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Before we begin the August Newsletter, here’s a word to remember:  PASSPORTS!




Remember those old license plate frames – So Many Girls, So Little Time?  We’re thinking of making ones that read So Many Fish, So Little Time!  August was a month of bent rods, howling reels and fishing joy.


Also hurricane Ivo visited just a few weeks back during September and to let everyone know, it turned out to be a big nothing.  It dissipated long before it hit land and only brought some welcome rain to the arroyos and estuaries.  It also washed out the usual debris of palm fronds, affording some great cover for our friends the Golden Ones or dorado.  Is there anything better that pulling up to some floating object, tossing a few anchovies or flat iron herring and watching the ocean erupt?  Fish On!


Last month we mentioned our new prices and the deadline for reservations for 2008 if you want to save a little dinero.  It bears repeating:  There is no denying the fact that the cost of fuel, food, staff, power and everything else is going up, Up, UP!  So, we reluctantly must increase our hotel and boat rates for 2008.  We pledge to hold our increases to as little as possible.  Additionally, if you make reservations and place your deposit by December 15, we will accommodate you at our 2007 rates!


So, amigos, there it is – reservations by December 15 unless you enjoy paying more for something you could have had for less!


Incidentally, return reservations for ’08 are coming in fast and furious (thankfully!) and we’re already hanging up the SOLD OUT sign for some popular weekends. 


Last month we introduced you to our new seafood chef, Andrei Ramirez, newly arrived from the city of Culiacan, where he supervised seafood cookery in one of the area’s best restaurants.  Unfortunately, and to our great embarrassment, we mistyped his last name as Perez.  It was one of those errors that our computer’s spell-check couldn’t correct.  It is indeed Andrei Ramirez and we hope you’ll give him the opportunity of preparing some fresh fish for you. 


In the meantime, we’ll provide you with some of his favorite and best recipes in the September newsletter.  Watch for it. 




In simple English, that’s the Assembly (or Conference) of the National Fisheries Confederation.  We hosted representatives from 17 states plus regional and national dealing with both fresh and saltwater angling.  We were honored to be chosen for this major conservation event.


Of course, the major topic for us in saltwater sport fishing industry was our own controversial shark initiative with its “by-catch” regulations, Norma 029.


Needless to say, there were varying opinions and the discussions were heated. 


Our position has been that we do not seem to be impacted – but there are a few modifications that need take place in order to avoid any long term effects.  But for now, our captains have seen increased striped and blue marlin, dorado and other gamefish.  Our bait remains constant and we continue to see balls of mackerel and bonito for our big predators to feed upon. 


If you have any concerns or wish to express an opinion, we urge you to see and; and express yourself to fisheries officials and Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon.


Another outcome of the conference is great news!  Mexico will host the 2009 Worldwide Fishing Tournament Saltwater and fresh Water Sport Fishing World Cup.  We’re not sure what our role will be, and what the implications are, but we’ll keep you updated as we learn more. 


And, finally, our good friend Steve Carson from the Penn  Fishing University had a great story in the publication “The Fish Sniffer" that we have included in the In the News section of this newsletter.  We hope you enjoy it . . .


Also, and even though we already sent an email regarding Team Buena Vista win in the East Cape Bisbee, we are again presenting it to you in our Fishing & Adventure, we hope you enjoy it too.




Our groups stage mini-tournaments, give some money to local charities and generally prove that Americans have the biggest hearts of anyone in the world.  Among our visiting groups were . . .


The Big Bear Friends, a group of 18 amigos, all Rotary Club members, from around Big Bear Lake in California’s San Bernardino Mountains.  They organize a small tournament with side bets and all, but most of them end up donating their winning. This is their 9th annual trip.   The Chum Divers, 12 certified divers from New Mexico. It was their first time diving in the East Cape. Before they arrived they collected several school items to be donated to the local school. Amanda, the local dean from school, visited with them and she thanked for such a nice gesture. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate and they ended up mixing their diving with some ATV and shopping tours.


