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July 2008 Newsletter


You might think that this July newsletter is a little late.  Perhaps you forgot to take into account the moon, the stars and the hypnotizing wave action in our front yard.  Hours turn into days, days turn into weeks and weeks become months.  We’re not late.  The rest of the world is early. 


If June was “busting out all over,” July began with a July 4 blitz of roosterfish and dorado mixed with billfish, margaritas, snapper, margaritas, and more.


We hosted a youth Summer Camp in our Convention Center, the Penn Fishing University hosted by Steve Carson, and a myriad of small groups, family reunions and return guests.  If there was a dark cloud, it was the continuously increasing airfares from all over the States . . . but we just grin and bear it, secure in the knowledge that a week or a long weekend at the resort is still the best deal in the world.  Where else do you get World Class fishing, World Class International Cuisine, terrific boats, the best skippers on the Cape, beautiful gardens, friendly staff and the personal attention of the Valdez Family?


This year and for the 6th year in a row we were honor to host the Bisbee family and their 9th annual East Cape Bisbee, you can read the details in our fishing section.


Now’s a great time to book your Fall trip – smaller crowds, great fishing, generally flat seas and perfect temperatures.  Hook Up! 


Events and Happenings


We hosted Summer Camp Tae Kwon Do MDK Cabo Este for three weeks in our Convention Center organized by Eduardo Gonzalez from MDK Cabo Este.  There were about 25 children from 4- to 13-years old, most from Los Barriles, Buenavista and La Capilla. The camp activities were based on the martial art of Tae Kwon Do, but included traditional summer camp activities including handcrafts, swimming lessons and sports.  S’mores anyone? 


Invasion of the Saltwater Fly-Fishing Fanatics


Bennett Mintz, from Chatsworth, Calif., who helps convert our newsletter and other documents from Spanglish to English, was accompanied by Dave Hardacre, Woodland Hills together with Bill Gordean and Drs. Claude and Elizabeth Koprowski all the way from Maryland.  Dr. Claude is the retired head of Emergency Room services at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore and Dr. Elizabeth is a psychologist.  The Koprowskis spent two days diving and one day fly-fishing for roosters.  Dr. Claude and Dr. Elizabeth have Scuba dived all over the world and they said of all their destinations, from the Caribbean to the south of France and Italy, Cabo Pulmo was the best! 


One other Koprowski note – on their first day here they were notified via the Internet that they became first-time grandparents.  And a few minutes later the first baby photos arrived.  So even if you’re away from civilization, you’re not out of touch. 


Return Guests


In their second trip of ’08, our friend Nancy Rayner from Long Beach, Calif., was accompanied by Janis and Tim Sherer from Lakewood Ranch, Fla. We hope to see you again in Nov., with “Papa Loco”.  Joe Spillman and family from Austin, Texas had a great time fishing aboard 3 Hermanos with Captain Ramon Tamayo and Mate Teodoro Araiza.  Other returnees included Jim Inglis from Cottonwood, Calif., Larry Magruder from Everett, Wash., Gerry and Pamela Aguirre from San Marcos, Calif., fishing aboard Nueva Era with Captain Rosario Cota,  and Bruce Donoho from Mission Viejo, Calif.


The Steven Gardners from Visalia, Calif. celebrating their wedding anniversary . . . Brackin Andrews, Redwood City, Calif. . . . Ken Ribardo, from Hidden Valley, California had a great time fishing with Captain Chayo aboard the Nueva Era . . . David and Lori Dial from Oakley, Calif. . . . Brian Sachau of San Marcos, Calif. . . . Robert and Mary Meisse from Manhattan Beach, Calif. . . . Linda Chevalier all the way from St. Rose, Louisiana . . . Debbie Meschkat, Castaic, Calif. . . . Chris Johanson from San Bruno, Calif. who came down to put the finishing touches on their new home in Agua de La Costa.


Others were the Gruening Family from Switzerland . . . Greg and Beth Gong, Greg Sweeney; and it was a pleasure meeting Lorrita Fitch his companion from Bakersfield and Jeff Sims from Fla. fishing aboard Dusty BIII with Captain Alejandro CastroToguito Hazard’s Friends of the month were Kim Eady from California and Mike and Sandy McGrath fishing aboard Dottie BII with Captain Vicente CosioSusan Currie from Sausalito, Calif., is becoming the monthly guest of the Hon. Togo Hazard who came this month twice. 




