommodate you at our 2007 rates!


We must strictly enforce the Dec. 15 deadline in order to complete our next year’s budget.  Our “returning guest” policy will apply.  This is a good time to call your buddies, contact family members and get your 2008 group together for a little casual fishing, a tournament, reunion, or whatever.  Believe it or not, many summer ’08 dates are already filled by individuals and groups that put down deposits as they were checking out this year.  


Condo Project


Our Condominium Project is proceeding.  Dealing with financing, permits, architects, contractors and all other aspects is time-consuming, but it is a reality.  Please call or

e-mail us if you are interested in getting in on the ground floor of this development.  All inquiries are confidential, of course! 


Groups, Groups, Groups


Large and small, family and friends, business associate . . . we had them all!


The Griffiths Family joined us after Mrs. Kelley, Woodland, Calif., won a Gift Certificate at the Mule Deer Foundation silent auction; one invitation lead to another and pretty soon it turned into a fine family festival . . .  The Orthon Garcia Group of 26 from Prescott, Ariz., had a great time.  Mr. Garcia organized the three day fishing trip and angling was excellent during their stay . . .The Paul Cannon Group of 21 from Sandy, Utah, consisted of business associates on his annual excursion Down Mexico Way . . . The Daniel Hernandes Group . . . We hosted 21 guests from the Roberto Schroeder Group of Lathrop, Calif.   It was a great trip of fishing and fun, highlighted by Mr. Schroeder’s celebration of his grandson’s birthday . . . The Richard Medel Group of 16 from Moraga, Calif., spiced up their fishing with a small jackpot ever day.


Others included Greg and Beth Gong, Jeff Simms and Greg Sweeney.  It was wonderful seeing Beth recovered from her recent illness.  Our thoughts and prayers will continue for her and for another special friend, Linda Chevelier . . . The resort staff welcomed Brigitte and Werner Gruing with son Phillip and daughter Lillian together with their cousin, G.H. all the way from Switzerland!  Mrs. Gruing was almost prevented from joining us with a broken foot – ouch! – but she smiled and toughed it out, recovering nicely under our warm Mexican sun.


Our Apologies . . .


Sometimes we inadvertently miss or misplace names of returning guests and groups.  We received this note from our good friend Virginia Humphrey.


In reading your newsletter for the month of June, in your list of returning guests you failed to mention our names.  Wayne and Virginia Humphrey and Jim and Cindy DeAndrea were all returning guests and brought Jim and Delores DeAndrea and Alissa, Jimmy and Rhianne DeAndrea with them.  The Humphreys and DeAndreas were celebrating their 50th anniversary and the other DeAndreas  their 25th  anniversary.  We had a very nice time and good food . . . It was a very big milestone for all of us.


Sorry abut missing you last month and hope this makes up for it.  How ’bout we buy you guys a Margarita on your next trip? 


Guests, Guests, Guests


Lots and lots of returning guests – here’s hoping we don’t miss any –


Rick Laham… Ken Rivardo . . . John Nicks . . . Robert Cucurrul . . . Joe Spillman . . . Lisa Manlik. . .  Ray Newton . . . Togo Hazard . . .  Bruce, Todd and Michael Donoho . . .  Susan & Greg Davies with Jeff & Kristine Hall. . . Gary Paschall . . . Steve Wiberg & Family. . . Don Berry…Scott Pacielo . . . Mark Graham . . . Linda Chevalier . . . Bruce Tatarchuk . . . Christopher Poma . . . Hernestina Torrez

. . . David Van . . . Steve Accomando . . . and Edward Hazen . . . and from Tijuana Mexico Ernestina Torres…Thank you all for joining us in our little corner of the world.


Our New Seafood Chef


We have always prided ourselves on our food service; and now it will be even better!  Please welcome Andrei Perez as our new Seafood Chef and specialist in the kitchen.  Your catch – whether tuna, dorado, pargo or anything else from our Sea of Cortez – will be under Sr. Perez’ personal direction.  He joins us from the city of Cullican, where he supervised seafood cookery in one of the area’s best restaurants.  




The controversial shark initiative with its “by-catch” regulations is turning out to be, as Shakespeare wrote, much ado about nothing.  With the exception of a commercial boat incident in May – which was quickly handled by our Mexican Navy – none of our skippers have seen any evidence of intrusion into sports fishing.  We count our blessings!  Numbers for striped and blue marlin are going up, not down.  Our bait remains constant and we continue to see balls of mackerel and bonito for our big predators to feed upon. 


If you have any concerns or wish to express an opinion, we urge you to see and; and express your outrage to fisheries officials and Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon.



The Valdez Family

Did You Know?

Little known tidbits of Hotel Buena Vista's History, Surroundings, and things of interest.


Did you know?


Last Month’s Question: 

Our June Question of the Month drew the most responses we have ever had.  It seems everyone had a different opinion.  The question was: What is generally considered the fastest fish in the ocean and approximately how fast has this fish been clocked?  (Hint, yes, they are caught here on the East Cape.)


Answer:  Our original answer was going to be the wahoo, but many people responded with evidence to suggest it’s the sailfish.  Since the answer is in dispute, we’ll award two prizes of a free day on a panga.  Winners are John Hutchings who answered wahoo; and Chris Lentz, who responded with sailfish.  So, Chris and John, please remember to bring a copy of this newsletter with you on your next visit to receive your prize.   

* * *

 Note to all contest winners:  Please print out a copy of the newsletter that announces the winner and be sure to bring it with you on your next visit to the resort.  That way there is no confusion about the winner or the prize. 