Chuck Hammers, from Campbell, Calif., had a group of 11 for three days of fishing during some very hot days . . . Glenn Mayer brought a group of seven we hadn’t seen for some time.  They had a great time and three days of solid fishing . . . It was nice to see Glenn again . . . Dan Taylor brought a group from Fiesta Sport Fishing.  It was a trip organized by Dan Palmer.  Most of the guys had been with us in the past and this time decided to try August, a good choice!  Fishing was excellent . . . Dave Copeland, and a friend from Houston showed some Texas spirit by bringing notebooks which they donated to children of hotel employees who are the best students.  The notebooks were certainly a welcome gift . . . We’ll be donating more notebooks at the end of the year . . . We missed seeing Mr. and Mrs. Kelly, who were here for a granddaughter’s wedding some years ago were back again.  It was nice seeing them doing so well . . .


And a note of sadness: Andy Marcum, a nearly 20 year veteran visitor, lost his young niece in a tragic accident.  Andy brought us some beautiful photos of the girl and we will treasure them always.  Please join us as we speak these words to the Marcum Family –


. . . Those who wait on the Lord will find new strength. They will fly high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary.




            So many return guests during August it was hard to keep track of them.  Forgive us and our record-keeping system if we miss any – John Jacobs, Joyce Ranye, Stephen McDaniel, Chris Howard, John Maher, Will Montgomery, Bob Hicks and Oscar Loya.  


            Others were David Cooper and his friends, Don Fromberg, his family and friends; Dustin Maron, Diana Kremer, Walter Mark, Jeff Nieme, Richard Steckel, Grant Oepkesi, Joe Fox, Ed Nakamura, Richard Nowakaski, Art Kohl, Walter Mark and our loyal guest Lambert Jong. 


            Thanks to all of you from the Valdez Family



Special Deals and Events

You Won't Want to Miss!


October 5th - 8th


CHUY'S CATCH AND RELEASE TOURNAMENT Fun fishing and lots friends coming together for what it has become a tradition.


October 10th-14th


This is a traditional eent with lots of great prizes and awards, plus you will be helping a great cause.


October 19th-21st


Join and fish for a cause ALMA (Animal Lovers of Mexico) is holding a fundraiser tournament at the resort. Join the tournament help and may be win some of the great prizes.


click here to book your reservation on line


Did You Know?

Little known tidbits of Hotel Buena Vista's History, Surroundings, and things of interest.


Did you know?


Last Month’s Question: 

Last month we asked, “Since hurricanes seem to be on everyone’s mind, we thought we’d test your knowledge of these storms. 


What is it exactly that defines a hurricane as being a hurricane?


ANSWERA tropical cyclone, formed in the atmosphere over warm ocean areas, in which wind speeds reach 74 miles per hour or more and blow in a large spiral around a relatively calm center or "eye." Circulation is counter-clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere.


WINNER:  The winner with the most complete answer was our good friend Hugh Kramer, from San Diego CA, who heads Discover Baja Club an excellent Baja travel club.  For being the first with the best, he will receive one day fishing on a Super Panga.  So, Hugh, please remember to bring a copy of this newsletter with you on your next visit to receive your prize.   

* * *

 Note to all contest winners:  Please print out a copy of the newsletter that announces the winner and be sure to bring it with you on your next visit to the resort.  That way there is no confusion about the winner or the prize.  All winners must use the certificate between a year of being selected as a winner.



Contest of the Month!




September has often been called “Baja’s Best Kept Secret” because it is the locals’ favorite month to fish.  What are the three factors that make fishing so terrific in September?  Must list all three to be eligible


The person coming closest to the actual number will receive

Prize: 1 day fishing on a 28' single engine cruiser.


Email your answers to: The closest guess and the first to the actual correct answer will be the winner.


Click Here for August 2007 Total Fish Count


In the News


we gave this section a rest for the past few month, but we have a a great story from our good old friend, Mr. Steve Carson. Click here to read it



Fish, Adventure or Inspiration Story    


This month we are posting the press release published by our good friend and tournament director, Wayne Bisbee.


Hello to Everyone,

The 8th Annual Bisbee’s East Cape Offshore Tournament, presented by
Snell Real Estate, took place July 31 through August 4 and we shattered our previous catch numbers! A record 64 boats competed for
$351,300.00 in prize money and caught an astounding 320 billfish.

