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January and February ’07 Newsletter


I am writing this like a politician, explaining that we didn’t fall behind in our production of newsletters while, in reality, we did fall behind. 


Winter and early spring is “show season” and we’ve been back and forth all over the map telling our Buena Vista Beach Resort story to fishermen and other potential guests from Long Beach to Minneapolis. 


Because we’ve been traveling, it doesn’t mean that hotel has not been busy. As you can tell, we have been a little behind in our website updating, but this will also change and if you take a look at you’ll see all the information for the past two months.


Sorry for the delay . . . but this newsletter is so long I hope it was worth the wait.  Gracias.


It’s All Good News!


Our 2007 season is underway!   


This coming week the hotel is completely sold out thanks to the Easter break and the official un-official start of our season.  On February 25, we had our Start of the Season Mass. All the hotel family united to pray for a safe and prosperous year; as well as to pray for longtime guests and friends recovering from illness or surgery. Padre Jose offered mass at the hotel chapel. Everyone is excited and looking forward to see what this year will bring us.  We pray it be a blessed one!


Even though this winter was a windy one, we still had many wonderful days. It was on these days that everyone at the hotel went fishing, diving and other water activities. We have some recommendations when visiting us during the winter:


Don’t try to do it over a weekend.  Make it a mini-vacation, a week, 10 days or two weeks, we have the free night’s specials; and if you stay more than a week you will get a free upgrade. Yes, there is going to be wind, but the days continue to be nice and you can still enjoy the pool and other activities. And you will have some non-windy days.  It is on this days that you go and enjoy our ocean as it comes back to be the beautiful and peaceful Sea of Cortés we all have come to love and admire.


And if what you need is a short trip to get a way from bad weather and work stress, we are a great option too, since the hotel is not too busy, winter is the time when you will have the most peace here. I am sure you can imagine this, so it makes for a great winter getaway . . . so keep us in mind for winter 2007-’08.


New Rental Car at the Resort 


If you want a little adventure and drive all over, this year the hotel will have a compact rental car at the resort. This is the brand new vehicle we won at the Los Mochis Tournament.  You can reserve it prior to your visit with our reservations office. You may rent it for your whole stay or on a daily basis, but since it is our only vehicle, make arrangements for it in advance as we think it will be very busy.


Report From Our Maintenance Room


There was an enormous amount of maintenance done during the winter months – hotel interiors, exteriors and boats.


Interiors. The rooms were equipped with brand new air conditioning units.  They are a little bigger, and are more efficient and will work a lot better.  Many of you stayed in our newly re-furnished rooms, but to finish the entire hotel we divided the task into two years and this year we will finish this project. To our friends that like to stay close to the pool and swim-up bar, those rooms should be finished later this month. These are the most requested rooms; therefore we have a little more problem finding vacant time to finish them.


Exterior.  The very much-needed lighting project was undertaken by Felipe and he is getting very close to having all the patios well lighted. It will look beautiful.  Some of the roof tile that was blown away by our friend Hurricane John last September has been replaced with new roofing material. Now, we only have the most popular rooms to finish up with the new roofing and Felipe is programming this for the end of this year.


Boats.  There were numerous repairs and upgrades – new motors, tanks and decks – but we’re almost finished.  Major boat projects included:


Nueva Era was completely taken apart and re-constructed to Chayo’s liking. His boat is not yet finished, but it will be ready in April.  Mauricio’s Eclipse and Jose’s Vagabundo had new 270 Cummings engines installed.  If you thought those boats were fast before, man you should see them with these new and bigger engines.  Marco’s Liliana, Chuy’s Hakuna, and Carlos’ Careleste were all were re-fitted with new fuel tanks and pumps.  Ramon’s 3 Hermanos’ deck was refurbished by Jose’s talented handcraft work. Felipe’s and Reggie’s Yanet as always was meticulously maintained and with a new propeller it will make a more efficient boat.  And, finally, My compadre Cirilo received a new panga with brand new motor.


And all of the boats are getting new fishing tackle!!  So, all-in-all, it’s like a brand new fleet. 


Condominium Project


Since our last communication went out, we have had a lot of e-mails, calls and visits (while we’ve been on our show circuit) regarding this condominium project adjacent to the hotel. Esaul has been organizing the entire construction project. He attended the Fred Hall in Long Beach and had already some of the floor plans and overall designs. And he continues working on a few other things that need to be taken care of before we get going.


Most of our longtime friends already know about this condo development, but in order to avoid leaving anybody out, we are going to be doing a different mailing list.  This will open a communications channel in order to update you in the latest developments and timetable. It is absolutely necessary for you to e-mail me at to make sure we don’t leave you out.



New affordable airline to Cabo from Tijuana


There is a new airline with brand new airplanes that started traveling to Los Cabos from Tijuana. You may want to consider it as they offer great fares, I seen them as low as $130 RT including taxes and they offer shuttle services from downtown San Diego to Tijuana’s airport. Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort is about to become a representative. It is a great option if you have to go last minute or as an alternative to other airlines.


Winter Visitors


We had a lot of friends coming to visit us during this winter, many have already been with us for many years and others that was their first visit.


Among them in January were: Robin Lampkin good friends of our great friends Mary and Buzz Fedorka. Dana Cooper and Monica Penney visited us from Canada once again. Kristen Winder from Utah, our old friend Bruce Rifkin, Lorrin Gilman, William Holloway, Esther & Roland Reeves, Mr. and Mrs. Falavolito and Bowie who visited us from British Columbia Canada, and our good friends from the Dzogchen Community Carol Fields, John Janka and John Lafrance.