Contest of the Month!




Since hurricanes seem to be on everyone’s mind, we thought we’d test your knowledge of these storms. 


What is it exactly that defines a hurricane as being a hurricane?



The person coming closest to the actual number will receive

Prize: 1 day fishing on a Super Panga.


Email your answers to: The closest guess and the first to the actual correct answer will be the winner.


Click Here for July 2007 Total Fish Count



Fish, Adventure or Inspiration Story


A Baja fishing adventure from William Heasley, with his friend Art Morton, aka Perro Rojo . . .


                I traveled to Baja, Mexico on July 11. On a short layover in Phoenix, I hooked up with an old friend, “Red Dog” [Art Morton] and his grandson, Brandon. For the next four days we all hooked up with lots of saltwater fish in the Sea of Cortez while staying at Hotel Buena Vista.


                The weather was great, high 70's in the morning and 90's in the afternoon. A lot cooler than Phoenix which is about 1,000 miles to the north!


                July 12, we motored out about 35 miles for close to two hours. Right before reaching the fishing area, where the porpoise and tuna travel together to feed, we slowed to trolling speed and set out lures. Within five minutes Brandon was hooked up with a 100-pound striped marlin (his first) and we released it 30 minutes later.


After catching seven small yellow fin tuna out of the pod of porpoise, I hooked up a mahi-mahi (also called dolphin fish or dorado) that weighed around 50 pounds At this time we were drift trolling very small lures while standing up holding the rods in hand. My reel was screaming and I was screaming at another boat, “Don't run over my line!” After 30 minutes I had him at the boat!  What a show this fish had put on!  It looked like a rainbow [trout] jumping and constantly peeled off the line that I had gained. I told the mate, “Jesus, don't you miss this fish with that gaff.”  Mauricio (the captain) heard me and ran down from the wheel and sunk a gaff in him. Took two gaffs and both of them to haul it over the side. Whew! I was shouting, “Yee-Haw, Hoorah, Ride ‘em Cowboy and Yippy-Ki-Yi-Yay.”  Got quite hoarse, but the cold beer and margaritas back at the hotel fixed that. A little later, the action died down so we put the big lures back out and trolled up another marlin for Red Dog.


                July 13, caught another seven small, but nice eating-size tuna 20 miles out. Had ceviche that evening.


                July 14, caught another seven small tuna and I finally hooked up another 100 pound striped marlin for me (35 miles out) and released it a half hour later. More ceviche!


                July 15, we were going to travel out 35 miles, but saw a pod about 20 miles out. Put out the small rods and lures. Three of us standing in the back of the boat were constantly hooked up with small yellowfin, 10- to 15-pounds. We were kicking butt until the rest of the fleet showed up and the action died. Total for the day was 34 tuna, lots of ceviche! Hard fishing when there are three on at a time and they are making braids out of the lines.


July 16, last day and the water is now a little rough. No fish caught but we saw eight marlin and tried to bait them all.  Two took the bait, but the hook did not set. Saw manta rays, a Mako shark, four sea turtles, a mahi-mahi chasing a flying fish and a school of about 1,000's of 6-inch dorado all jump out of a wave and create a rainbow . . . just can't do justice in trying to describe this, you would have to see it for yourself.

                Can you picture me yelling "Yippee-Ki-Yi-Yay?"


  - Bill Heasley


Passports Yes or No?


After the U.S. State Department and/or Homeland Security deemed it necessary for visitors to Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean to have valid passports, the backlog to obtain them became unworkable.  And so they changed the ruling to say that if you had documentation to show that you have APPLIED FOR A PASSPORT that would be sufficient.


Well, the passport issue has become an international snafu with some airlines accepting the applications, some demanding passports and others not sure either way.


Our best advice:  HAVE A PASSPORT!  It will make entry and exit much easier, safe and secure. 


If you have any questions, call your Congress person’s office.  If you don’t know who represents you, go to



Nuestra Cocina



Makes four servings.

Grab that fish from your last trip down here out of your freezer and whip yourself up a fabulous dinner for four. We recommend serving it with white rice and a Caesar salad.  

8 filets of fish 

½ cup olive oil

48 cherry tomatoes, cut in half

4 green chile (Anaheim or Poblano) seeded and chopped

2 medium onions, chopped

½ cup capers

½ cup green olives

1 cup white wine

6 garlic cloves, finely chopped

salt and pepper to taste

In a skillet, sauté the garlic in ¼ cup olive oil over medium-high heat until translucent. Add chile and onion and stir for a minute before adding tomatoes. Reduce heat and cook another five minutes. Add olives, capers and white wine and cook for an additional five minutes.

In another skillet, sauté the fish filets in remaining olive oil about 10 minutes or until done. Remove to plates and spoon sauce over each filet.  




This recipe (along with all your favorites from the resort) is from Ann Hazard's new book, Cooking With Baja Magic Dos. Available online or at our gift shop, this book offers up the best in Baja cuisine. With 250 recipes, 80 colored illustrations and travel and adventure stories spanning four generations, this is a must-have for everyone who loves Baja!

For more great Baja recipes and stories visit




Special Deals and Events

You Won't Want to Miss!


October 5th - 8th


CHUY'S CATCH AND RELEASE TOURNAMENT Fun fishing and lots friends coming together for what it has become a tradition.


October 10th-14th


This is a traditional eent with lots of great prizes and awards, plus you will be helping a great cause.


October 19th-21st


Join and fish for a cause ALMA (Animal Lovers of Mexico) is holding a fundraiser tournament at the resort. Join the tournament help and may be win some of the great prizes.


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