First time visitors from the East Coast were Joseph Cho and Hyun Bae from Plainview, NY fishing aboard Mosca with Captain Marco Garcia Vargas.  They caught tuna,  dorado, and amberjack; and released a striped marlin and roosterfish. Not bad for first-timers!  he sent us a nice picture and comments.





The hotel/resort has become the go-to place to be for so many family, business and old friends groups.  Among them, we were pleased to welcome –


Jack Lysjford Group


Aparty of 18 fisherman from Minnesota was composed of Ernie Tracy, Ken Muhvich, Peter Conney, Larry McGrath, Joe Gierzynski, Fred Homuth, Fred Homuth, Michael Mund, Dave Homuth, Dave Flamberg, Ron Lewis, Court Lewis, Harry Dowling, Fred Dowling, Dave Fink, Jack Safar, Mike Killen, and Jim Maiser.  You betcha I hope we got all the names correct.  This group is definitely (not to put any other down) the best organized. They are from all over America, (sometimes even from Asia and Europe), they have a small tournament, they have shirts, hats and they make it easy for us to prepare nice, special dinners.


They had a small tournament fishing aboard our 29-foot cruisers Vagabundo, Alegria, Careleste, Hakuna, Liliana and Eclipse. The winner was… Sr. Dave Fink.


Richard Medel Party


It was a group of 17 fishermen and one lone wife (but we made her feel welcome.) Anglers were Richard and Mark Medel, Don Littell, Chris Zehner, Stearling, Body Male, Dean Johnson, Mike Simestad, Dave Greenholz, Sixto Santiago, Fred George, Chris Lardge, Don Kavanagh, Joe Miscione, John Leuthnner and Jeff and Julia Dish, all of them from Moraga, Calif., they were fishing in groups of four aboard the Dusty BII, Liliana, Hakuna and Alegria.


Othon Garcia and Family Memorial Tribute


From Prescott, Ariz., our good friend Othon Garcia accompanied by his sons Mark, Anthony and Jay and his grandchildren Garrett, Anthony, Tanner, Ashley, Ryan, and Ari Garcia. Also friends Cliff and Janice Moore, Robert and Sherri Wallace, Brian and Cheryl Hurst, Scott and Ryan Hurst, Mary Hurst, Judy Haylund, Dick and Michael Haylund, James and Michelle Moore, Garrett and Nancy Dorh, Michael and Shirley Curley, Thomas and Marilyn Stephenson, Barbara Underwood and  Devonna Vederick.


We had a special ceremony in honor of the senior Randy Hurst who passed away early in the year. All of the boats in their group made a memory line and stopped in a circle. There was a lovely tribute in memory of Mr. Hurst, and then all of the boats went their way to fish as he would have done. Also, Mark Garcia celebrated his 41st anniversary on this trip.


Lorie Byron group


Lorie Byron our good friend came down with Capt. David Sachau, his brother Brian and father, Kurt. They fished three days and had a lot of fun. Also joining them were John Pierce, Clifford Cook, Joe Puckett, and Limas Prinzo. It was very nice to host them, even though their error in their shirts (inside joke). Look for some new beautiful art for our rooms.




I don’t remember school being this much fun!  There were nightly seminars and instruction by Steve Carson, director of the Penn Fishing University series. The school featured prizes and even more fun! Sponsored by: Penn, Rapala, Luhr Jensen, Berkley, Flambeau, Owner and Albackore. They were scheduled to fish three days, but squeezed in an extra day right before heading back home. It was great fishing and remarkably, they caught over 50 different species of fish.  Only on the East Cape!  


            Thanks to all of you from the Valdez Family

Thanks to all of you from the Valdez Family 


Did You Know?

Little known tidbits of Hotel Buena Vista's History



Did you know?


Question: Author John Steinbeck and marine biologist Ed “Doc” Rickets made a fabled voyage of discovery to the Sea of Cortez that was documented in Steinbeck’s book Sea of Cortez: A Leisurely Journal of Travel and Research.  We need two dates – In what year did their 4,000 mile voyage begin and in what year was the book published?

Answer:  Steinbeck’s journey began on March 11, 1940.  His resulting book, Sea of Cortez: A Leisurely Journal of Travel and Research was published in 1941.  In 1951 – following the death of Ed Rickets in 1948 – he re-wrote portions of the book and it was re-released. 


First person in with the winning dates was Cai Monsson from Capitola, CA., he answered "The

trip began in early 1940 aboard a sardine fishing boat named the Western Flyer.


Sea of Cortez: A Leisurely Journal of Travel and Research was first published in 1941. It was republished as The Log from the Sea of Cortez in 1951". He will receive a special menu item dinner specially prepare for him and a companion by our chef Andreí Ramirez


We ask that the winner please print out a copy of this newsletter and bring it to us on your next visit.


