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AUGUST SEPTEMBER 2008 Newsletter


People often look at our family’s Baja lifestyle with great envy, wondering what it’s like running a resort amidst flowering gardens, a kitchen staff to plan our menu and cook our meals, a beautiful ocean for a front yard and miles upon miles of pristine beach to walk or ride a horse.  Yes, our life is that … and more.  The “more” being 20 hour days, one chore after the other, food orders that don’t arrive on time, sweating out the worldwide economy … and more!


A friend of ours who owned five family-style Italian restaurants in Southern California put it best when he said, “Every waitress’s flat tire is my flat tire!”


All of this is by way of explanation why our newsletter is late.  Over the past months we’ve had the death of a valued employee [more on this below], construction and development projects in various states of completion, storms, escalating airfares, fuel prices that were out of sight for a while, plus the ongoing operation of running a hotel resort complex.


And there were some days we just had to go fishing! 


That might not be as good an excuse as “the dog ate my homework,” but it’s the truth!  We hope to do better in the weeks and months ahead.  God willing.


The Holidays


Thanksgiving is the start of the “Holiday Season” and we wish you the best.  Take time to smell the roses – and the turkey – as you drift from mall to mall.  Don’t forget to drop a buck in the Salvation Army kettle and a maybe write a little check to the Red Cross and your favorite animal charity.  They will Bless You … and so will we.


All Around the World


If you’re like most of us, you wake up to a radio alarm clock made in China, go to work in a car made in Japan, drink coffee grown in Brazil and wear clothes made in Malaysia. Like it or not we are all cogs in an international world.  And as the saying goes, when the United States sneezes, the rest of the world gets the flu.


Our hotel/resort might be on a dusty road in Southern Baja, but we are feeling the economic hurt like the folks on Main Street, Wall Street or the Ginza. 


Needless to say, these have been tough times for our resort, our family, our employees and their families.  Increased airfares hurt us during the summer as guests that normally came with their families suddenly found out it was $3,000 or more for group tickets.  Cancel!  Guests that normally came with 10 or 12 buddies for a week, visited with just two or three for a long weekend. 


But we see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.  We have reports of airfares coming back to “normal” as the price of fuel has dropped.  People are recognizing that a long weekend or a week in Baja is a sure cure for the blues … and there’s nothing quite as good for your mind as a fish’s tug.


We will survive.  Join us at life’s little cabaret we call Baja. 


What good is sitting alone in your room?
Come hear the music play.
Life is a Cabaret, old chum,
Come to the Cabaret.


The Things We Did Last Summer …


We hosted the wedding of José Alonso Castro Olachea and María Concepción de la Peña from Miraflores. It is always a pleasure to have such nice, family-friendly events. Hortencia once again pulled a bit of magic out of her hat to make the most of such special occasion. Chef Andrei prepared a feast ft for newly weds and dancing was definitely on the menu.


We also had the wedding of our good friends Joy Lesher and Mike Mchargue. 

They also had a wonderful beach ceremony, timed perfectly for a nice Sea of Cortez sunset. After the ceremony, the bride and groom hosted their reception in their ocean front patio.


It was an honor to host our uncle and good old family friend Lic. Ruben Alejo Arechiga, who was honored by his Mason chapter in Los Cabos.  It was the highest honor for a Mason in our state, we are proud of our uncle. He invited some of the Shriners to visit the hotel and they spend a wonderful weekend.


We have been supporting the local kids’ summer camp at the resort.  The local youth summer camp is organized by Eduerdo Gonzalez, a Taekwondo instructor, who uses the martial arts as the basis of the camp.  This year there were about 45 in attendance.  After the summer camp fun and games, they were visited by the regional sensei, who came for an exhibition and for the final test of the campers that attained a higher level. It was very nice to see so many families together. We are proud to have helped organized and promoted such a healthy lifestyle among our kids.


This summer, we tried something that was quite interesting.  We ran a radio advertising campaign for a short summer local get-away.  We had no idea what kind of response we’d get, but were pleasantly surprised at how many old friends returned to remember the good times they had.  What a thrill to see families that last visited us 10 or 12 years ago return with grown children.  And now we have “new” old friends.


As you know, August and September is considered by locals as the best month to fish, so this is when we tend to invite TV crews and outdoor writers.  We hosted two great TV crews: Dan Hernandez from the West Coast and Mark Davis who is based in North Carolina.  Fishing is fishing and no matter who you are sometimes it is good and sometimes is out of this world, but there are always things to film.  This time the fish cooperated and we had wonderful programs that should be running next year, I will keep you posted on the dates.




