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June 2008 Newsletter


It seems like about two hours ago we were all saying whoopee, or its Spanish equivalent, as we rung in the New Year.  Yes, it was 2008!  What happened?  January turned into June before our very eyes.  When we all so much younger, a year lasted, well, an entire year.  Now, a year is over before we get used to the new picture on the calendar.  When you’re 10 years old a year is a 10th of your life.  But now a year is a 40th, 50th, 60th or less. 


And so January, 2008 morphed into June before the ink was dry.  The Super Bowl and the NCAA Basketball Tournament and the NBA playoffs are but a distant memory.  Who won those, anyway? 


In Baja, where things move a click slower than the rest of the world, our hotel-resort greeted guests old and new.  We hosted groups, reunions and people looking for a big fish.  The weather was a little cooler than normal – that was good.  Bait and chum was a little harder to find – that was bad.  Roosterfish slammed right into the beach, giving our pangas a great shot at pez gallo. 


All-in-all, June marked the middle of the year before we were quite ready for it.   But that’s the way things are these days.  It’s called life.  Enjoy it. 


Happenings & Things


From June 20-22 we host the Barefoot Studio’s international Hatha Yoga training event that featured everything from the history to elements, techniques, practice and meditation presented by the internationally acclaimed Matthew and Holly Krepps.  Participants included Josefina Alvarez, Sergio Sanchez, Jannice Kinne, Adriana Mondragon and Adaiza Mungia.  It was organized by Karena Ferragut, and from all reports it was one of the best. 


One of the more inspiring events at the hotel was the Elementary School Graduation from Instituto McGregor.  The 6th graders, along their families, spent a weekend away from San Jose and Cabo San Lucas, celebrating their ending of elementary school and getting ready for their next step the Middle School.  A special and VIP guest was John Maffucci, Axel’s High School Senior Advisor from San Diego.




We have the ability to host big groups, small groups and everything in the middle, and we proved that once again in June.  Among our Guest Groups were –

Brian Bisk and 31 fishermen from Salt Lake City from Wall-2-Wall Flooring.  They fished for two days aboard the Dottie BII, Dusty BIII, Dusty BII, Alegria, Careleste, Eclipse, Liliana, Vagabundo, Yanet and Nueva Era. 


Dean Lane, San Jose California, was joined by 24 of his friends and colleagues for a weekend enjoying whatever interested them.  It was mostly fishing, but some of them went diving, golfing and partying in Cabo.  Group members included Steve Barizon, Frank Hannig, Tom Flanders, Kanwar Batra, John Carl, Mike Flowers, Bruce Decock, John Gardner, Brett Eller, Brian Lane, Tom Evans, David Evans, Rick Harrington, Josh Thomas, Elliot Mark, Anthony Hill, Walt Thinfin, Jamshid Lal, Supreet Machanda, Andrew Webb, Ron Sha, Tony Young, Charles Koh, Mike Pickett, Daniel Lim, and Jeff Richards and our friend Dean. All of them are part of the OOCIO organization. They are a lot of fun and it is a joy to see them back year after year. See you next year



More Groups


David Robles accompanied by 20 good fishing buddies from Los Mochis, Sinaloa, crossed the Sea of Cortez in their own boats for a weekend full of action, party and good time. In the group were Hector Hampl, Adan Zamora, Javier Cubedo, Justo Zaldo, Jaime Rosas, Efren Hernandez, Jaime Peregrina, Carlos Zavala, Paul Ruiz, Arturo Ruelas, Carlos Bloch, Santiago Sibrian, Alejandro Ruiz, Sergio Chomina, Jonas Lim, Sebastian Arana, Manuel Enrique Nielsen, Marco Julio Carlon and Rene Loaiza.


Paul Cannon rescheduled his April trip and came in June with his boss and some of their best clients, Mr. Takayama, Furner, Roldman, and Nicklos.  They fished aboard our 23-foot Super Panga and caught tuna, sierra, snapper and dorado.


We enjoyed hosting The Bryson Family from Bakersfield, California.  The group consisted of brothers Ron and Ty Bryson and their respective families who joined us for a mini family reunion, together with their wives and five of their siblings. They spent three days fishing on two boats.  There was no tournament or competition, it was just fun. 


The Jack Woody Group consisted of Mr. Woody and his wife, Kathy from New Mexico with. There were joined by three other couples and three more friends. Most of them came from New Mexico, but some as far as Hawaii. The guys fished for four days while the ladies enjoyed a nice walk early in the morning, a coffee and breakfast at the restaurant patio and the day went on. It was a joy to host them once again.


Returning Guests


Larry Montano and friends have come over to the East Cape for a weekend of relaxation and fishing since 2001. This year’s trip included Jeff Lahr, Mike Smith, Larry Montano, Dennis Mc Morris and Pat Deion from Montano Plumbing Group in Santa Cruz California . . . Toguito Hazard and Mike McGrath with his fiancée Sandy.  They will be fishing again for the Bisbee Tournament . . . Larry Quierolo was joined by his son and son-in-law . . . Returning again from Indio, California was our friend Don Woll, who had a pleasant fishing with Juan Garcia aboard the Alegria and on Mosca I with Victor Jr.


