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    "The good life in Buena Vista........."

"A typical early Spring Morning"


April ’08 Newsletter


April is always a time of sadness at the hotel and resort because all our Norte Americano friends are paying their taxes by the 15th.  April must truly be a terrible time north of the border because all our visitors have tears in their eyes.  But one look at the Sea of Cortez in our front yard, the cactus flowers blooming, our tropical landscape in renewal, a couple of Margaritas, the leap of a marlin and suddenly tears and frowns turn to smiles and all is well in the world again.

The month of April begins with the sun in the sign of Aries and ends in the sign of Taurus except in East Cape where it ends with the sign of Corona.  Appropriately, the sun begins in the constellation of Pisces (the fish) and ends in Aries, since most people fly down to Mexico.  The literal translation is “April is the month to fly through the air down to Los Cabos and go fishing.”  As you can tell, whoever made up all those signs of the Zodiac was thinking of us.  You should also know that April starts on the same day of the week as July in all years . . . something you might need to know if you ever go on Jeopardy.  Otherwise, it has no value.

Baja Magic

We’re getting ahead of ourselves since this is just the April Newsletter, but in reality it is being written at the end of May.  If you are confused, so are we.

We introduced Baja Magic, a 2-for-1 program to thank our longtime return guests and friends by allowing you to buy $1,000 in credit at the hotel for just $500.  You should have received notification and the rules – but in case you missed them (or they missed you) you can find the complete Baja Magic information, by visiting our website or just click here. 

Remember that this is a limited time offer and when our quota is filled it will end immediately.  So, do not delay purchasing your $1,000 credit memos for $500.  When it’s over, it’s, well, you know.


April was Fiesta de Pesca month, 23 days of fishing, prizes, competition, good fun, good spirits and many fish.  Prizes are awarded for dorado, tuna, wahoo, yellowtail, pargo and snapper with all the hotels in the area participating.  Ten of the winners were guests at Buena Vista Beach Resort with prizes of fishing tackle, T-shirts, line, rods, reels and everything under the sun.  The event is sponsored by Western Outdoor News.  Biggest fish was a 50.5-pound dorado, which is a lot of mahi-mahi in anyone’s book.

If you have never participated in the Fiesta de Pesca, put it on your calendar for next April. 

Groups and Gatherings

Pasquale Roberto brought a group of family and friends from the world famous San Carlo Italian Deli in Chatsworth, Calif., for five days.  They fished aboard the Eclipse and Liliana and had such a good time they’re planning on being back in Oct. or Nov. . . .Gary Schoelen and his motorcycle group of 17 including couples made the trek from California for some fishing, time at the swim-up bar and relaxation.  Unfortunately, one of the group members met a cow on the trip down.  While it wasn’t a serious accident, it did require a lot of time dealing with insurance paperwork.  And you know what fun that can be!   Longtime visitor Ed Howard brought a group of five from the West Coast.  They fished aboard the Nueva Era and 3 Hermanos and were credited with releasing a number of striped marlin.

We enjoyed seeing Reese Allen from Plymouth, Calif., up in the Gold Country of the historic part of the state.  Reese, his wife and daughter enjoyed a great trip. This was Reese's warm up trip, as he get ready to host their annual BAFT Fishing Tournament in September, a fund-raiser for the kids in the orphanage. We were very happy to have met his family . . . . Rafael Santos, from Monterey in the State of Nuevo Leon, Mex.  With a group of 12 on a working vacation.  They fished a couple of days aboard the Eclipse, Liliana and Careleste, braving a north wind.  Even with the discomfort of the wind they nailed some marlin.  The Santos group played golf one day at San Jose’s newest course that just opened, Campestre.  They did very well hitting that white ball and then trying to find it; and one of the guys was reported to have been right at par.  Congratulations.

Todd McMullen, Matt Krause and Jeremiah Van Etten from Sacramento, Calif., tried the adventure of night fishing with Juan and Gabriel aboard the Alegria. They caught four snappers and 12 triggerfish abut seven miles south in La Rivera area.  If you’ve never tried the adventure of Night Fishing, give it a try on your next visit.  This trip is only on a request basis, and it can only be booked at the activity desk.  No weekends – week days only, please. 

Returning Guests

Lots of old friends – and some new ones, too – had to shake those income tax blues and headed our way for a few days of fun and sun.

Among those return guests were Mary and Buzz Fedorka from Telluride, Colo.  The Fedorkas actually stayed at a nearby private home, but made the hotel their home-away-from-home for dinner.  They’re 20+ year returnees . . . Diana Somerville from up the coast in Vancouver, Beautiful British Columbia . . . Togo Hazard made his second visit of the year accompanied by his good amigo Dr. Majure O. L’Amar from San Diego, but he kept the best day for himself as he caught 10 marlin and one sail on the last day.  We welcomed Robert and Sandra Lustig, all the way from the Mile High City of Denver.  The Lustigs rescheduled their planned February visit which was postponed due to a health problem . . . we were certainly happy to see Sr. Roberto out fishing with Capt. Juan aboard the good ship Alegria.

 Others were Capt. Ken Toy, Woody Creek, Colo., a return guest from 2006, who had a great day aboard the 3 Hermanos and the Dottie B II.   After talking to Capt. Toy, he remembered this trip as the best he had ever had down in Baja with double digits marlin throughout his stay.  . . . John Morgan from Farmington, New Mexico up in the famous Four Corners area . . . Art Olson, who fished aboard the Dottie B II and the Dusty B II.  His party stayed at one of the new Palmas Condos, but always likes to fish with Capt. Vicente  . . . Chris Johansson, from San Bruno, Calif., was here for a week checking on their home building project now under construction at nearby Agua de La Costa; we expect Chris to become an Amigos de Spa member very soon . . . Jim Maturo, visiting from Hampton, Conn., celebrated his 65th birthday with two friends in style with three sailfish, some dorado and 5 or 6 roosters.  We offer our congratulations, happy birthday and many more Big Fish to your credit!

