Dear Friends: 


You are much more than a hotel/resort guest.  You are an amigo; a friend.  And, as a client, guest and friend, we acknowledge the importance that your visits and patronage have been – helping ensure our growth and success – by turning $500 into $1, 000.   It’s our way of showing our appreciation to you and select other valued friends in a simple, but special way. 


I urge your timely response to our exclusive Vacation Magic $1,000 credit for $500 at Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort.  In previous years when we did similar 2-for-1 “thank you” promotions, responses almost immediately sold out our capacity.  Many friends were disappointed when we were forced to stop accepting applications. 


We look forward to hearing from you in the next few days to ensure your being able to take advantage of this “thank you” opportunity.


- Chuy Valdez and the Valdez Family





  • This is a limited, non-transferable offer.  You pay $500 US dollars and we will issue you a credit for $1,000 US dollars for services at Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort.
  • This offer is valid for hotel rooms and boat rentals only.
  • The $1,000 credit is valid beginning October 1, 2008.  While there is no expiration date, Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort reserves the right to stop sale of these credit memos at the sole discretion of hotel staff and management.   Vacation Magic credit memos will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis.   Sorry, but no further Vacation Magic credit memos will be sold or issued after closing. 
  • If the full credit is not used in one stay at Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort, it can be used on subsequent visits.
  • This credit memo can only be purchased through Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort. Reservations using this credit can only be made via telephone or email directly to the hotel.




  • This credit is valid only for hotel rooms, meals and boats at Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort.  Transportation, rental of fishing gear, rental cars, ATVs and jet skis, horseback riding, fishing licenses, massage treatments, dive and snorkel trips and adventure tours are not included.  This HBVBR credit memo is only valid for use on boats within the hotel fleet.
  • Bar and specialty menu items (not included on the regular meal plan) are not included.
  • This offer is not valid with any other special promotions or offers.
  • Taxes and service charges are not included.
  • This offer is valid only for premium rooms, subject to availability.

  • A maximum of two credit memos per house hold.


  1. Summit the form below.

  2. Hortencia, Liliana or Carolina will call you to determine your method of payment (check, credit card, cash or other.)

  3. Oncethe payment is processed, you will receive an email confirmation (just like a reservation detail form) with a positive balance.  This is Vacation Magic . . . $1,000 for $500.

  4. That's all!!


 Submission FORM


  Address (C/C billing address):



  Address #2:




  State (US) or Country:

  Postal Zone (Zip):




  Email Address:



  Number of Certificates:

  Tentative Travel Dates:




Please place initial in the square if you agree to the statements below:


I fully understand the external services that this offer does not include.


I  fully understand the services within Hotel Buena Vista B.R. that this credit memo does not include.


I  am aware that this offer does not include the taxes and services derived from the hotel and boat services.


I am fully aware of the effective date of this offer.


 I fully understand that this offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions.


I am fully aware that from of this day on, I have a week to ask for reimburse my deposit.


I am fully aware of the credit amount.



  Comments, suggestions, recommendations


Date of application



By making application for Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort’s Vacation Magic and agreeing to the terms above, I give full consent and approval of all applicable credit card charges related to this limited and exclusive $500 for $1,000 “ thank you” offer.



Thank you! We will call you to request a form of payment