"The good life in Buena Vista........."


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    "The good life in Buena Vista........."      

Winter 2007 /'08


With the arrival of Spring, we plan on publishing regularly scheduled newsletters to our friends, guests and neighbors.  In the meantime, we’ll play a little game of Catch-Up detailing the Winter that was.



"A beautiful winter sun rise"


For the Valdez Family, Winter was a time of maintenance and refurbishing boats, rehabilitation of rooms, painting and general handiwork, the introduction of a new chef and menu, hosting weddings, birthdays and community parties, Thanksgiving . . . Christmas . . . and New Years. All of this joy tempered with great sadness.


It was an extremely cold winter – colder than anyone can remember – and so we quote the words of a poet:


O, wind,
If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?
~Percy Bysshe Shelley



Out of the Wind


We devised a way for our Winter anglers to get out of the wind in the Sea of Cortez.  At no extra charge – except for transportation service – we arranged for boats in Cabo San Lucas that allowed us to fish the Pacific side.  The ocean is generally flat and numerous fishing guests took advantage of it with some great days on the water.  When it was relatively flat in our local waters, they fished here, of course, but the Cabo San Lucas option was very much appreciated.  We are looking to make more use of this Pacific fishing in the Winter of 2008/’09 and might even move some of our own boats down south.  We’ll keep you posted, of course. 



Parties, Celebrations and Good Times


We hosted the wedding of Alexandra Robles and Virgilio Cardenas from the State of Cohuila in early November together with 35 families and friends.  The entire event was organized and choreographed by our own Hortencia, with meals by our very own Andrei Ramirez and his kitchen staff . . . Suzanne Colyer, from Gardnerville, Nevada, celebrated her birthday with us, we really enjoy "Susana's" company and we wished her many more  . . . A fabulous Thanksgiving dinner filled with equal parts of Hope, Joy and Turkey, Andrei insisted on putting a nice touch to it; We had our annual end of the year  Employee Party, which kept going into early hours of the morning. Plus our traditional Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties.


Perhaps the biggest local event – we were packed to the ceiling – was the introduction of Chef Andrei Ramirez to the neighbors and community.  We invited local homeowners and members of the nearby community to join our “Amigos de Spa Club,” a good neighbor program designed to bring nearby East Cape families – whether in a home or condo – together for mutual benefit of common concerns, friendship and an opportunity to share in the Good Life together with hosts, the Valdez Family and the Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort. 


The “Amigos de Spa Club” offers members substantial discounts on food, beverages, rooms and boats; use of the pool and other amenities for the modest fee of $100.  Chef Ramirez pulled out all his culinary magic tricks for a fabulous introduction dinner.


Just how good was the dinner?  Here are some unsolicited notes –


     "Bob & I were lucky enough to be in your company on Thursday, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  The food was simply delicious & we are looking forward to coming in for dinner.  We hope you haven't eliminated your nachos, though.  You definitely have the best nachos in the country!

Thank you and your staff - and the Chef - so much for your hospitality.  We were happy to have participated."

Lynda Wise & Robert Otis
(member #17)


"We enjoyed the tasting very much and can't wait to come and use our winning ticket for "fish preparation for four".   Is there a time limit for this?  I get fish every two weeks and we will bring that to be prepared.  I love the mojo de ajo the best.  Thanks again for the nice evening and we'll see you soon."


Sharon Errington


"I wanted to thank you, Chef Sr. Ramirez, and the hotel for all your hard work and beautiful banquet you put on for all of us. I hope it was successful for all of you. It was a delightful evening and the food was superb.  I think you have a chef you are always going to want to keep.  He is one of those rare 'jewels'. We will definitely be back for more of his dinners and also will tell everyone about the food at your restaurant."


Thank you again.

Gordon and Carolina


Incidentally, Amigos de Spa has a waiting list for membership. 



James Canaday, from Condord, CA. celebrated his 50th birthday in Feb. with 22 family members. It was a always fun to see everyone enjoying their stay.


In January, our kitchen staff catered a Super Bowl party at Mr. Favabolito's private residence.  We supplied everything including our award-winning guacamole.  Incidentally, it turns out that more guacamole is served on Super Bowl Sunday than any day of the year.  People often debate the question of which came first, the chicken or the egg.  In Baja we question which came first, the guacamole or the chip.  It’s an endless puzzle.   