We hosted Lou Duchene from San Diego, California and Art Kohl from Lawrenceville, Georgia, who fished aboard Vagabundo for a couple days, as always having great time with Captain Jose Cosio.  Lawrenceville is the County Seat, in case anybody ever asks.

Maria Jeffress and James Bobcock with their families had a good time aboard Dusty BII with Jesus Cota and Sadoc AgundezZachary Babcock released two striped marlin and caught some dorado on his first visit to Baja . . . not a bad way to begin!

A returning guest from 2004 was James Cargal from Ardmore, Oklahoma.


Michael Jordan from Anderson, South Carolina spent weekend fishing . . . while The Mathews Family from Gardnerville, Nevada (that’s up in great Basque food country) caught three dorado and a dandy tuna . . .There was Mark Templeton and his family from Chula Vista California . . . while Berk Cone from Klamath Falls, Oregon was diving with Mark Raynor our partner in  Vista Sea Sport.


Other returning guests included Ron Chordigan from Moorpark, California, who used a gift certificate from BFA Group . . . Our friend Victor Gonella from Petaluma, California was here twice fishing in his own boat accompanied by Bruce Rifkin, our neighbor . . . while our friend Frank Murdock from Salt Lake City was here for a couple days in June fishing on the Dottie BII with Captain Vicente CosioSusan Currie from Sausalito, California visited us South of the Border once again.

Making their second trip of the year was William Kramer from Steilacoom, Washington . . . John Ryan fromVista California was accompanied by Lisa and Mark Mehtlan from Oceaside, California and Julie and William Lefever from Escondido California, had a good time fishing and snorkeling in nearby Cabo Pulmo Marine Park . . . Our good friends Richard Dailey, Charlie Lewis and Donald Jackson from Pleasanton, California had a little unfortunate incident.  On their first night Richard fell and broke his arm, and was not allowed to fish.  Fortunately, he has done nicely and we wish him continued recovery . . . Steven Wiberg brought his family and some friends Joshua Evans and Don Barry from Waukesha, Wisconsin . . . From Sinaloa were Octavio Borboa and his friends from Los Mochis and Mazatlan. Also from Los Mochis were other guests lead by Raul Antillon including Jacobo Alvarez, Eduardo Pena, Armando Diaz de León, Roberto Robles and Francisco Salinas.


Honeymooners Eddie and Melissa Sunila from San Antonio, Texas fishing aboard

3 Hermanos with Captain Ramon Tamayo and Mate Teodoro Araiza caught two dorado, a jack crevalle, skipjack and two roosterfish released at an area called Las Barrancas a couple miles north of Cabo Pulmo.  From Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, cousins Terry and Richard Stern had their dream trip with seven dorado and released, two cabrilla, three red snapper, three yellowtail and fifteen roosterfish fishing on Mosca with Captain Juan Garcia Jordan Farrell, Ray Sell and Bob Farrell from Cerritos and Corona, California fishing on Liliana with Captain Marco Yepiz and Mate Marcos Agundez reported 21 tuna and five dorado caught and two jack crevalle and four roosterfish released.


Wyatt Briggs from the tiny town of Scio, Oregon caught his first blue marlin, a 300 pounder that he fought for almost two hours aboard the Careleste, one of our 29-foot Phoenix boats with Captain Carlos Agundez a very serious and technical fisherman.  Wyatt was accompanied by Vance Briggs, Dedee, and Sam. Welcome to David and Steve Tomlinson along their families from Bellevue, Washington . . . Ray Johnson from Los Osos, California up in San Luis Obispo County fishing with his friend “Micky” Juan Garcia on the Alegria . . . Dennis Noble from Edmond, Oklahoma accompanied with Lynn Marcoux from Orange California, fishing aboard Yanet with Captain Felipe Ruiz . . . Tony Deogracia from Pioneer, California . . . Ken Ribardo from Hidden Valley, California had a great time fishing with Captain Chayo in Nueva Era.  Ken saw some fly-fishers who were here from Los Angeles and Maryland and vowed to try it next time . . .  Mike and Patty Adams, John and Bunnie Terry from Biggs, California caught three dorado fishing aboard Victoria with Captain Victor Garciglia in front of the Los Frailes area. And, finally, “locals” from San Jose, San Lucas and La Paz were Suki and Walter Trevino, Sabrina Maucuzet and Aram Garces.


We hope we didn’t miss anyone . . . if we did, please accept our apologies and we hope you realize that it isn’t easy keeping track of that many people while trying to pour margaritas. 


Thanks to all of you from the Valdez Family 


Did You Know?

Little known tidbits of Hotel Buena Vista's History



Did you know?


The May Question of the Month was:  One of our great sport fish is the yellowfin tuna.  It’s great on the end of a fishing line and equally as great on the table.  What is the largest recorded yellowfin tuna – (unfortunately, it wasn’t caught here.)  First one in with the closest weight gets a free day’s fishing aboard one of our 23-foot Super Pangas.


