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            Unless you live in Baja, you’ve probably never heard of the month called Septober.  It is the 13th month in Baja, the one we use to catch up on all the things we were going to do mañana, but never got around to doing.  All of our summer plans that never got off the ground and all the fall and winter plans ahead are all lumped into Septober. 

            It is our recognition of the good life – a little bit slower South of the Border – where sun, sand, sea, a margarita and a marlin or two take definite precedence over anything else you might think about doing.


            With Holiday expenses looming on the horizon, to say nothing of forthcoming property and income tax payments, we thought this would be a good time to save our amigos a little dineroThere is no denying the fact that the cost of fuel, food, staff, power and everything else is going up, so we reluctantly had to increase our hotel and boat rates for 2008.  However – and here’s the Good News – if you make and pay your reservation by December 31, we will accommodate you at our 2007 rates! But that is not all you will also receive our



Good Groups


            We had so many groups and so many activities during both September and October it’s hard to remember them all.  But let’s try –

            Enjoying the warm, calm days of September was a Mexico City-based yoga teacher who did a retreat on learning the basic yoga techniques. Twenty participants came from San Jose and La Paz to join famous Marcos Jassan during this two day event.

            And some of the best sales representatives from the Jaffra (cosmetics) regional office were treated to two days at the resort. They were many activities organized by Cruz Delia the chief regional representative. As always, it was a very successful event and the women really enjoyed it.

            Michael Enright had plans to be with us a year ago, but was sabotaged by Hurricane John.  There were 13 of them this September and they had a fabulous trip . . . and no hurricane!  We had a terrific birthday party for our good friend Suky Trevino’s son.   Our food manager Arnulfo organized a hamburger bbq on the beach with the Sea of Cortez as a backdrop.   Stephan Koudan, a world-renowned chef at El Presidente in San Jose was joined by some colleagues and wives for a weekend getaway and an opportunity to get away from the day-to-day routine.  This was the first visit for David DeGenero and his friends, but that was all it took for love at first bite.  There were fish everywhere we looked and they had a blast.  David, who lives in New Jersey, will now be representing our resort at several outdoor shows along the East Coast this winter and spring. 

            Tom Kaiser, winner of the Torneo International Tournament out of Puerto Vallarta, finally got around to using his winning certificate.  It took Tom almost a year, but he finally cashed in with a few days of fishing.  We shared a van with our good friend Tom Linnehan and what a joy it was!  Tom has been visiting us for the past couple of years just to fish with Capt. Rosario on the Neuva Era and this trip was no exception.

            October dawned bright and beautiful with groups far and near including Mark Garcia and his clan from New Mexico and Texas.  We greeted them with ceviche and guacamole for their evening meetings . . . and, to nobody’s surprise, they ate it all!  On their final day they made use of the facilities in our Convention Center.  Mark and Morgan stayed over a couple of extra days . . . The Frank Pettit Group featured 19 friends from all over the U.S. West Coast.  It was their first visit with us and we welcome them warmly . . . While the Harry Alcorn Group consisted of 11 friends and family . . . Joe Brough and his friends saw our presentation at a sports show in Salt Lake City and came down Mexico-way for a really good time and some really good fishing in the Sea of Cortez, slightly bigger than the Great Salt Lake!


            Peter Webber usually brings 14 or 15, but this year there were just nine – so they had to have enough fun to make up the difference!  They came to fish, and fish they did with some really good luck in our pond . . . Our friends from Reel Danger organized a trip for Dave Cowan & Family.  It was their first time at the resort and we look forward to seeing them next year . . .  A tourist transportation seminar with some 40+ employee participants representing TransCabo a company that provide transportation and logistics services.  It was an excellent and productive meeting.  We also hosted the Madrugadores, a diverse group of about 25 citizens who think about and analyze local, community, state and national issues.  They are essentially a non-political think tank and we’re so very proud that they chose our resort for their most recent meeting. 


AND THEN THE MEDIA . . .         


            The hotel has always been a magnet for film and TV crews and Septober was no exception.

            F/T Video Productions, our friends from Denver, came to fish with us and film a show for their 2008 series. Due to Hurricane Harriett, they were forced to spend an extra night, but nobody seemed to much care since they got some incredible footage for their segment.  We’ll keep you posted as to when and where the program will air in the Rocky Mountain States . . . And we welcomed Mark Davis from the BigWater Adventures Television Show.  Our good friend Mark came all the way from North Carolina to do some serious fishing. The fishing was so good that we didn’t even have to fish on the 4th day.  The show will be in Fox mostly in the East Coast.  We’ll keep you posted.