Abraham Levy, an adventurous Mexican,  is kayaking the entire length of Mexico's beautiful coast.  When he looked up from paddling and spotted the beach at Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort

he couldn’t resist the lure of a hot coffee or a cold beer with an enchilada or two and a comfortable bed. We were happy to be part of his sponsors and we hosted him for a night. His trip still is an enormous adventure and we wish this young adventurer well. You can read more (if you don't mind reading in Spanish) in his website.

In Memory of ...


            Ironically, our September/October Question of the Month asked for the first name of Chuy’s mother (the Valdez brothers’ grandmother) with the prize of a Margarita going to the first 20 responses.

            It with the greatest sadness we must tell you that our mother, grandmother, great grandmother and wonderful friend Rafaela Valdez, passed away on February 18 due to the complications of old age.  Depending on which story she told, she was born in either 1917 or 1920, so she had a long and glorious life.

            Be assured that Rafaela Valdez will live in our hearts and in our kitchen.  We still use many of her original recipes, particularly her dinner rolls!   Her life was and continues to be an inspiration. 

            Go with God, Grandma . . . 



Contest of the Month!



This is both a fishing and a food question.  During the Winter we sometimes get tremendous schools of a particular fish very close to the beach.  Fishermen with casting rods, spinning rods, fly-rods and even just hand fishing can often cast into the churning boil of fish and catch one after the other right at daybreak.  What is the name of this fish and how is it prepared (How is cook is very important as it is the best on this style) ?  The first 10 guests in with the correct answer are the winner. 


            Prize:  The winner will receive two welcome margarita extra tickets on your next visit.  Hint – See the Fishing and Adventure Story! 


Email your answers to: The closest guess to the actual gain in body weight will receive a free fishing day on a Super Panga.



In the News


This recent story from Western Outdoor News tells the story of “what’s new” for 2008 better than we can tell it: click here to read it


Click Here for  2007 Total Fish Count


Fish Stories & Adventure Stories


Marauding schools of 8- to 12-pound "??????" are chasing bait and any lure that looks like a small fish daily from pre-dawn to 7 a.m. directly in front of Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort, according to Felipe Valdez.


            The hotel/resort is built over a hot springs which empties into the Sea of Cortez adjacent to the pier and the warm water is attracting masses of flatiron herring followed by this type of fish.  Anglers are using spinning rods, conventional boat rods and flies, but the guys with the winning numbers are those using good old and efficient technique of hand fishing. This is happening  for about an hour each dawn.  “Lures or flies need to be about 3-inches long and flashy,” said Valdez.  He cautioned to use a 4- to 6-inch trace of wire leader since its teeth can cut through monofilament. 


            Most early morning fishers are landing three or four, but one of the hotel’s boat captains pulled in 20 fish before heading out on his day’s charter.

            Some 5 to 10 hotel guests and nearby residents and even some captains are showing up daily for the blitz.



Nuestra Cocina


Food, Food and More Food


We are frequently asked about food service during peak Fishing Season, slower fishing months, Winter and Holiday times. 


During peak fishing season and periods of high hotel occupancy, primarily weekends from mid-May to the end of July, the hotel will retain its fisherman-friendly buffet dinner service; but during lower occupancy weekdays and the rest of the year (when things are a bit more relaxed in a South of the Border Tradition), the hotel will provide full menu service at the same price. 


Menu items include a full array of Mexican and Continental dishes from carne asada to fettuccine Alfredo, beef fajitas to luscious double-cut pork chops.  Certain lobster, steak and shrimp dishes will still be available on Specialty Menu prices, but all other entrees are offered at the standard package rates.


The hotel’s new seafood chef, Andrei Ramirez, has brought numerous recipes to the resort including fish with mango sauce, an Argentinean sauce for dorado, tuna with bacon and a Buena Vista sauce, and coconut vinaigrette for tuna. 


Anglers are invited to bring their day’s catch to Sr. Ramirez and watch him do his “magic,” personally preparing it for you and your guests.   All of these are in addition to the hotel’s traditional menu items.


Here are a few menu items you might want to add to your “things-to-do” list for your next visit



A Hotel Original - Stuffed with seafood, wrapped in bananas leaves and slow-cooked to enhance every flavor.



This is in the Italian/Greek Mediterranean style of seta or mushroom sauce.  In a word: elegant!



More like the south of France than the south of Baja, this sauce which is based on a traditional French Béchamel, weds parmesan cheese with subtle spices for an outstanding flavor. 



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