P.S. – If you love Baja and fishing in the Sea of Cortez, you really should read either the original or the updated 1951 version. 



Baja Magic


This promotion came to an end by the first days of this month. If you missed it, we are sorry, but you had a few months  to take advantage of this great deal. For those who did buy it, your next year's vacation is secure and we will be happy to host you. See you next year or later this year.



News from our Condo Project


Many of you have asked about our Condominium project, and as I have explained;   things are underway, but at a much slower paste, but we will start offering our preferred guests an opportunity to get involved on the ground floor as promised! 


In the next few issues of our newsletter you will learn of a second development we are offering in downtown Los Barriles, just 50 yards from the beach!  Nothing is available to the public just yet! 


 So if you have an interest in getting involved now on the ground floor with us, builder buy-back or sale/repurchase offerings with discounts as high as 20% are in place if you elect to secure your investment.  Or convert your participation now into a condo with us later if you desire.  Maximum flexibility with minimum exposure!


While we are proud extended this offer is to everyone, we have room for only 3 or 5 participants at these deep discount levels.


Send me an email and I will keep you informed:



Contest of the Month!


Visitors to our quiet little corner of the world are often amazed at the variety and numbers of cactus plants.  How many different varieties of these amazingly beautiful desert plants can be found just in Southern Baja? 


The winner with the first and best guess gets to hug a real big cactus . . . seriously, the winner will receive. A day-tour to San Jose where he will be taken to the only green house with the biggest collections of catctus.


Email your answer to:



Click Here for July 2008  Fish Count



In the News!


This past month Esaul made himself famous as he captured a very nice Gulf Grouper (but his boat actually caught two) , so nice that he is summiting it for an all-tackle class record. The story about his catch was published by our friend Pete Thomas of the L.A. Times and it  also made the front page of the Fish Sniffer. Click here to read more about it.




Fish, Adventure or Inspiration Story



Bisbee’s 9th East Cape Tournament


The Bisbee Family, assisted by Cliserio Mercado organized this highly successful tournament.


This year, 56 boats participated with a total of $317, 310 in cash awards.  


Final results showed 114 billfish caught, with the top three released teams Fisherman,

Il Capricio and La Paz One.


Some of the participants were Bruce Hedge, Richard Mott, Glenn Stack, Dan Rebello, Mark Locken, Tommy Garcy Jr., Ronald Pasco, Kevin Knoblock, Lance Fenton, Brandy Bunte, John Moon, Rick Twamley, John Dominik, Togo Hazard, Mike McGrath, Esaul Valdez, Alonso Aspe Franco, Antonio Tirado,International Team Onu Copa Gobernador Daniel Fisher and Oscar Dacarret with his team ONU with international anglers from Portugal, Switzerland, Ivory Coast, France and Mexico.  

Top Three Teams


            Wildcatter – 360-pound blue marlin - $89,535.60

From Casper, Wyo., Ron Pasco, John Martin, Bob Martin, Juan Luis Osuna, Angel Kakogui, Juan Manuel Estrada, and Capt.

 Enrique Villanueva.


 Team Wildcatter with their 360 lb. blue marlin.

            Fisherman – 310-pound blue marlin - $6,350.40

From San Jose del Cabo, Daniel Fisher Guerrero, Daniel Fisher Jr., Eduardo Guluarte, Hugo Pino, Jose Agustin Pino and Captain Javier “Perico” Sanchez.


            ONU Copa Gobernador – 306-pound blue marlin - $145,908.


Pedro Casanova, Portugal; Oscar Daccarett, Mexico; Antoine Drochon, France; Alex Khalik, Ivory Cost; Stephan Millez, Switzerland and Capt. Epirumenio Flor.


Top Dorado


Bull Rider – 48.6-pounds – $37, 716

Rick Twamley, Trent Twamley from Lake Elsinore, Calif., Charles Davis, Christian Lupian and Paul Alfaro from Cabo San Lucas.

Trent Twamley with the team from Bull Rider and his 48.6 lb. dorado.



Special Deals and Events

You Won't Want to Miss!


October 10th - 13th



Fun fishing and lots friends coming together for what it has become a tradition.


October 22nd -26th


Join a tradition and not only do you will have fun and win great prizes, but you will also help toward a great cause.


October 17th-19th


Join and fish for a cause ALMA (Animal Lovers of Mexico) is holding a fundraiser tournament at the resort. Join the tournament help and may be win some of the great prizes.



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