Once again, if we missed anyone our sincere apologies.  We’ll do better on your next visit. 


            Thanks to all of you from the Valdez Family









Did You Know?


Little known tidbits of Hotel Buena Vista's History, Surroundings, and things of interest.


Did you know?

In our last newsletter, we asked, In what ‘family’ or species of fish is the yellowtail and what are its closest relatives?

This question prompted the most answers we have ever received from one of our trivia questions. It is very nice to know that we have so many friends reading our newsletter. For those who answered, but didn’t win, we thank you and hope you keep trying. We had a friend that even phoned us, but the winner had already sent in his correct answer.

 Also congratulations to our good friend and past winner Mr. Andy Marcum, who answered correctly and also let us know of his three 200+ tuna caught on a recent long range trip. That, my friend, is a lot of work and Mucho Tuna!  Congratulations from all of us!

ANSWER:  The yellowtail is a jack – not a tuna as many people think – and is closely related to the amberjack.  It’s also a relative, but more distant, to both the jack crevalle and roosterfish.  In Australia and New Zealand, the term kingfish is used for these fish. Yellowtail range from Southern California right past our front door in Baja all the way south to Chile; and on the other side of the Pacific, from New Zealand north to Japan.

 The winner of a free day’s fishing on a 23-foot Super Panga with the first correct answer is Bill Thayer from Vancouver, Wash. 

In case you wondered, our winner is selected by the time and date stamped on your return e-mail.  First one in wins!  Incidentally, Mr. Thayer is an attorney and we promised him there would be no “lawyer jokes.”  But have you heard the one about . . . no, we better not. 

Note to the winner:  Please remember to bring a copy of this newsletter on your next visit so that we can credit you with the prize.


Contest of the Month!



Let’s stay in the fish identification mode for this month’s question.  One of our favorite fish to eat is the pargo or Mexican barred pargo.  If you bring one in to Chef Andrei you will be delighted with the results of his extraordinary culinary skills.  Our question is this: In what family of fishes will you find the pargo? 

The winner will receive the same prize as last month’s – a free day’s fishing aboard one of our 23-foot Super Pangas.  First person in with the correct answer wins!  Good luck.

Email your answer to:

Click Here for  2007 Total Fish Count

And Here for 2008 First Quarter Fish Count


Fish, Adventure or Inspiration Story

Our very good friend Marlin (yes, Marlin is his real first name) Gohn, who is in the dental equipment and tool industry, hosted a dozen dentists in our Convention Center for a combined educational seminar and fun vacation.  They fished in the morning, then attended workshops and educational clinics in the afternoon.  The guest dentists took a bite out of our fish population aboard the 3 Hermanos, Dusty B II and Liliana.

Mr. Gohn personally had a couple of fishing days that will be long remembered with nine striped marlin, numerous dorado, triggerfish and snapper.  It was almost continuous action with lots of tugs, bent rods, howling reels, plenty of laughs and good times out in the Sea of Cortez.

 One of the evenings at the Convention Center after their dental education seminar and in a more private setting, Chef Andrei prepared a special dinner highlighted by fresh-caught dorado done a couple of different ways including a fresh orange sauce and a Mexican barbecue sauce.  Whoooeeee!

 This is a letter from our friend Marlin Gohn:

 Here are just a couple of photos from our trip; and what a trip it was!  In two days of fishing we caught 17 marlin, 9 sailfish, 2 roosterfish, 9 skipjack and 7 dorado.

This was our first time putting on a seminar like this, and let me tell you that everyone involved went far above any expectations that I had. The way that the whole trip was planned and how Buena Vista took care of us was beyond words. The conference room was perfect and the food and service was as great as ever. So, from all of us who were there, a big Thank You. 

 - Signed /  Marlin Gohn, Dublin, Calif.

Error on last Newsletter

We know it’s hard to believe, but we made an error in our last newsletter regarding the dates for the Penn Fishing University.  The correct dates are July 24-28.  Everyone regrets this error except for the fish.

This event will target striped marlin, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, dorado and more!  With incredible prizes furnished by Penn, Rapala, Albakore, Owner Hooks, Berkeley, Flambeau and other manufacturers. 


The Month of July is Kids’ Summer Special, with all children ages 12 and under FREE.  School will be out and this is a great time for guests to get their young kids interested in fishing the Sea of Cortez.  Free is, well, free and you can’t beat it! 



Special Deals and Events

You Won't Want to Miss!



July 24th- 28th 


Fish for marlin, roosterfish, tuna, dorado and more!

Nightly seminars and instruction by Steve Carson, director of the Penn Fishing University series. Lots of prizes and fun! Sponsored by:Penn, Rapala, Luhr Jensen, Berkley, Flambeau, Owner, Albackore



July 29th -August 2nd



Be a part of Hotel Buena Vista’s Team in the $300,000 cash prices in the East Cape Bisbee’s 6th Annual Tournament. Call for details.


August 7th- 11th 

15th Annual Sportfishing with



Join Dan Hernandez and his TV crew on their 14th annual East Cape trip. Sponsors prizes and a chance to be part of his famous TV show.  Sign up early and get great upgrades.



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