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December ’06 Newsletter


With this edition, our little program of catching up on monthly newsletters is nearly complete.  We hope you feel as good about it as we do.


Let’s begin with a belated – but very sincere – Happy New Year to all our old friends, new friends and friends we have yet to meet.  We look forward to seeing and chatting with you at the many Outdoor Shows we are attending.  The Show Season has already started . . . which means long days, sore feet and late after-the-show dinners.  But it’s all worthwhile when an old guest or a family comes to visit and reminds us of the day they caught their first striped marlin or a special dinner or family reunion.  Call or e-mail me for a list of upcoming shows we’ll be attending.


Passports?  Passports? 


The relatively simple and seamless crossing of the Mexican/U.S. borders is no more.  Thanks to the times in which we live, U.S. citizens are now required to carry a passport (a driver’s license or other I.D. is no longer sufficient) and we urge you to get your new passport or renew your old one well in advance of your next trip Down Mexico Way.  “Oh, gosh, I forgot” will no longer be accepted!


Planes, Planes, Planes


There are numerous new airline flights to Cabo: San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Phoenix and San Diego.  Check out Frontiers from the Bay Area, America West from Phoenix and a variety of departure cities by Alaska.  Our recommendation after talking to lots of guests is to go on-line and look at some of the special prices airlines are offering – some of them are truly unbelievable and will leave you with enough spare change to buy an extra margarita . . . or two. Visit our "Getting here site" to see all the airlines traveling to our area


Early Bird Discount Ends


Our 2007 Early Bird discount plan is rapidly coming to an end.  As a special thank-you to our returning guests, families and reunion groups, you will receive 20% off rooms, and 10% off boats.  The final date for this discount to end is today Jan. 31.  You must request it. And if you change the dates in the future don’t worry, as long as we have space.  For information and to check on available dates, call us


A December to Remember


We had an extremely busy December with many events and parties leading up to New Year’s Eve.


We started with the annual “Posada de Empleados,” for our employees and families.  As always it was brimming with fun and those who attended danced till late that night.  Since there weren’t very many guests at the resort, we invited those who were there to join with our families and employees, neighbors and associates. We exchanged gifts and of course we had to have a traditional piñata – they are not just for kids, you know.  Then it was time for Christmas which by hotel tradition we celebrate both days: Mexican Christmas, the evening of the 24th and the U.S. Christmas on the evening of the 25th.   On the 24th we had another piñata, this time for the kids at the resort, and on the 25th the traditional turkey dinner. By this time the hotel started to get busier, and by the end the year we were almost full. We had a very nice New Year’s Eve party with fireworks and maybe a little bit of tequila.  The weather cooperated by turning up beautiful, so all-in-all it was a wonderful start to 2007. 


Wedding Bells


We host many weddings, our latest a joining of Rachelle Silvas and Anthony Macleod who came down to tie the knot at a beautiful morning ceremony.  We celebrated at the beach and then had the reception at the terrace.  Many of their guests came all the way from Australia. Among the bride and groom’s invites were: Lorenz Lynn, Charles and Nick Dornan, Mellissa and Bret Lamb, Brien and Lawri Salomoms, Charity Dailey and Connie MaCloed


Hortencia once again made sure everything was where it suppose to, she was wonderful. Here is part of the email Hortencia received. 


Hola Hortencia,


Attached are some photos of the wedding.  We can't thank you enough for everything you and the staff at Hotel Buena Vista did to make our wedding day the best day possible.  Everything turned out better than I could have imagined.  The beach was beautiful, the tables, the centerpieces....everything!  You did an excellent job taking care of us and our family.  Thank you for making us feel so special.  We will definitely see you in the future.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.


Muchas Gracias,

Rachelle & Anthony Macleod



Best wishes and many happy returns to everyone from our family to yours.


Visitors to Our Corner of the World


Couples, families and groups visiting in December were mainly people looking to get away for a few days and spend a quiet Christmas without any work . . . not even a stocking to stuff. 


Among them were many guests who came down to join our good friend and neighbors Carol and Cliff Pulfer’s son’s Troy, who married Lisa.  The wedding took place in nearby La Rivera with guests from all over the USA, but mainly from Canada and a very nice couple who made the trip all the way from Trinidad y Tobago.


Among our friends who visited us with their families were Mr. Henry and Larry McGowan’s families from Chico Calif. joined by Mr. Robert Peacher, also from Chico. And the Zims and McPail families. Mr. Pando’s and Mr. Jaynes’ story are told more extensively on our “Fish and Adventure Story.” And among our return friends this month were: Mr. David and Beth Copeland, which this was their first time in December, Lorrin Gilman, Stan Baucum, Philip Carpenter, Sr. Togo Hazard, Meridean Eisele, and Chris Johansson and our good friend Suzuky Treviño. 


Health Week


We were joined during the Holiday Season by our good friends of the Dzogchen Community, headed by  Maestro Jim Valby and Miles and Carol Fields. They finalized the details for a Health Week which will be held here at our resort starting with a training workshop and health treatments March 30, 31 and April 1.


The workshop/treatments will take place during three 3-day sessions including the March/April dates and in early December.  Participants who attend all three workshops will receive a certificate stating their certified hours of supervised Thai massage.


If you are interested in learning the art of Thai massage from some of the masters, these workshops are an ideal way.  Please contact us for further details.



Until next Month



The Valdez Family

Did You Know?

Little known tidbits of Hotel Buena Vista's History



Did you know?