Groups from near and far – big and not so big – visited our little corner of the world.  Here are some of them:


Dan Hernandez


Twenty five guests joined famous TV host Dan Hernandez on his annual trip to the East Cape . It is always a pleasure to host him and his group. He is a down to earth person and a genuine good guy.  If you can join him in ’09, I assure you that you will have a great time. This year’s attendees were Irma and Aureliano Hernandez, Mikael Gustafson, Maurice Singleton, Mike Anderson, Laurie and Zane Sand, Jane and Steve Parker, Karen and Todd Parker,  Julie and Brandon Parker, Al Vega, Tom Bute, Bill Owens, Peter and Richard Patron, John Patron and Baldwin Russel, Ed Edwards and Rich Gorczynksi.


Big Bear Friends


We again hosted 15 friends from Big Bear Lake Rotary Club on their 11th trip to the resort. The group included Vince Smith, Karl Francis, Darrell Mulvihill, Ken Turney, Rich Colier, Rick Baumgartner, Bob Davies, JP, Walter Con, Tom Hastain, Jim Appelbury, Andy Sturgeon, Veryl Kelsey, Cliff Fowler and Tony Tamberchi.


Dave DeGennaro East Cape Group


Our good friend Capt. Dave DeGennaro visited from Barnegat Bay, NJ again this September. After his visit last year, he told numerous friends and his fishing clients from the East Coast to about our Sea of Cortez fishery. The result was that we mutually agreed to help promote our resort and his East Coast charter business.  He was joined by good friends and even though they didn’t have the fishing they had last year, it was a terrific time.  If you’re ever around the New Jersey coast and you hanker for a bit of fluke, flounder or bluefish – in season, of course – give Dave a call and he’ll get you into a bite. 


Return Guests

Among many of our return guests this past summer were: Diana and Craig McRae, Francis Frezza and wife on their second trip of the year; Paul Cunningham, Ed Nakamura who comes with our friends at Big Game Fishing, David Hurtado, Mike Price and Susan Currie


Others were Ewan McDonald who last visited us about eight years ago, Richard Patron, Bill Owens, Tom Bunte, Maurice Singlenton, Sherwin Artus and Sons, John Haase, Donald Knox, Leroy Roper, Bob Wilkerson, David Scruggs, David Cooper, Mike Stock, Andy Marcum, James Butler, Pascual Roberto, David Gaw, Brenda Major, Daniel Kimple, Cathy Cornek, Tom Linnehan, Paul Cannon, Andrew Tersteeg, Herbert Frommholz, James Kussel, Greg Hernandez, Bob Mondin and Ralph Karr, among many other great friends that visited us this year.  


International guests included Roberto Carnevele from Milan, Italy; Jesus Cervignon and Iciar Novales from Madrid, Spain, and The Werner Family from Switzerland.


Thanks to all of you from

the Valdez Family


With Sorrow …

Good friend and loyal colleague Ignacio “Nacho” Garcia Castro passed away recently.  Nacho was one of our gardeners, married to Lugarda Cota, the lady in charge of cleaning the rooms in the South section of the hotel. It was a tragic and unexpected loss, and we offer our condolences to Lugarda and the Castro and Cota Rochin family.


Our garden was already sad as this year longtime employee – actually, the first employee at the resort – Melecio Amador retired, after many years of taking care of our gardens. Sadly and tragically, shortly after he retired he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. And now with Nacho lost, our garden and our hearts will be sad for many years to come. 




  Did You Know?

Little known tidbits of Hotel Buena Vista's History, Surroundings, and things of interest.


Did you know?


Our last Question of the Month was a real sticker – 

Visitors are often amazed at the variety and numbers of cactus plants.  How many different varieties of these amazingly beautiful desert plants can be found just in Southern Baja? 


Answer:  There are 925 fully accepted species with about 200 additional variations!


Even thou there were some answer, none of the them was correct, better luck next time.


We ask that the winner please print out a copy of this newsletter and bring it to us on your next visit.



Bahía Residencial


A few weeks ago you should have received an e-mail regarding our development project in Los Barriles, Bahia Residencial.  In case you were away or somehow missed it here’s the link to the project website:


Don't miss this opportunity to get your slice of the tranquil East Cape with the convenience of downtown Los Barriles living!


Our condominium project adjacent to the hotel was put on the back burner due to the complexity of construction financing in this era of tough real estate loans.  Financing for the whole enchilada was required at the same time, while our Los Barriles project is one home at a time.


Rest assured that our condo development right here at the hotel is not a dead issue or more mañana.   We just need the world’s economy to settle down and construction loan money to become more attainable.  But the plans are drawn – they’re not going away – and you are cordially invited to stay tuned.



The Dusty BIII

in Puerto Los Cabos


For the late Fall and Winter months we now have one of our hotel boats and a number of pangas at Puerto Los Cabos, in the brand new marina in San Jose, for more fish and less wind.  If you were reluctant to book a fishing trip because of wind and sea conditions, we have answered your concerns.  Ride the hotel’s free shuttle van about an hour … your cruiser or panga will be fueled and ready and so will your shot at the best fishing this side of paradise.  Return to the dock around 3 and you’re deep into a cocktail after an hour ride home. 