Guests . . . Guests . . . Guests


Returning guests are the backbone and lifeblood of our resort, so the Valdez Family fondly and with pride thanks some of those in September including –


Dan Balavich, Clifford Meeks, David Shorey, Jack White, Richard Steinke, Jose Vassalo, Henry Castillo, and, of course, Togo Hazard.  Others included Mike McGrath, Robert Garcia, Chris Johansson, Robbie Montgomery and from way up north in Canada, eh, David Shorey.  Also, Tami Daniels and Corey Salter.


October returning visitors were “Toguito” Hazard, Jim Fyfe, Gary and Sally Solie, Ken Rivardo, Amelia and Peter Robinson, Johan Dupius-Lund, Grant Oepkesi and Friends, Dennis Steinback and Friends, and Marlin Gohn and Friends.  We can’t forget Justin Tisler, Calvin Preston, John Fox, Michael Dunn, Mr. and Mrs. Thaut, Don Charles, Milles McFall, Whitey McAfee, David Cooper and his friend Bill Anceney, Gary Ginter, Michael and Ruth Ann Mar, Ed Leahey and Cal Kitazumi.


Others included David Scott, Chris Rodwell, Chad Lyons, John Rowell, Anthony Wilcox, Phil Roth and his Family, Sheryl Schmith,  Leslie and David Siegel, Terry and Anita, Joe Turano, Christine Killinger, Ken Goodsell, David Cowan, Henry Howard, Don Brown, Steven Gardner,  Donnie Johanssen, Bill Hallyburton, Steve Wiberg and Family, Joe Brough, Tim Madden and Friends, the Miller DeBrown Family, Karen Bates, John DeRosa, Mary Fedorka, Sara and Jean Stogner and the Smithy Family


Once again, if we missed anyone our sincere apologies.  We’ll do better on your next visit. 


            Thanks to all of you from the Valdez Family



Nuestra Cocina



Fish tacos are easy to find stateside these days, but nobody makes them the “real” way outside of Baja. We are renowned for our fish tacos and now you can make them at home for your family and friends. Just thaw out some fish from your trip, grab this recipe and you’re ready to roll!


2 lbs. Filet of white fish

1 beer

1 egg

1 tbsp baking powder

1 tbsp salt

½ cup powdered mustard

1 tsp oregano

1 cup flour

pepper to taste

soy sauce

1 quart corn or other cooking oil

1 dozen corn tortillas


shredded cabbage

pico de gallo (chopped tomato, onion, and cilantro with salt to taste)

sliced limón (key limes can be substituted for Mexican limes)


Cut the fish into finger sized pieces and marinate in soy sauce for one hour. En a medium bowl, mix all dry ingredients. Beat egg. Dip each piece of fish in egg and coat with dry mixture. Heat oil in skillet until water sizzles when dropped into it. Fry fish until crispy. Heat tortillas and fill with fish, shredded cabbage, pico de gallo and mayonnaise. Add a squeeze of lime and salsa to taste!

This recipe (along with all your favorites from the resort) is from Ann Hazard's new book, Cooking With Baja Magic Dos. Available online or at our gift shop, this book offers up the best in Baja cuisine. With 250 recipes, 80 colored illustrations and travel and adventure stories spanning four generations, this is a must-have for everyone who loves Baja!

For more great Baja recipes and stories visit


Did You Know?

Little known tidbits of Hotel Buena Vista's History, Surroundings, and things of interest.


Did you know?


Last Month’s Question: 

September has often been called “Baja’s Best Kept Secret” because it is the locals’ favorite month to fish.  What are the three factors that make fishing so terrific in September?  Must list all three to be eligible


ANSWER:  The correct answer (logical, if you think about it) is 1. Warmer water, which makes for the best ocean conditions for bait therefore for bigger species, also the diversity of our fishery is at its peek. 2. Less fishing pressure, it is hot and humid (not attractive), it is also the peek of our hurricane season and there is probability of encountering one, due to this fact the hotels in the area only keep the boats needed for the few guests at the resorts. 3. Debri in the ocean Hurricanes come in average of one every three to four years, but it is very common to have more than one per year that comes close to Baja, and this means a lot of water, which is equal to a lot of debris in the ocean. Do you need me to say more?