In the month of February were: Our good friend and partner Chris from Big Game Fishing who came only to relax with her husband. Also getting away from the city were our good friends The Steinbach from the bay area, it was a short trip but a sweet one, as they did everything. There were other family reunions in February, as the Cannin’s, Bill & Sue Conner, also to celebrate their 40th Anniversary weeding the Miller family came together. Talking about wedding anniversary, the Froeshken came to celebrate their first and the Vlastelicas also celebrated their anniversary with us this year. This month was romantic as we also had many couples joining us during Valentines day. Among other friends who visited us during this month were: Jack Cabala, Jonathan Underhill, Karen Hoffman, Dan Winter, Constance Sparrow, Frank Urabeck, Lisa Taylor and Mark Templeton.

Did You Know?


Little known tidbits of Hotel Buena Vista's History


Did you know?


Last Month’s Question:  What percentage of their body weight do our hard-fighting Sea of Cortez dorado gain each day?  The closest guess to the actual gain in body weight will win.


Answer:  Dorado grow incredibly fast – 10% of their body weight each day! At one year old most dorado exceed six pounds and may be over 20 pounds at age two.  Three year old dorado usually exceed 30 pounds. 


The winner, with the correct answer was once again Mary Fedorka from Telluride, CO



Contest of the Month!



Since we will be honoring our one and only Sr. Jesus Araiza, [see below] our question is in two parts about him. What year did he come over to Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort; and what is his boat’s complete name and why it was given this name?


Prize: One day fishing on a 29-foot Twin Engine Cruiser.  (It may be that you fish with Sr. Araiza, but I can’t guarantee this.)


Email your answers to: The closest guess to the actual gain in body weight will receive a free fishing day on a Super Panga.



In the News


This month we found out that my dad was featured in main promotional magazine for our county. It was a very nice gesture and we are thankful the recognition.  click here to read it


Click Here for January 2007 Total Fish Count


Fish Stories & Adventure Stories


Our “adventure” is about a lifetime on the water – our own Jesus Araiza.  Jesus is going into semi-retirement.  He will still be at the hotel, but he is severely cutting back his days as a fishing captain. 


Jesus began working on East Cape fishing boats in 1955 and is far and away the most experienced skipper.  “Our boats in the 1950s were all plywood powered by twin 25hp outboards,” he recalls.  Unlike today’s well-equipped craft, when Jesus started, there were no electronics – no radios, no gauges – and sometimes not even a compass.  “We skippered by ‘dead reckoning’ and a lot of local knowledge,” he said.  In those days, boats seldom ventured more than 2 to 5 miles off the beach.


In 1987, he was about a mile-and-a-half when they got a blind strike.  It took the fisherman more than 2-1/2 hours to boat an 875-pound blue marlin.  The same year off Punta Arena his anglers played an estimated “grander” and lost it after a 1-1/2 hour fight. 


Jesus is truly the dean of Baja skippers and we feel privileged to have had him all these years.  He will continue to occasionally pilot a boat for some old friends and clients.  And he will be available for advice, a few stories and fishing memories of wooden boats and iron men.  


Mauricio Fiol, Jesus’ longtime deckhand, takes over the daily skippering duties on the Eclipse. 


Juan Garcia – nicknamed Mickey – who was top captain on a Super Panga for 20 years, now moves up to skipper the 29-foot twin screw cruiser Alegria, which means happiness in Spanish.  Mickey’s son will be the deckhand. 


Juan being among the best captain in our fleet was always offered a bigger boat, but always denied it for his Mosca, but this year this change. We didn't hesitate to give him the boat he requested as he was more than deserving of it.


We wish them both much alegria in their new jobs.  Note:  Those who have already made reservations with Mickey for his Super Panga during the 2007 season, we will make special arrangements.  Call the reservations office as soon as possible, please.



And Finally


U.S. citizens are now required to carry a passport (a driver’s license or other I.D. is no longer sufficient) and we urge you to get your new passport or renew your old one well in advance of your next trip Down Mexico Way.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you!



Nuestra Cocina




My dad currently owns three fishing boats that operate out of the hotel. Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort. He named the first two after his female Shih Tzu, Dusty. The newest boat is actually named after a human — my mother Dottie! The captain of the Dottie B II is Vicente Cosio — a great friend of ours. His mom, María has a restaurant called El Corral in their backyard in Buena Vista where she and her sister Vicki serve baked potatoes filled with crema, butter and carne asada. She serves them with an array of salsas. Her red salsa de arbol rocks. This salsa is meant to be fairly hot, and it is, but it’s one of my favorites! I love it over chiles rellenos and of course with the vegetable kabobs above. Makes about a quart.


20 – 25 chiles de arbol, lightly toasted

1 cup water

6 large tomatoes

1 tbsp vegetable oil

2 ancho chiles, slightly toasted

1 medium white onion, puréed

6 cloves garlic, puréed

3 tbsp cider vinegar

Salt to taste


In large skillet, lightly toast the chiles over medium high heat, about 5 minutes. Remove and place in one cup water to soak. In same skillet, roast the tomatoes over high heat in oil until blackened, about 20 minutes. Set aside in bowl. Do not clean the skillet! Loosen blackened pieces of tomato and stir in soaked chiles, onions and garlic. Boil over medium high heat about 10 minutes. Place tomatoes in blender or food processor and liquefy. Pour into bowl. Repeat with onion, garlic and chile mixture. Pour into bowl, add cider vinegar and salt and chill at least an hour. Will keep several days in the refrigerator, or part can be frozen for later.


This recipe (along with all your favorites from the resort) is from Ann Hazard's new book, Cooking With Baja Magic Dos. Available online or at our gift shop, this book offers up the best in Baja cuisine. With 250 recipes, 80 colored illustrations and travel and adventure stories spanning four generations, this is a must-have for everyone who loves Baja!

For more great Baja recipes and stories visit



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