The fishing was the best ever seen in any of the Bisbee’s events, with 49 blue marlin, 197 striped marlin and 79 sailfish, but with all the activity offshore, only four qualifying blue marlin were brought to the scales—none on the first day, one on the second day and three on the final day.

Michael Menas fishing aboard The Bottom Line with Capt. T.J. Dobson brought the first qualifier to the scales on Thursday and weighed in a 313.0 lb. blue marlin. Although the fish would drop out of the overall standings it did take all of the Daily Marlin Jackpots for both Day 1 and Day 2 giving the team the biggest payout of the tournament—$153.360.00.

The first place blue marlin, 418.0 lbs., was caught by Julio Cota of Team Copa Gobernador “A” fishing aboard the Tres Hermanos with Capt. Ramon Tamayo. Cota also weighed in a 51.2 lb. dorado which took the Day 2 Dorado Jackpot making Copa Gobernador’s total payout $108,896.40. Second place went to a 344.0 lb. blue caught by John Martin on the Wildcatter with Capt.

EnriqueVillanueva Martinez. Martin also weighed in the largest yellowfin tuna of the tournament at 164.1 lbs. giving Wildcatter a $51,759.60 payday. Third place and $4,032.00 went to the Finatic with Capt. Richard Asbe for a 317.0 lb. blue caught by Al Rainwater. Top Dorado and the Day 1 Dorado Jackpot went to

La Hielera with Capt. David Almanza for a 52.7 lb. dorado caught by Douglas Arndt. La Hielera took home $22,002.00. The last payout went to Cabo Magic with Capt. Hector Ayala for a 47.0 lb. dorado caught by Tommy Garcia Jr. which took the Day 3 Dorado Jackpot and $11,250.00.
The Top Release Team was RO.RA. III with Capt. Carlos Godinez Zepeda. The team aboard the RO.RA. III caught and released three blue marlin and nine striped marlin for 2100 points, on time. Mahitini with Capt. Jesus Araiza came in second with two blue marlin, eight striped marlin and five sailfish, also worth 2100 points. Third place went to Capt. Gary Robbins and his team on the Strike Force with 2000 points for two blue marlin, five striped marlin and seven sailfish releases.

Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort owners and tournament hosts, Mr. & Mrs. Jesus “Chuy” Valdez and their sons Esaul, Axel and Felipe, punctuated the week’s enjoyment by providing first-class service and accommodations. The weather and sea conditions throughout the event were picture perfect, and the awards banquet, which was held on the beach at water’s edge directly in front of the Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort, was an incredible ending to an unforgettable week.

For additional information please visit

Our remaining 2007 Bisbee’s Events are the
Bisbee’s Los Cabos Offshore Tournament October 19–21 and Bisbee’s Black & Blue Marlin Tournament October 23–27. I hope to see you there!

See you where the fish are,
Wayne Bisbee
R. Wayne Bisbee

Bisbee's Black & Blue Tournaments are
presented by Snell Real Estate who exclusively represents the finest and most sought after properties in Los Cabos including Palmilla Properties, Oasis Palmilla, Villas Del Mar, Cabo Del Sol and Punta Ballena


Nuestra Cocina




3 cups grated carrot

2 cups sugar

2 cups flour

2 tsp baking powder

1 tsp salt

2 tsp baking soda

1 tsp ground cinnamon

1 cup salad oil

4 eggs

1 cup finely ground walnuts


Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Combine sugar and eggs. Mix well. In a separate bowl, combine flour, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon and salt. Add oil and mix well. Combine both bowls together and add carrots and walnuts. Put in a lightly greased and floured 9 x 11 inch baking pan and bake for 45 minutes.

Cream Cheese Frosting

16 ounces cream cheese

5 cups powdered sugar

2 tbsp vanilla extract

Using electric mixer, whip together all ingredients. When cake has cooled, spread frosting over it and serve.



This recipe (along with all your favorites from the resort) is from Ann Hazard's new book, Cooking With Baja Magic Dos. Available online or at our gift shop, this book offers up the best in Baja cuisine. With 250 recipes, 80 colored illustrations and travel and adventure stories spanning four generations, this is a must-have for everyone who loves Baja!

For more great Baja recipes and stories visit


















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