WINNER AND PRICE: The contestant that came closer to the right answer were our friends  Rick and Deborah Coley from Sterling, Alaska, who were the first to respond. But since they didn't get the answer correct, we will only honour a 1/2 day of fishing on a 28' single engine cruiser.  


* * *

 Note to all contest winners:  Please print out a copy of the newsletter that announces the winner and be sure to bring it with you on your next visit to the resort.  That way there is no confusion about the winner or the prize.  All winners must use the certificate between a year of being selected as a winner.



Contest of the Month!




Chuy’s mother began the tradition of our hotel kitchen’s award-winning food.  It was grandma’s recipes that put our resort on the map.  During October, we celebrated her 90th Birthday – a remarkable event for a remarkable woman.  The Valdez Family and Hotel Staff presented her with a Lifetime Achievement Award, a small token of love, affection and appreciation.


Since so many of our guests know her, we thought we’d make this an easy question: What is Great Grandma’s first name?  We are offering this to the first 20 responses and the winners will get something everyone can use: a Free Margarita.  So get your answer in ahora


Email your answers to: The closest guess and the first to the actual correct answer will be the winner.


Click Here for September 2007 Total Fish Count


In the News


There is column in Western Outdoor News that I personally enjoy reading, since in most of the cases I relate to its point of view.  It is written by Jonathan Roldan, a great guy and friend who I  enjoy talking to every time he and/or I have time do so. Recently he wrote a column, and I just had to ask his permission to send it to everyone. It is a very important issue regarding "making the best of your trip".   Click here to read it



Fish, Adventure or Inspiration Story    


Fishing during September and October was someplace between great and sensational as evidenced by the results of four tournaments which conducted or in which we participated: the 2007 Employees Tournament; Chuy’s Catch & Release; the Lynn Rose Tournament; and the Alma Charity Tournament. 


            Employees Tournament – This was the 11th annual and one of the best, with the winner


Elizabeth Izquierdo from our Room Division; Aimee Dominguez, former Front Desk; America Lopez, masseuse; and Hector Geraldo, a chauffeur with a 225 pound blue marlin!  Following the event, we hosted a very nice award dinner . . . in our restaurant, naturally.


            Chuy’s Catch & Release Tournament – Gary and Sally Solie were the winners of this year’s event.  Fishing took a back seat to Sally’s participation after a long bout with cancer.  We were overjoyed at her winning, but even happier to see her looking fit and in good health again!  It was not the best of days in terms of wind, rain and lumpy seas, but everyone stuck it out.  Gary and Sally nailed a sailfish very early in the day and the time of catch proved to be important since the team of Amigos de Hawaii finished with the same number of points.  But Gary was the first to report the catch and release, so, by the rules, they were the winners. 


            Lynn Rose Tournament – We shared this annual event with a number of other East Cape hotels and are proud to say that our very own Dusty B III took Third Place out of 65 boats.  We are always happy to support this great event sponsored by our good friend Lynn Rose from Lynn Rose Tours. Our hats-off to her, she has been raising money for the community and we are always happy to help on her efforts.


            The Alma Catch & Release – This tournament on behalf of the ALMA Pet Charity netted nearly $7,000 for spay and neuter services, vaccines, foster care and public information regarding our pet friends.  First Place went to Henry Howard fishing aboard the Eclipse 91, with 1,600 catch & release points. Yes!! The same Henry Howard who has won 4 times the Chuy’s Catch and Release; Second Place to Steve Patterson, Mary Fedorka and Buzz Fedorka, with a total of 600 points in catch and release of billfish, fishing on the Dottie B II; and Third Place to Scott Zimmerman, Don Tipton, Rosemary Owen, Loren Horton, with a total of 600 points in catch and release of billfish, fishing on the Illiana

            For donations or information about ALMA, please contact: 

Sheila Pierson
Mex: 624-141-0267
US: 858-427-4965


            And, finally, while not strictly one of our tournaments, we thought you should know about the The Bisbee’s Offshore Los Cabos – (the twin brother to the Bisbee’s East Cape Offshore hosted by us) With 322 anglers, 65 teams and 94 billfish (94% released), guess who was on the winning team?  Esaul Valdez!  By the time they split up the winnings, did all the tipping required and bought a couple of margaritas, there was hardly anything left.  At least that’s Esaul’s story and he’s sticking with it.  But, in the meantime they had a great time supporting another terrific Bisbee’s event. 




































































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