Our cruiser and pangas are available even if you’re not staying at our hotel, but maybe visiting Cabo San Lucas for a convention or family vacation. Take advantage of the introductory price, click here to find out more


This venture is in partnership with the Guluarte Family, longtime residents of La Playita, don't need to mentioned their fishing aptitudes nor their work ethics they are great and we are sure they will take care of whatever you need for a day on the water, visit them at



Baja Magic


You remember our Baja Magic promotion that enabled our friends to deposit $500 and receive $1,000 in hotel rooms and boats?


Well, it was so successful that we now have to limit the number of Baja Magic certificates per week!  If you purchased one or more Baja Magic certificates, we urge you to make your reservations for 2009 now!  Ahora! 


And, we will now require a down payment with your reservation.  Your $500 certificate is still valued at $1,000, but we’re sure you recognize our need for a deposit.  The deposit is needed to protect our hotel guests from others who make a reservation for a particular boat and captain, then cancel at the last minute. 


A word to the wise:   Make your 2009 reservations early to ensure you get the boat and crew you want and the style of room you want. 


Thank you.  See you SOB – that’s South of the Border.



Improved Menus

Someone once said that the “only constant in life is change.” 


With that in mind, our fabulous Chef Andrei has changed our menus, making them more user-friendly, with more fish dishes, more traditional Mexican foods and more unique entrees. 


We tested these menus for 60 days during Aug. and Sept., tweaking entrees, side dishes and desserts, until everything fit perfectly.  Flavors, colors and textures became as one.  To the best of our knowledge, we are the only East Cape resort that prepares gourmet quality fare daily with choices ranging from preparing your personal catch-of-the-day to something more reminiscent of a French café. 


But perhaps the best recommendation came from one of our longtime guest and friend, Mr. Bruce Donoho from Mission Viejo, CA who stated, “This has been my best dinner in all my trips.”    



Contest of the Month!


It seems that when we get away from the ocean questions, we get less answer, so we are going to go back to ocean in order to see how many emails we get this time.


They are as common in Baja waters as a fishing reel or a dorado – the outboard motor.  Who invented the outboard motor and in what year?  


The winner with the first correct answer of the inventor of the outboard motor and the year it was invented will receive, but of course, a day in a Super Panga now with advance 4 stroke outboard engine.


Email your answer to:



Click Here for August and September 2008  Fish Count



In the News!


We are going to continue riding the 15 minutes of fame of my brother Esaul’s and his possible world record Gulf Grouper. Well, it is not every day that you catch a trophy like the one he caught. This time it was our good friend Steve Carson that witness Esaul's catch and was on site to officially record the catch. Actually it was Steve who prevented Esaul and crew to fillet his catch as they did with the first bigger grouper. Steve recognized the importance of the catch and made Esaul bring the certified scale to verify the weight. Our scale is annually certified and this will be the 2nd world record (if it qualifies) to be recorded in less than 5 years. Click here to read more about it.



Fish, Adventure or Inspiration Story



The Bad A- - Fishing Tournament Raises $2,000 for Orphanage 


As you can conclude by their name, the Bad A- - Fishing Tournament – we call it BAFT – is a fun group that raises significant dollars for the Children’s Orphanage.  How much do they raise?  Over $2,000 USD this year alone!




Normally, 20 BAFT members are on hand, but this year for various reasons it was limited to 16.  They proved conclusively that 16 can have as much fun as 20.


Organized by Reese Allen, Pat Lowery and Gary Lindner, they hold a three day tournament, competing as individuals, not teams.   They fish from several boats, and since this their 8th year, they already know their favorite captains and it makes it very competitive.

Winners are determined by a point schedule and this year the point margin, as opposed to previous trips, was almost triple, thanks to the huge numbers and quality of the fish.  It was definitely hook-up after hook-up! 


Their Award Ceremony featured top prizes donated by major fishing companies eager to aid their charity work; and, as is their tradition, on their last day they visited the orphanage.   Among the group, Erik Bowman not only helped raise money, but he offered to donate medicine that Director Virginia Sanchez requested.



So, here’s a hearty Valdez Family Thank You and a tip of our sombreros to the guys of BAFT and thank you for your donation to a very worthy cause.  


Norm 029

The controversial by-catch law Norm 029 was signed on Sept. 12.  Members of the sport fishing community are divided over two issues: 


One states that since they are sport fish, they should not allow any catch at all; the second is that with these limits it will be easier to enforce this law and punish those who surpass the limits.


In my very personal opinion, a law is only as good as it is enforced and respected.  So now that there is a law, we need to unite and fight for what has always been missing, and that is enforcement.  







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