ANSWER – There have been giant yellowfin caught in nets, fish that were speared and some caught in the South Pacific that may or may not have actually been what we recognize as the yellowfin tuna.  The most generally acknowledged largest yellowfin caught on a rod and reel was on Nov. 15, 1992 aboard the Polaris Supreme out of San Diego by Mark Gasich at Clarion Island, weighing a remarkable 399.6 pounds!


The response was fantastic with answers ranging from 253- to 404-pounds.  But our winner is William Haber, from Monteverde, Costa Rica, who hit it right on – 399.6.  


We ask that the winner please print out a copy of this newsletter and bring it to us on your next visit.



Baja Magic


If you haven’t purchased your Baja Magic credit voucher, you’re running out of time.  This promotion will end at the end of this month. For more information click here:


For those of you that have decided to send a check, please contact our reservation office, since we will not be using our regular mailing address for checks any more.



Contest of the Month!


Author John Steinbeck and marine biologist Ed “Doc” Rickets made a fabled voyage of discovery to the Sea of Cortez that was documented in Steinbeck’s book Sea of Cortez: A Leisurely Journal of Travel and Research


We need two dates – In what year did their 4,000 mile voyage begin and in what year was the book published?


The first person in with the correct answer – remember, it’s two dates – will receive a special specialty menu dinner for two from chef Andrei Ramirez


Email your answer to:



Click Here for June 2008  Fish Count


Fish, Adventure or Inspiration Story


Good People . . . A Great Cause


Seventeen year old Maria de Los Angeles Hidalgo from Guadalajara, is suffering from a kidney condition.  She is in a treatment to control the illness and thanks to the Make a Wish Foundation, she visited us accompanied by her younger sister, father and her mom, who is also the donor of her working kidney. Her wish was to visit Los Cabos, something that we made true in a wonderful stay in the resort.



A little feedback of  how we get involve in this wish: in 2006, at the annual 10th Chuy’s Catch and Release Tournament, the winners were Henry Howard and Henry Howard Sr. from Los Angeles.  Henry donated his 1st place winning prize to the Make-a-Wish Foundation; and since then we have been waiting for someone to claim the prize.  The entire staff at the resort feels honored being part of this child’s dream.


And what they did during their stay? Theirs was basically three days in the resort.  On the first day the whole family went to Cabo San Lucas for a half-day’s fishing, taking pictures in the marina, and doing some shopping for souvenirs. The second day, it was a relaxing day at the swim-up bar in the resort; they also did some snorkeling and kayaking. On the third day they went fishing aboard Eclipse 91, (Note: It is the favorite cruise of the Howards) where they caught some triggerfish, needlefish and snapper.  They just kept one for ceviche during lunch.


We weren’t alone helping Maria accomplish her dream, as we had a lot of support from friends who went the extra mile to make her feel welcome and enrich her experience: Our friends and neighbors at the East Cape Anglers, our local fishing club, who raised funds, that were use to help with her trip, a special thanks to Barbara and Rod Albright, who organized it. Others who pitched in included Oscar Daccarett, the State Sportfishing Representative and Minerva Smith, from Minerva Tackle Shop & Fleet, who donated a morning tour through San Lucas Bay and a few hours of San Lucas Fishing.


We were all a thousand times blessed by Maria’s parents, who left with a big smile of happiness. We were glad to help.


Consider the Make a Wish Foundation the next time you win a few bucks in a fishing tournament, in a poker game or in a stroke of good fortune. 


The Chavez Clan


It is always a pleasure to hear from our guests, here is a nice letter with pictures we received from Mr. Chavez.


The Chavez Clan, from Wildomar, California was organized by Larry Chavez and included Todd Morman, Steve Chavez and Bob Noonan.  Along their wives they all reported having an excellent time relaxing and fishing. Larry sent us the following note:


Hello, Axel and Hortencia,
I want to take this time to thank you two and all your staff for the wonderful time that the Chavez group had last week at your beautiful hotel. We all had a trip to remember for many years to come . . .  we will be coming back soon.  My wife and I are planning a trip in the fall. I want to personally thank you two and give thanks to Liliana at your reservation office for
supporting and making our stay a great experience. I have attached a couple of photos if you want to add them to your web site.

P.S. Skipper Carlos and 2nd mate Jesus were the best.

Again thanks,


It is our wonderful friends and guests like Larry and the Chavez Clan that make everything worthwhile.  Thank you for your deep appreciation and kind words.


And last but not least, check out this monster striped marlin caught by this year Wall 2 Wall Flooring fishing group organized by our good friend Brian Bisk. It has been quite a few years since we seen one like it, we doubt that it was a stripped marlin. .



Another great picture and letter was sent to us by Mr. Roger Beck




Attached is a picture of my Wahoo from the Wall 2 Wall trip.

 This was on the Dottie B with Vincente and Marco.

 Thanks for a great fishing trip


Roger Beck




Special Deals and Events

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October 10th - 13th



Fun fishing and lots friends coming together for what it has become a tradition.


October 22nd -26th


Join a tradition and not only do you will have fun and win great prizes, but you will also help toward a great cause.


October 19th-21st


Join and fish for a cause ALMA (Animal Lovers of Mexico) is holding a fundraiser tournament at the resort. Join the tournament help and may be win some of the great prizes.



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