The November Question of the Month dealt with the whales that visit us.  We asked you to name at least 8 of the 16 species (varieties) of whales that visit our area, with the winner(s) to receive two extra welcome margarita tickets next time you are at the resort


Winners:  Richard Daily, Charlie Lewis, Dave Jauhal, Tonya Bonillas and Kirk Bassett.  Congratulations . . . your margaritas are waiting your arrival. 


And here are the 16 varieties of whales that call our waters home at least part of the year:


  1. Gray Whale Range: Beaufort, Bering and Chukchi Seas in the north to the Sea of Cortez, the Baja Peninsula, Mexico.

  2. Blue Whale Range: Chukchi Sea in the north to Panama in the south.

  3. Fin Whale Range: Bering Sea in the north to the Sea of Cortez.

  4. Sei Whale Range: Alaskan Gulf to the Revillagegido Islands south of the Baja Peninsula, Mexico.

  5. Brydes Whale Range: United States/Mexico border to Panama.

  6. Minke Whale Range: Chuckchi and Bering Seas to the equator.

  7. Humpback Whale Range: Bering Sea to Panama.

  8. Sperm Whale Range: Bering Sea to the equator.

  9. Pygmy Sperm Whale Range: United States/Canada border to the Sea of Cortez.

  10. Dwarf Sperm Whale Range: From California to the Sea of Cortez.

  11. Baird's Beaked Whale Range: Bering Sea to Latitude 24-degrees north.  (At the northern edge of what is known as the Cape Region of the Baja Peninsula)

  12. Cusier's Beaked Whale Range: Bering Sea to the equator.

  13. Killer Whale Range: Chuckchi Sea to the equator.

  14. False Killer Whale Range: Canada to northern South America.

  15. Melon Headed Whale Range: Estimated United States/Mexico border to northern South America.

  16. Short Finned Pilot Whale Range: Estimated  United States/Canada border to northern South America



Contest of the Month!


QUESTION OF THIS MONTH What percentage of their body weight does our hard-fighting Sea of Cortez dorado gain each day? 


Email your answers to: The closest guess to the actual gain in body weight will receive a free fishing day on a Super Panga.



In the News


Browsing around I came about this nice article. This is the second article published in the New York Time that talks about us or at least mentioned us, in just a couple of years. I think we should feel fortunate.  There is an extra comment, but I will save it to see how many of you notice it. click here to read it


Click Here for 2006 Total Fish Count


Fish Stories & Adventure Stories


December in Baja is known for grumpy, rough seas, very few if any fish, and plain being uncomfortable.  WRONG!  Yes, there are winds and bumpy water, but there are also bright, warm, sunny days not unlike fall or early spring.  So, if you pick your days to go fishing and use other days to explore our nearby waterfalls and magnificent sights, it can be a terrific mid-winter vacation.


If you don’t believe me, just read what two of our December guests wrote about their amazing Christmas vacations: 


David and I had a wonderful time! You and everyone helped make our trip truly memorable . . . Please share some of these pictures with everyone. (I took 700!)

We will be back in about a year, until then, please take and tell everyone Thank You from the both of us!


David Sr. and David Jr. Jaynes

Broomfield, Colorado


BAJA BEAUTY – David Jaynes Jr. and Sr. display some of their 700 digital photos taken during Christmas Week, 2006.  They experienced our waterfalls, desert beauty, home-style cooking along with a terrific day’s fishing. 


I would like to send a short note to let every one at the Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort that this was the 3rd time we have been at the resort and it keeps getting better and better. The service was perfect and the food was the best it's ever been. It seems like all the employees work extra hard to make everything perfect. Thank again for the wonderful vacation. Keep up the good work!!  Hope to see you this spring or early summer! I have included some pictures of my children (Joseph, Michael, Elena) fishing and fish we caught while we were there. They ask me at least once a week when are we going back to the Hotel Buena Vista.


Thank again for the wonderful vacation,


Michael Pando

Burlington, Ontario, Canada


 NICE STRIPER – Mike Pando, from Burlington, Ontario, Canada with Elena, Joseph and Michael show off a beautiful striped marlin on a warm December day.  If you’re going to be thinking about a winter vacation later this year, keep us in mind.  Fishing can be Great! 



Nuestra Cocina




In Buena Vista, anglers eat freshly caught sashimi as an appetizer after a day of fishing. According to my sources there, the key to perfect sashimi is the proper cleaning and cutting of the fresh yellow fin tuna. If you catch it on a fishing boat in Baja Sur, your deckhand will do this for you, so if you freeze it and bring it back to the States, it will be ready whenever you are. If you catch your own, it needs to be killed quickly and then bled out and placed in a mixture of ice and saltwater. When it’s cleaned, it should be cut with a very sharp knife, dipped in ice water after each slice is made. First, the bones, bloodlines and skin are removed and the tuna cut into large chunks. If you buy your tuna at a grocery store, make sure it is red or dark pink. Otherwise, it is not “sashimi” grade. This recipe will serve 10 to 12.


3 large blocks of fresh yellow fin tuna, about 2 pounds

1 cup soy sauce

½ to 1 cup Wasabe



Take a large chunk of tuna and cut it into a thin strip, about 1/3 inch thick. Slice at a right angle slightly across the grain using a very sharp knife, so that your slices are no more than 2 inches long. Rinse the knife in ice water after each slice. Arrange sliced fish on a platter with a bowl of Wasabe and another of soy sauce. Serve with toothpicks for easy dunking.




This recipe (along with all your favorites from the resort) is from Ann Hazard's new book, Cooking With Baja Magic Dos. Available online or at our gift shop, this book offers up the best in Baja cuisine. With 250 recipes, 80 colored illustrations and travel and adventure stories spanning four generations, this is a must-have for everyone who loves Baja!

For more great Baja recipes and stories visit



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